How to Remove Mink Eyelashes – A Complete Guide



How to remove mink eyelashes at home is one of the most common concerns when it comes to applying false lashes.

We are here to help you out in taking off mink eyelashes without professional assistance. In this write-up, you will learn:

  • Lash removing techniques
  • Aftercare of mink lashes and your eyes
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • And much more

So let’s get started with this complete step-by-step guide.

What Are Mink Eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes are also known as strip mink lashes. Eyelash strips are a quick and convenient way to apply false eyelashes. It’s a one-piece solution that sets along your natural eyelashes with the help of a thin arced base.

What Are the Properties of the Glue We Use for Mink Eyelashes?

Before getting on to the removing techniques, we need to know the adhesive properly.

  • Strip eyelash adhesive possesses less bonding strength. By less strength we mean, you can conveniently remove your lash by applying an oil-free liquid.
  • Strip eyelash glues to the eyelid just above your lashes. Sometimes it can find its way down to your natural lashes. But nothing to worry about. The glue is completely safe for your skin and lashes.
  • You can use techniques to loosen the falsies and then peel it off.
  • Strip lash glue lasts until you want. However, they can last up to 12 hours per application.

After knowing the details about the glues, it’s time to get the answer to your question.

How to remove mink eyelashes at home?

Let’s discuss the procedures one by one.

Strip Lash Removing Techniques

The techniques to remove strip eyelashes depend on the amount of adhesive you put on to the lash. Although the lash glue is skin-friendly but applying an excessive amount of glue is not recommended.

If you apply an adequate amount of glue, you can easily eel the mink lashes off your eyes. For easy and pain-free removal, let’s get to know some valuable techniques!

Mink Eyelash Remover

You can use a high-quality mink eyelash remover. You must employ a professional eyelash remover for removing your fake eyelashes.

You must buy fake eyelashes along with a lash glue remover to avoid any damage.

Warm Water

Warm water would be the best option for removing mink eyelashes. Hot water can loosen the pores and reduce the adhesiveness of glue.

It can be used to pull out all the artificial lashes with no damage or pain. 

Makeup Remover

Dip your cleaning wipe or cotton pad in eye makeup cleaning liquid. Apply the liquid on your mink lashes with these cotton pads.

It will loosen the grip, and you can conveniently remove the eyelash.

Coconut oil

You can also use coconut or sweet almond oil to remove the strip lashes. For this purpose, you can soak your swab in the oil and then run your swab along the lash line.

The oil can reduce the stickiness of the adhesive or glue. Then you can easily remove the lashes.

Your Concerns!

Following are some significant concerns you may have in the process to remove mink eyelashes. Keep going!

Is It Safe to Remove Mink Eyelashes at Home?

Consulting a professional to take off mink eyelashes is recommended. However, you may use the methods mentioned earlier (carefully) to remove mink eyelashes at home.

Patience and politeness will bring good results to you!

Can I Reuse My Eyelashes?

Storing false eyelashes correctly is as vital as wearing them nicely. With appropriate care and storage, they can be reusable for days of use.

In other words, you do not need to purchase a new pair of lashes if you take care of them well.

The cleaning process decides the life span of your falsies. If you properly clean your mink eyelashes, then you can reuse them multiple times.

Moreover, it also depends on the type of lashes you are using. If you have a set of lashes made of synthetic material, you can reuse them up to 5 times after proper cleaning.

You are in luck if you have a set of false mink eyelashes. You can reuse these lashes up to 20 times because they are made from premium materials.

How to Protect Original Lashes while Removing Fake Eyelashes?

Fake lashes look so beautiful, but your natural ones are even more so. It is a terrible feeling when you see falsies ripped off your natural eyelashes.

Here are some tips that will help you look fabulous with your false lashes while keeping your real ones protected.

1: Selection of Eyelashes Glue

You have to be very careful with the type of eyelash glue you use.

Avoid using long-lasting eyelash glue as it is composed of harsh chemicals, particularly Formaldehyde. It can have some very damaging effects on natural lashes.

Moreover, you use this glue to keep falsies on for longer. So, it creates more tension on your natural lashes that can be harmful.

2: Appropriate Usage of Glue

Unfortunately, many makeup artists get eyelash glue on natural lashes. Your natural lashes get damaged so quickly due to this action.

When the eyelash glue gets in contact with your natural lashes, they are then exposed to all of its harmful chemicals. 

You must ensure that the base of your false lashes should never come into contact with the bottom of your eyelid. 

Eyelash glue should be directly above the base of the eyelid. 

3:  Avoid Ripping

We know it feels so good to rip your falsies off after a long, hard day.

But ripping falsies off is a very violent and sure-fire way to ensure that your natural lashes come off too. When tweezers tear off the false eyelashes, so could your real ones.

Please don’t rip off your falsies with tweezers, as it could also damage your natural lashes.

4: Use Make Up Remover

Try an eye makeup remover, preferably waterproof, to remove your fake lashes instead of rashly ripping them.

Firstly, you must ensure to coat the base of your eyelid with the makeup remover. Gently take the falsies off to avoid harming your natural lashes.

5: Soaking with Oil

You can also use oil to wear down your falsies without damaging the real ones.

You must hold a cotton pad with oil over your closed eye for 10-20 seconds to ensure that the falsies and the glue are soaked in oil. Taking them off should be a breeze after this, and it won’t damage your natural lashes as much as they would have without the oil.

Note: Never tug, pull, or twist your false eyelashes while you’re wearing them. Treat your skin and lashes gently.

What Is the Aftercare of Removed Eyelashes?

No doubt, false eyelashes boost your overall beauty. You can get synthetic or natural fiber eyelashes, i.e., mink eyelashes, from the market to accomplish your beauty needs.

While going to a party or a special event, you can put these eyelashes on to give your eyes an attractive look. 

But here comes the question of what you will do with these lashes after coming back home from a party. So there is good news that you can reuse these eyelashes.

But reusing false lashes require proper cleaning and maintenance. If you properly clean your false eyelashes, you can reuse them many times.

If you are wondering how to clean your lashes, then don’t worry. In this guide, you will learn how to clean your eyelashes. Let’s have a look at the steps that you can use to clean false lashes.

1: Wash Your Hands First

If you don’t want any dirt or impurities to transfer to your false eyelashes, then it is necessary to wash your hands before picking up a set of false lashes.

2: Properly Remove Mink Eyelashes Glue

You must ensure that your false lashes are free from any glue or adhesives.

The simplest method to remove any adhesive from your lashes is to use a set of tweezers, especially of salon-quality. But you must gently remove the glue without pulling it out.

You can also use oil-based eye makeup remover to have this job done.

3: Clean Your Falsies

After removing glue, the next step is to clean your lashes carefully. This step will help you remove impurities, dirt, and makeup, particularly mascara, from your false eyelashes.

For cleaning your falsies, you should place them on a paper towel. Then saturate a cotton swab with any lash shampoo.

Later you must gently wipe the base of your lashes and the false lash “hair” to remove dirt, leftover mascara, and excess oils for a thorough cleansing.

But if you have mink eyelashes, then you should skip this step. You can ruin the look of mink eyelashes by cleaning them with an eye makeup remover.

To deal with such lashes, you must learn how to clean fake eyelashes with water. You can use a cotton swab dipped in water to wipe the lashes clean.

Don’t submerge mink eyelashes in H2O because it can damage the lashes.

4: Dampen Your Lashes

You can apply this step to ensure that your lashes are fully clean.

For this purpose, dampen another cotton swab with warm water and use it to wipe from the base of your lashes to the ends.

Once you’re contented, leave your eyelashes on the paper towel to air dry.

5: Mist with Alcohol

After cleaning your false eyelashes, the next step is to disinfect them.  False lashes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so you’ll want to take the proper measures to keep your lashes in good shape.

Lightly mist your eyelashes with rubbing alcohol. Afterward, lay the lashes flat to dry.

6: Use Curler to Regain the Curls

After cleaning, use a curler to regain the lash curls.

7: Store Your Lashes

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the finish line!

As your cleansing session went off without a glitch, it’s time to store your eyelashes properly. The last step is to put the lashes back in their original tray (half-moon tray), so your falsies can maintain the curl and shape.

It is the most crucial step out of all because if your lashes lose shape, they might no longer look stunning on your eyes as they used to be.

Lastly, keep your lashes in a cool and dry place.

Taking care of false eyelashes can feel troublesome but remember, “beauty comes with a price.” If you like wearing them and value them, taking care of them will feel like just another daily beauty routine you enjoy.

Moreover, these easy and quick steps will not only enlarge the false eyelash life but also save your pocket money.

Final Verdict

So, you don’t have to go to a lash expert every time you want to take off your mink eyelashes.

You can conveniently remove mink eyelashes at home by following the specific rules and tips.

Now, apply falsies and look good. You have got pro tips to remove them by yourself!


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