Wholesale Russian Strip Eyelashes

Eyelash length can be customed

Eyelash color can be customed

Eyelash shape can be customed

Wholesale Russian Strip Lashes

Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair

MOQ: One Pair


RAB11      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:13mm


RAB14      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:13mm


RAB16      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:14mm


RAB17      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:14mm


RAB20      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:14mm


RAC07      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm


RAC08      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm


RAC10      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm


RAC11      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm


RAC11      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm


RME36      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm


RME60      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:17mm

RME65     Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:14mm

RME74      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm

RME84      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm


RME93      Price: USD 1.0 Per Pair        LENGTH:16mm

Custom Eyelash Boxes


What Does Russian Strip Lash Wholesale Mean?

Are you looking to add more volume to your eyelashes? A set of Russian strip lashes is your go-to beauty hack. Russian strip lashes will give you added fullness, length, and curl.

The most common Russian lashes are the eyelash extensions sold as pre-made fans. However, eyelash manufacturers have introduced Russian strip lashes in the beauty market.

What does Russian strip lash wholesale mean? Russian strip lash wholesale means that the vendor sells the eyelashes in bulk instead of single sets. Russian strip lashes are a set of pre-made volume lashes attached to a band using glue or heat. The band is then attached to the lash line using an eye-friendly adhesive.

Russian strip lashes can be reapplied numerous times before disposing of them.

This makes the Russian strip lashes perfect for individuals looking for a dramatic effect.

What Is Russian Strip Lash?

Russian lashes add volume to the natural lash. In this regard, ultra-fine synthetic material is used to make the lashes.

Different manufacturers use different materials to make Russian strip lashes. The materials include;

  • Faux mink is superfine and lightweight. This makes it perfect for the Russian strip lashes.
  • Silk is a lightweight material and relatively thin. Some manufacturers may choose to use silk to manufacture Russian strip lashes.
  • Synthetic PBT fiber is an excellent material for use in manufacturing Russian strip lashes. It is lightweight, thin, and has maximum curl retention capacity.

Why Choose Russian Strip Lashes Wholesale

  • Russian strip lashes are the newest beauty secret if you are into what’s trending. Wholesaling Russian strip lashes may bring you more profit than normal strip lashes.
  • Russian strip lashes have more lash strands attached to the band than normal strip lashes. This means that they appeal to clients who love a dramatic look and will sell faster.
  • The curl pattern of Russian strip lashes is more pronounced than normal strip lashes. Most people love curls that give them maximum service.

Beauty enthusiasts love to associate with what’s trending, affordable, and long-lasting. Stocking up your store with Russian strip lashes means that you are a step ahead of your competitors.

How To Buy Wholesale Russian Strip Lashes

The best place to purchase wholesale Russian strip lashes is from manufacturers. This is because they sell the lashes at factory prices. There is no price manipulation from intermediaries.

The biggest challenge is, however, finding a reliable manufacturer. Look for a manufacturer that offers quality and durable Russian strip lashes.

What To Look For In A Wholesale Russian Strip Lash Manufacturer

  • Quality of the Russian strip lashes offered
  • The price of the Russian strip lashes set by the manufacturer
  • Minimum order quantity limit offered by the manufacturer
  • The location of the Russian strip lash manufacturer

Quality Of The Russian Strip Lashes Offered

Look for a manufacturer that offers high-quality Russian strip lashes. The best Russian strip lashes retain their curl.

Russian strip lashes from professional manufacturers can be reused and reapplied several times. Some manufacturers mentioned that their lashes could be worn up to 25 times.

The material used to manufacture the Russian strip lashes. Synthetic mink or PBT fiber are some of the best and safest materials to use.

The Price Of The Russian Strip Lashes Set By The Manufacturer

Look for a manufacturer that offers quality Russian strip lashes at an affordable wholesale price. Professional eyelash manufacturers sell their Russian strip lashes at factory prices.

Avoid using middlemen that may overcharge you when buying your lashes wholesale. It is advisable to compare prices between manufacturers before making any purchase.

Minimum Order Quantity Limit Offered By The Russian Strip Lashes Vendor

Always look at the handmade Russian strip lashes vendor’s minimum order quantity when buying anything in bulk. Professional handmade Russian volume strip lashes vendors allow a customer-friendly MOQ on their lashes.

Look for a mega Russian strip lashes vendor willing to negotiate their MOQ to fit your budget. The minimum order quantity set determines the number of lashes a wholesale merchant is ready to buy.

How To Sell Wholesale Russian Strip Lashes

Here is a guide on how to sell Russian strip lashes in wholesale for maximum profits.

Evaluate The Success Rate Of The Russian Strip Lashes Sale

The eyelash market is very competitive. If you plan to sell what’s trending, your competitors are most likely planning on the same.

You need to perform thorough market research to understand what the market needs. How well does your target audience know about Russian strip lashes?

Establish The Type Of Wholesaler You Wish To Become

There are two major types of wholesalers;

  • Merchants
  • Brokers

Merchants own and run the business, while brokers act as the middlemen.

Merchants are wholesalers and have 100% ownership of the eyelash business.

The more control you have over your eyelash business, the higher the chances for more profits. Take the risk by becoming a wholesale Russian strip lashes merchant.

Establish An Effective Mega Volume Russian Strip Lashes Branding Plan

Branding is the image of your eyelash business. Find an alluring brand name and logo that will catch the attention of your target audience.

Come Up With A Competitive Marketing Strategy

Intensive marketing helps to get your business known. There are numerous marketing strategies you can use. They include;

  • Social media marketing
  • Word of mouth
  • Referrals
  • Email Marketing
  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Google ads

Carry Out Aftersales Services To Collect Feedback From Your Clients

Aftersales services are as essential as the marketing process. During aftersales, you know how well the market appreciates your products.

You may choose to make follow-up calls to clients and ask them how they feel about your Russian strip lashes.

You may alternatively set up a feedback section on your website. Let your customers leave feedback and rate your eyelashes after purchase.

Make necessary improvements based on the feedback you get from clients. You may also visit social media to learn more about the feedbacks.

Keeps looking for ways to improve your brand. Being innovative keeps you miles ahead of your competitors.

Why Choose Us As Your Wholesale Pre Made Russian Strip Lashes Vendors?

Meidear Lash Factory China manufactures high-quality Russian strip lashes. We have served the eyelash industry for more than 2 decades.

The Quality Of Our Russian Effect Strip Lashes

Meidear Lash Factory China uses the best materials to manufacture Russian style strip lashes.

We use synthetic PBT fiber, which is superfine, lightweight, and durable. PBT fiber provides maximum curl hold.

Our Russian volume D curl strip lashes can be reused as many times as possible. This, however, depends on how well you maintain the lash strip.

Avoid over-application of mascara which will damage the lashes. Frequent removal and brushing may cause the individual lashes to fall off.

Avoid using oil-based make-up remover products. The oil may weaken the glue-bonded strip lashes. The individual strip lashes may start to fall off the lash band leading to a damaged strip lash.

Good maintenance practices determine how well the Russian strip lashes will serve you.

Our Russian volume strip lashes have a fluffy texture, making them ideal for everyday use.

We Offer Best Prices For Our Russian Like Strip Lashes

Our goal is to be more than your wholesale Russian strip lashes vendors. We want your business to blossom, and that’s why we sell our Russian strip lashes at factory prices.

No middleman is involved. We understand that this may affect the performance of your business.

Get your Russian strip lashes from as low as $0.8 per pair. Visit our website for the pricing of our Russian strip Lashes. If you buy more. you can get a better price.

Minimum Order Quantity One Pair For Our Wholesale Russian Look Strip Lashes

We are your designated wholesale Russian strip lashes. We provide you with a negotiable MOQ that best fits your wholesale needs.

Our MOQ for the Russian strip lashes is 1 pair. When purchasing the lashes in bulk, we are willing to listen to you and work with your budget.

We Are Located In China, The Best Known Eyelash Manufacturing Country

We are a China-based eyelash manufacturing industry. China has the best eyelash manufacturers in the world.

We ship our eyelashes to clients across the globe. We have reliable and affordable shipping options. Trust us to get your bulk order delivered to your doorstep.

How To Place Your Wholesale Russian Strip Lashes Order From Our Website

  • Visit the Meidear Lash Factory China website and click on the product page.
  • Click on Wholesale Russian Strip Eyelashes. The Website will redirect you to a page containing Russian strip lashes.
  • Browse through the wholesale Russian strip eyelashes page. You will find our pricing details, MOQ, curl patterns available, and lengths of the Russian strip lashes.
  • Send us a message via Email/WhatsApp describing the style number of the Russian strip lashes you want. The style number is indicated under each picture of the Russian strip lashes. Our Email is info@meideareyelash.com. Our Whatsapp number is 8613176398069.
  • For example, if you wish to bulk a bulk order of the RAB14 13mm, send us the style number RAB14. The style number stands for the length, color, and shape.
  • We customize the Russian strip lashes to any color, shape, and length you desire.
  • We have a very talented design team that will help you come up with a design for free. A unique design makes your private label Russian strip lashes stand out and sell more.
  • The design team maintains 24/7 communications with clients to ensure maximum satisfaction.

How To Order Private Label Packaging For Your Wholesale Russian Strip Eyelashes From Us

  • Inform us of the number of packaging boxes you want. This will help us to send you a quotation.
  • Let us know if you need customization on your selected Russian strip eyelashes.
  • Send us your private label logo using a vector file (AI/EPS/CDR format).
  • Mention any demands you have for the package before the preparations start.
  • We will start the preparation of your box template after you complete your payment.
  • We give you the freedom to make any changes to the packaging.
  • Meidear Lash Factory China will begin the production of the lashes after you confirm satisfaction with the box templates.
  • Our team will then send you a sample of the selected packaging template before beginning mass production. This helps to ensure that we are preparing the correct product.

Thank you!

We will contact you within one working day!