How To Buy 20mm Mink Lashes?

20mm mink lashes


The easiest way to elevate any makeup look is with a good set of lashes. It can be confusing to figure out the right type and size of lashes if you don’t know what to look for. Now, the best size for a fuller and lavish look for your eyes is 20mm mink lashes.

You can buy 20mm Mink Lashes by following these steps:

1.    Choose Your Preferred Lash Style Number

2.    Customize The Mink Lashes To Your Liking

3.    Ask For A Sample To Be Sure

4.    Customize Your Package

5.    Place The Order

You can also read on to know more about why 20mm mink lashes are the right choice for you and where you can find them in detail!

20mm mink lashes
20mm mink lashes

What Are 20mm Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are eyelash extensions made with natural mink hair. Mink lashes might not be the most popular option, but there are many reasons why you should choose them over synthetic lashes.

Firstly, mink lashes come without any artificial materials. Mink hair is obtained by brushing the fur of minks and sanitizing this hair to create false lash extensions.

Mink lashes help you achieve a more natural look than synthetic lashes. They have a fluffy and smooth texture that curls easily and adds volume to your natural lashes.

We recommend 20mm as the ideal length for mink lashes. Since these lashes are voluminous and fluffy, a length of 20mm will give you a look you’ve always wanted. You can have longer and fuller lashes to make you look effortlessly gorgeous at all times.

Some people might be intimidated by getting longer lash extensions, but natural 20mm mink lashes are lightweight and comfortable. Not only are mink lashes easier to handle than synthetic lashes, but they are also bolder, silkier, and lighter.

20 mink lashes
20 mink lashes

What Are Good 20mm Mink Lashes?

So, if you have decided on buying 20mm mink lashes, how can you know what to purchase? We can help you with identifying high-quality, gorgeous 200mm mink lashes.

Firstly, ensure that the lashes you plan to buy can suit your eye shape and aesthetic preferences. Putting on any lash extensions without shaping and curling them will look unnatural and even damage your natural lashes.

Next, it is always better to find a brand that will offer you different choices.

Don’t miss out on experimenting with different colors, curls, and lash designs before making your final decision. Choose what you feel looks best on you, and don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone!

Lastly, you should always ensure that you are buying quality 20mm mink lashes. Mink hair is naturally glossy, light, and fluffy. Mink hair also looks more natural than synthetic lashes for apparent reasons.

They also have a more subtle curve that looks fuller and less artificial when used as extensions. So, keep an eye out for these qualities before you purchase your next pair of 20mm mink lashes.

Our top recommendations for 20mm mink lashes are MN77, MN78, MN79, MN81, MN86, MN92, MN93 by Lash Factory. These lashes are high-quality, fluffy, and lightweight. They have a glossy finish and give a significant volume to make your eyes.

And the best part about the 20mm mink lashes by Lash Factory is that you can get them to look exactly how you wish. They are available in several colors, designs, and curls. You can further customize their length, shape, curl, color, and design to your liking.

Moreover, you won’t need to go through a complicated process or a long waiting time to get these lashes customized to match your wishes.

mink lash 20mm
mink lash 20mm

How To Buy 20mm Mink Lashes?

So, if you are ready to get some fabulous and voluminous lashes for your next glam look, here is how you can purchase (and customize!) them:

1.    Choose Your Preferred Lash Style Number

You can browse all Lash Factory China’s available mink lash style options. The respective style number is given below each lash style picture.

The 20mm length mink lashes include MN77, MN78, MN79, MN81, MN86, MN92, MN93. Make sure also to mention how many lashes you would like to purchase.

2.    Customize The Mink Lashes To Your Liking

After choosing which mink lashes style you want, you can customize them to fit your eye shape and aesthetic preferences.

You can customize the mink eyelash length, curl, design color, and shape. Some available colors are blue, orange, pink, violet, teal, and light brown/blonde. You can also get 20mm mink lashes that have a combination of these colors.

A combination of colors will give your eyes a vibrant and unique look along with a fuller three-dimensional volume. Don’t forget to mention these customizations when you are placing your order.

3.    Ask For A Sample To Be Sure

Before you commit, you can also ask for a sample to ensure the superior quality and look of 20mm mink lashes.

While placing your order, mention the number of samples you want for each mink lash style. Also, list your recipient’s name, contact number, and address.

The final cost will be calculated, and the 20mm mink lashes samples will be sent within two days of payment. Samples are sent out via FedEx, UPS, or DHL and take three to five days to arrive.

4.    Customize Your Package

There is a massive list of different packaging options for your 20mm mink lashes. You can browse through them here.

You can choose between the different packaging styles and boxes. Some available options are diamond or rectangular shape, glitter, holographic, or pastel designs.

Moreover, you can also customize these boxes’ color, size, and shape. Furthermore, you can get your logo or text printed on the boxes and packaging. Read on to know how you can place an order and the customizations you wish.


5.    Place The Order

If you want to get the packaging for your 20mm mink lashes customized with a logo, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Choose the box number you want from here and specify the quantity to receive a base price accordingly.

If you don’t want any customizations, you can proceed to payment after this step.

  • However, if you want your logo to be printed on the box, you need to provide the image in a vector format (AI/EPS/CDR format).
  • Additionally, specify any other demands for customization that you might have. You will then receive a base template for approval.
  • You can make further changes to the template until it matches what you had envisioned. Production will begin once you are satisfied.

You can also receive a sample for the customized packaging. Simply follow the steps listed above for ordering sample 20mm mink lashes.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the secret to making every makeup look perfect, what are you waiting for? Get your voluminous, superior quality, and customizable 20mm mink lashes delivered right to your doorstep to elevate your next glam look!


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