What Does 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale Mean?

colored 25mm 3d mink eyelashes

If you are planning to start your own lash business, one product will attach everyone to your store – 25mm mink lashes. These lashes have the right size that elevates all makeup looks, superior quality and durability, and a super soft texture. Hence, you will need to buy wholesale 25mm mink lashes for your business.

3D Mink Lashes Sizes

mink lash sizes

14mm 3D mink lashes
15mm 3D mink lashes
16mm 3D mink lashes
17mm 3D mink lashes
18mm 3D mink lashes
19mm 3D mink lashes
20mm 3D mink lashes
25mm 3D mink Lashes

How To Buy 20mm Mink Lashes?

20mm mink lashes

1.    Choose Your Preferred Lash Style Number.
2.    Customize The Mink Lashes To Your Liking.
3.    Ask For A Sample To Be Sure.
4.    Customize Your Package .
5.    Place The Order.

How to Remove Mink Eyelashes – A Complete Guide


How to remove mink eyelashes at home is one of the most common concerns when it comes to applying false lashes. We are here to help you out in taking off mink eyelashes without professional assistance. In this write-up, you will learn: Lash removing techniques Aftercare of mink lashes and your eyes Do’s and don’ts […]

7 Steps How to Clean Mink Lashes


Step 1 make sure to wash your hands with a paraben and fragrance-free soap or hand wash
Step 2 Hold one corner of the lash, and pull the strip off.
Step 3 place your eyelash on a curved surface
Step 4 take a tweezer and pull off any residual glue from both the front and backside
Step 5 you can instead use a wet Q-tip to clean the bottom well
Step 6 Put them on tissue paper so that the tissue itself soaks in the water.
Step 7 place the lashes on the original lash tray

Where Can I Buy Mink Lashes in Bulk?


Do you know what the recent craze in the makeup and fashion industry is, that is taking the industry by storm? Mink Lashes! What was previously known as falsies or false lashes, mink lashes take it up a notch. But what are Mink Lashes? It’s assumed that mink lashes are false eye lashes made from […]

What Does 25mm Lashes Mean


25mm lashes have 25 millimeters in length. Natural lashes have a length of 12-17 millimeters. That’s why they are longer than natural lashes and offer a wide variety of styles for better beauty options.

The Complete Guide To Russian Strip Lashes And Where To Buy Them


Are you considering having Russian Strip Lashes added? In recent years, these lashes have grown in popularity due to their ability to enhance your natural lashes without adding bulk and weight. We’ve got a variety of Russian lash extension products on our website. In this article, we take a look at Russian Strip Lashes, explaining […]