Lash Lift Wholesale

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Lash Lift Wholesale

Price: $8.0 Per Set

MOQ: One Set


Price: $8.0 Per Set                                               MOQ: One Set

Eyelash Lift Wholesale

Sometimes people do not have the time to prep their eyelashes when heading out. And sometimes, even after many mascara layers, the lashes do not seem to curl up at all. 

We are all familiar with solutions such as eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, and so on. But these need maintenance, a procedure for application, and are also costly. 

So, are you looking for a semi-permanent cost-effective solution using natural lashes? Then look no further, we have an answer for you- Eyelash Lift!

What is Eyelash Lift?

You already know that eyelashes grow outwards. This is the reason why you use an eyelash curler to flaunt the lash and its length. But what if you knew of a way where you can make your eyelash appear as curled through a lash lift procedure?

Yes, eyelash lifts can give you exactly that.

Eyelash lifts are a kind of semi-permanent curling of eyelashes. It is also described as a perm for natural lashes. An eyelash lift helps change the shape of how someone’s real eyelashes appear. It also helps alter their color. 

The lash lift opens your eyes. The appearance of lashes upwards in a curled way is more attractive to look at.

The procedure is to take all the lashes one by one and boost them. Needless to mention, there is also a tinting procedure that comes hand in hand with a lash lift. This helps the natural lashes have a darker and thicker appearance.


How does Eyelash Lifting Work?

The advice is to avoid using waterproof mascara 3 days before getting the lash lift. Waterproof mascaras often leaving a residue on natural lashes. The residue might hamper the results of a lash lift.

Now, right before the procedure, the eyelashes will need to get washed and dried. Then, the lash artist will comb the natural lashes. After that, they will attach the lashes to the silicone shield with lash glue. The lashes will get coated with a perming solution that will help to soften the eyelashes.

The perming solution’s purpose is to help curl the lashes and this process takes 6-12 minutes.

Soon fter, a lotion gets applied which helps harden the curled formation. It helps seal down the curled shape the silicone and perm solution helped bring to the lashes.

As that gets done, the next process starts- lash tinting. This helps the lashes appear fuller and darker. The darker, the better the lash lift looks.

Who Should Get a Lash Lift?

Lash curlers and mascara often result in the fallout of natural eyelashes. Thus, someone with long and thick lashes may seek a semi-permanent solution.

Lash lift is a process that can help you avoid that fear and damage of lashes. Lash lifts help transform the straight-growing lashes to appear more curled-up and long.

Someone might even want the appearance of their eyes to be wider and bigger. Getting a lash lift helps a person achieve that look with a painless mechanism.

But, those who have shorter lashes may try the eyelash growing serums and oils before getting a lash lift. It is not recommended for them to get the procedure done as it may not make much difference.

Can You Wear Mascara When You Get a Lash Lift?

Even though you can wear mascara after getting a lash lift, but make sure the mascara is not waterproof. Waterproof mascara often dehydrates your natural lashes.

Also, the extra pressure applied to take the mascara off is not good for the lashes. The chemicals used in the waterproof ones are not good for the lash lift. It might invalidate the functionality of what the lash lift is for.

When to Shower after Lash Lift?

The recommendation is you do not shower during the first 24-48 hours. Your lashes go through a procedure that uses a perming solution to start the lash lift process. As that gets done, you should let the lash lift set for at least 2 days or 48 hours.

It is alright to shower like normal after 48 hours. But it is wiser to avoid extra rubbing and massaging over the eyes for a while. 

Will a Lash Lift Damage My Eyelashes?

The trick is to get it done well. One must make sure to go to a professional technician who will try their best to be safe. Even so, lashes might face breakage if the perming solution stays on the lashes for too long. It might also cause allergies to the skin. Even the tinting dye irritates if not taken off on time.

It also depends on how sensitive someone’s eyes are.

How To Maintain Eyelashes After A Lash Lift?

Once you get your lashes lifted, you have to take care of them too. During the first 48 hours, avoid putting on mascara, working out (as that causes sweat), or showering. In other words, try not to expose your lashes to water.

You must also resist touching, rubbing your eyes, or massaging them for any reason. It might end up disrupting your lash lift process as it takes a few hours to set even after the procedure is over.

After the 48 hours are complete, brush your lashes every morning. Also, apply a lash serum that you will get recommended to use by your lash lift artist. The best choice is to apply coconut oil on your lashes after you lift them. This keeps your eyelashes hydrated.

Where To Buy Eyelash Lift Kit?

If you are looking for a reliable vendor to buy a quality eyelash lift kit, come check our website.

The Real Eyelash Factory

Our lash lift kits are the best kind. We are conscious about what we give to our customers and make sure they get exactly what they desire.

Are Lash Lifts Worth It?

They are worth it. You do not have to worry about using mascara or curling your lashes before a short-notice hangout. Lash lifting not only saves time, but the process is cost-effective too. 

Getting a lash lift does not bring any artificial result for your lashes. Rather it takes what you have and enhances it. You will be camera-ready and will not need to take extravagant care of your lashes. 

Lash Lift and Tint: Before and After

Lash lifts and tints are procedures of different ways for enhancing your eyes. A lash lift helps to make your lashes appear curlier, more open, and bright. And a lash tint helps your lashes appear darker and thicker.

The two combined can give you the dream lashes that need no extra handling for at least a few weeks. But what will the difference be once you get a lift and tint on your eyelashes?

Keep reading to know more.

Before and After a Lash Lift

First, check your lashes. Are they long? Are they thick? When you have thick and long lashes, the lash lift results are way better. But do not feel disheartened if your lashes are not thick neither long. Lash lifts play a role in making your lashes appear a better version of themselves.

As you get a lash lift, the long and thick lashes tend to get a curlier outcome. Your eyes will appear bigger and fuller. It will wake your eyes up and they will look more defined.Even if you don’t have long either thick lashes’, a lift helps take them to their full potential. You will not need to spend time curling your small lashes with the curler and being afraid of losing them all. The lift will curl them for you while rising them upwards, giving your lashes more definition.

There is aftercare needed after a lash lift. You have to avoid eye make make-up, make-up remover over your lashes and lid, and even water for that matter. Moisture ruins the results of a lash lift. Thus, the aftercare disapproves of water contact for the first 24 hours.Apply coconut oil on your lashes. Continue the general skincare routine after the 24 hours pass. You will be very satisfied with the results.

Before and After a Lash Tint

The results of tint will also vary depending on your lashes’ thickness and natural color. But that is not the only quality of a lash tint. The purpose is to make your lashes appear darker with or without thickness.

It does not involve any curling results neither length. Instead, it makes your lashes appear darker. Almost making it look like you have eyeliner on.Tints are like dyes for your eyelashes. It is like hair coloring. If your lashes are blonde, auburn, or red, getting a tint will make your appearance enhanced and bright.

Unfortunately, if your lashes are already dark, then a tint may not make a difference as after results. But either way, the tips of your lashes will appear dark as lash tips are somewhat lighter than the rooted sides.

A Lash Lift and Tint Combination- Before and After

If you have lashes that are not thick enough, you can get a lift and tint together. The collaboration might bring you results you never expected. You already know about eyelash extensions. A lash tint and lash lift together will give you a similar result as getting a lash extension.

The best part of it all is that lash tints and lifts are less complicated than extensions.

Lift and tints are harmless. Do you think your natural lashes need a touch of enhancement? Then you should go through with a lash lift and tint to be tension-free about your lashes at least for a couple of weeks.


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