Wholesale Mink Lashes And Custom Packaging With Private Label



Mink lashes are among the most expensive sets of eyelashes. But, they offer durability and authenticity. Quality packaging adds to the luxury effect associated with mink lashes.

Wholesaling mink lashes is a profitable business for entrepreneurs joining the eyelash market. But, how do you ensure the most profit from selling mink lashes?


How to buy wholesale mink lashes? Find a reliable mink lash manufacturer from China. Buy real mink lashes at factory prices for significant profits. Meidear Lash Factory China is the most trusted mink, lash manufacturer. We offer 100% cruelty-free mink lashes.

Real mink is very fine, light, fluffy, and mimics natural human lashes.

Meidear Lash Factory China has been in the industry for over 2 decades. We know how to select the perfect fur for an ideal pair of mink lashes.

At Meidear Lash Factory China, we follow the stipulated 100% cruelty-free guidelines. We gather the mink fur from live minks by brushing them and setting the minks free after harvest.

We offer private label packaging for all our mink lashes. Let us know the design you have in mind or choose one design from our packaging catalog.

Wondering how to buy wholesale mink lashes and packaging from Meidear Lash Factory China? To find out, keep reading!

How To Buy Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Buying wholesale mink lashes can be challenging if you don’t have an ideal manufacturer. Find a manufacturer that offers 100% cruelty-free real mink lashes.

Professional eyelash manufacturers offer customers both real mink and faux mink lashes. Always clarify your preference before making your order.

What To Look For In A Wholesale Mink Eyelash Manufacturer

  1. Quality of the mink lashes offered
  2. The price of the mink lashes
  3. Minimum order quantity limit

Why Choose Us As Your Wholesale Mink Lash And Packaging Vendors?

Meidear Lash Factory China manufactures 100% cruelty-free mink fur. We hand-make our mink lashes for ultimate perfection.

The Quality Of Our Mink Lashes Is Top-Notch

  1. Meidear mink lashes are super lightweight and have a fluffy texture.
  2. Our lashes smell like human hair when burnt. The smell comes from burning proteins from animal fur, which should confirm the genuineness of our mink lashes.
  3. Our mink lashes flatten out when exposed to water.

We Offer Different Types Of Mink Lashes As Follows;

We Offer Customer-Friendly Prices For Our Mink Lashes

Real mink lashes are more expensive compared. This is in comparison to synthetic or faux mink lash extensions.

But, Meidear Lash Factory offers all our mink lashes at factory prices.

No middleman involved. Get your wholesale mink lashes from as low as $2.00 per pair.

We Have A Flexible Minimum Order Quantity For Wholesale Mink Lashes

Always look for a vendor that offers an MOQ that offers to negotiate their MOQ. Meidear Lash Factory offer a very flexible MOQ.

For example, our MOQ is 1 pair of 3D mink lashes. If you wish to make a wholesale order, we will work out a package that matches your budget.

How To Place Your Wholesale Mink Lashes Order From Our Website

Visit the Meidear Lash Factory China website and click on the product page.

Look through our different types of mink lashes and choose the mink lashes you want;

Send us the style number of the mink lashes you want via Email/WhatsApp. The number appears below each picture of the mink lashes.

For example, send us the style number AMO2 3D Mink Lashes 16mm. Let us know if you need any customization on the length, color, or curl pattern/shape of the lashes.

Let us know if you need us to customize the size, color, length, width, or curl pattern of the lashes.

Our design team will help you out with any design you need for free. This is if you choose to customize your mink lashes for your private label.

Our able designer team maintains 24/7 communication with customers for maximum satisfaction. We will send you samples of your design in a soft copy within 24 hours.


How To Order Private Label Packaging For Your Wholesale Mink Lashes

  • Choose the box number you love from the package catalogue.
  • Let us know the quantity of packaging boxes you need. This will enable us to send you a quotation.
  • Inform us of any customization you may need in terms of color and shape
  • Please send us your logo. Use vector file (AI/EPS/CDR format) when sending the logo
  • Let us know any demands you have for the package before the work begins
  • We will then proceed to prepare a box template for you after you complete your payment.
  • You are free to make changes to the packaging.
  • Production begins after you confirm satisfaction with the template.
  • We will send you packaging samples before wholesale production

Don’t have any packaging ideas? Our design team will help you come up with a unique packaging design for free.

Contact Us For Samples Of The Mink Lashes

We will send you samples of the selected items. This is after identifying the packaging and mink lashes you want.

The samples help you weigh the quality of our mink lashes.

Order For Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Make your order after you are delighted with the quality of our mink lashes and packaging. We offer you various payment and shipping options.

Payment Options

Meidear Lash Factory China provides convenient and safe payment options. Our available payment options include;

  • PayPal
  • Citibank
  • Western Union
  • J.P. Morgan Bank

Shipping Options Provided By The Vendor

Our preferred shipment option ensures safe delivery of your wholesale mink lashes. Meidear Lash Factory China offers our esteemed customers a range of shipping options. They include;

  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • By Ship

Final Thoughts

Meidear Lash Factory China manufactures the best wholesale mink lashes and packaging manufacturers.

Read through the article for answers on how to buy wholesale mink lashes and packaging from us. Reach us through Email/WhatsApp.

If anything you need, contact us by WhatsApp: 008613176398069. contact us by email: sale@meideareyelash.com.


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