Pre Made Fan Lashes

Rootless style Pre-made volume lash fans

 Curl: C,D,DD
Thickness: 0.07mm; other sizes can be customized;
Custom Package With Private label

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Long-stem volume lash fans

 Curl: C,D,DD
Thickness: 0.07mm; other sizes can be customized;
Custom Package With Private label

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How To Make Pre Made Lash Fans

As an eyelash artist, there is nothing more exciting than notable customer satisfaction. Seeing your client melt with joy after seeing the adorable freshly fixed lash fans is pure bliss.

Creating handmade best premade fans eyelash extensions for your clients is excellent. But, best premade lash fans make work easier and faster. Always check with the clients on the number of lashes they want per fan or offer them advice.

How to make premade lash fans? Premade fans contain 2 to 20 individual lashes attached to one base. The artist or client selects what they want in terms of volume. The artist then applies the lash fan on the client’s natural lash.

Wondering about the technic behind premade fans, like, how to make premade fans? This article has detailed information on how they are made. Keep Reading!

What Are Premade Fan Lashes?

Premade fan lashes contain 2D premed fan lashes, 3D premade fan lashes, 4D premade fan lashes, 5D premade fan lashes, 6D premade fan lashes, 7D premade fan lashes, 8D premade fan lashes, 9D premade fan lashes, 10D premade fan lashes, 20D premade fan lashes of hair attached at the base. They are manufactured with the help of machines for perfection.

Eyelash extension premade fans add volume to the natural eyelashes. The application of the fans is known as volume lash extension installation.

An eyelash manufacturer creates the lash extensions premade fans and delivers them to a lash artist. The eyelash artist then dips and places the lash premade fans on the client’s natural lash.

Premade fan lash manufacturers use a small amount of glue to attach the lashes at the base. They may also choose to use the heat-bonding technique.

The lashes are then arranged in a tray along a sticky strip to hold the premade fans in place. The packaging is like that of individual lash extensions.

What Is The Difference Between Premade And Handmade Fan Lashes

The main difference between handmade and premade fans is the method of preparation. Handmade fan lashes are made by a lash artist on the go, while premade lashes are factory-made.

For handmade fan lashes, the artist has control over the weight, length, diameter, adhesive. The artist has the freedom to customize these aspects based on the client’s natural lashes.

On the other hand, premade lash fans have limited flexibility. The artist has no control over the amount of adhesive used.

On the brighter side, premade lash fans save you as a lash artist time and energy. It requires a lot of skill to fix handmade lashes on a client, which may cause frustrations.

Take time to perfect your skills when applying premade lash fans to your clients. Ensure you understand and master proper adhesive control. It ensures effective premade fan lash application.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Premade Lash Fans

Loose Premade Fans Saves Time

Loose premade fans save time which is a precious asset for both the client and the artist. The more time you save on the application, the more clients you attend to.

Lash technicians spend a lot of time bonding and shaping handmade lash fans. This takes triple the time you would take when applying premade lash fans.

Premade Fan Eyelash Extensions Increases Income

Time is money. The less time you use on one client, the more booking you get to cover in a day. More booking is equal to more money.

Premade Fan Lashes Need Less Application Skills Compared To Handmade Lashes

You only need to apply the premade lash fans the same way you would with individual lashes. But, you will need a lot of balance and isolation skills with handmade lashes.

Premade Fans Lashes Offer A Range Of Styling Options

  • You have the freedom to create natural looks with short-stem lash fans with 2D or 3D lashes.
  • A dramatic mega volume effect is achievable with 8D lash fans and above.
  • Clients who love a fluffy look can achieve the effect they need with short-stem lashes.
  • Play around with the long-stem and short-stem lashes for a fascinating lash look.
  • Use the long-stem eyeliner lash fans to stand out in a room full of elegance.

Premade Lash Fans Are The Eyelash Perfect Fillers

Use premade lash fans on clients with scattered or missing natural lashes. The premade lash fans fill in the gaps without causing further damage to the natural lashes.

How Are Premade Lash Fans Made?

A human being is involved in the preparation of premade lash fans. But, unlike in handmade lash fans, the person involved uses a machine for help.

Step 1

Thin PBT fiber threads are arranged in a row on a lash tray as the first step during preparation.

Step 2

The base or roots of the thread are connected in batches of between 2 to 20. The manufacturer may choose to use heat or adhesive to attach the thread’s bases.

Step 3

The third step involves rolling the threads into the desired curls. The premade lash fan manufacturers apply heat-processing to the rolled threads, which help in curl retention.

Step 4

Premade Lash Fan manufacturers transfer the lashes onto a strip and open them up by hand to form fans. The process is like what a lash artist would do in a lash studio.

Step 5

The final products, lash fans, are then neatly arranged on an adhesive strip. The strip contains several rows for placing the lash fans.

Step 6

The manufacturer ships the lash fan to the lash artist upon request.

How To Make Heat-Bonded Vs Glue-Bonded Lash Fans

The quality of production plays a significant role. It helps in determining whether to pick heat-bonded or glue-bonded lash fans.

The glue bonded lash fans need double-dipping. Many clients may fear adding extra weight to natural lashes.

Heat-bonded fans use the double-heating technique. Individual lash extensions are placed in a row.

The bases of the lashes are heat-pressed for slight melting, which enables one to bond the lashes.

The premade fan lash manufacturer rolls the lash extensions creating a curl. The second heat processing then takes place by treating the curl in a heat processor. This helps to keep the curls on the lash fans.

Heat-bonded lashes are likely to fall apart faster compared to adhesive. However, it all depends on the quality of production applied by the manufacturer.

How To Choose The Best Premade Lash Fans

What style do you wish to create? This question will guide you in choosing the best volume fans for your client.

There are different options to choose from depending on the effect you want. Ensure that your manufacturer provides a variety of lash fans for all needs.

Natural Volume Lash Style

If you wish to go for a more natural-looking volume lash style, go for short-stem and fewer fans. The best-premade lash fans for the look are 2D or 3D short-stem lash fans.

Fluffy Volume Lash Style

If you are the neutral person, not dramatic, not so natural, go for short-stem fans. Unlike the natural look, use wider width; 4D-6D lash fans.

Dramatic Volume Lash Style

Bold and daring lash extension lovers should go for the mega volume look. Short-stem lash fans ranging from 8D-20D will provide the best volume dramatic effect.

Eyeliner Effect Lash Style

Long-stem lash fans are the best go-to lash fans to create an eyeliner effect on the lashes.

Use 3D to 5D long-stem lash fans. The long-stem lash fans will guarantee your client an alluring and show-stopping look.

Are Premade Lash Fans Safe For Natural Eyelashes?

Clients fear that the double-adhesive dipping may add extra weight to their lashes. Assure your clients that the weight from the adhesive is insignificant.

The lash technician plays a big part in determining whether the premade lashes are safe or not. Damage may occur at any time if the premade lash extensions are wrongly applied.

For example, using too much adhesive, applying the premade fans eyelash extensions close to the skin may cause damages. Insufficient skills on lash isolation may also pose a damage risk to the client’s natural lashes.

Consider the natural lash condition of the client before applying the premade fans. Avoid using too much volume on thin lashes, which may increase damage.

Safety Tips When Applying Premade Volume Lashes

  • Avoid applying lash fans on many natural lashes as this may break the natural lashes.
  • Do not use too much adhesive. This will make the base of the lash fan too thick and will add extra weight.
  • Only use a thickness and weight of lash fans that matches that of the client’s natural lash. Using bulky lash fans that outweigh the client’s natural lash will lead to damage.

Qualities Of A Perfect Volume Lash Fan

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best volume lash to use, such as lash spacing.

Spacing Between the Individual Lash Threads

The best volume lash fan has equal spacing between the individual threads used. Whether it’s a 2D or 20D fan, the spacing should be even to ensure perfect symmetry.

Using unevenly spaced lash fans leads to a clumsy effect on the client. If the clients do not get what they want, they may never return for your services, leading to loss of income.

Narrow Premade Lash Fans Vs Wide Premade Lash Fans

Wide fans are best for clients who love a light and fluffy look. The wide fans are widely spaced and less dense, giving the client a shorter and near-natural look.

Narrow fans create a dense effect on the client leading to a dramatic appearance. Let your clients know about the result before applying to avoid dissatisfaction.

Thin Premade Lash Fan Base Vs. Flat Premade Lash Fan Base

Premade lash fans with a flat base are placed on or under the client’s natural lash. The flat base lashes create a darker impression along the client’s lash line.

The flat base lash fans are perfect for clients with scattered lashes. The darker impression helps to fill the gap between the natural lashes.

Thin-based premade fans fit anywhere on the natural lashes; top, bottom, or sides. They give a neat appearance. You can wrap them around the natural lash leading to excellent retention.

Which Is The Best Adhesive For Premade Lash Fans

Premade lash fans are best installed with an adhesive that has a thin viscosity. The base of the lash fan is wide compared to the individual lash extensions, which only calls for a thin glue.

Meidear Lash Factory China manufacturers the best lash adhesive for premade lash fans. No extra weight on the premade lash fans with our lash glue.

Which Are The Best Tweezers For Applying Premade Lash Fans

Not any ordinary tweezers are best suited for applying premade lash fans.

Isolation of the lashes is best done with I-shaped tweezers. These tweezers are thin and long for perfect natural eyelash isolation. Use S or L-shaped tweezers on clients with deep-set lashes.

L-shaped tweezers are the best application tool for holding premade lash fans.

Meidear Lash Factory China manufactures a variety of tweezers and eyelash application tools. We can customize our tweezers to suit your needs.

How To Pick Premade Lash Fans From The Lash Tray

Short-Stem Lash Fans

  • Pick up the short-stem lash fans from the tray using your tweezers.
  • Hold the lash fans at the base and lift them.
  • Place the fans on a sticky strip and re-pick them by holding them from the middle section.

Long-Stem Lash Fans

  • Pick the long-stem lash fans by holding them at the middle of the stem.
  • Place the fan on a sticker, then re-pick them from the root of the fan.

Disclaimer: Pulling the lash fans directly from the lash tray will dismantle the fans. The individual lashes will fall apart from the fan.

How To Find The Best Wholesale Premade Lash Fan Manufacturer Vednors

Premade lash fans are the easiest way out when applying volume lashes on clients. Maintaining perfection in the application requires sourcing your fans from a professional wholesale pre made fan lash vendors.

The online spaces are great spots to identify wholesale premade fan factory globally.

You may find your wholesale premade fan lash vendors through;

  • Search Wholesale Premade Lash Fan Manufacturer On Google engine
  • Social media pages; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Trade Shows
  • Referrals from friends and business partners

Quality Of Good Wholesale Premade Lash Fan Vendors

  • The good wholesale premade lash fan vendors should offer lash fans at customer-friendly prices
  • The lash fans should be customizable and should be available in different styles
  • Premade lash fan vendor use adhesive-bonding over heat-bonding. Heat bonded lashes easily separate.

Meidear Lash Factory is the best premade lash fans bulk manufacturer. We offer our clients all types of premade fans that best suit their needs.

Our premade lash fan styles include:

  • Rootless style volume lash fans. They range from 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 20D with C, D, DD curls. We customize the premade fans lashes upon your request. Each tray costs only $1.00
  • Long-stem lash fans. 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 20D lash fans per base. The lashes come in C, D, DD lash curls.

We will customize the long-stem lashes to your desired length or width upon request. Each tray goes for $1.8.

We sell our wholesale premade lash fans at factory prices. No middleman involved. Our 2 decades and over in the eyelash industry have taught us how to cater to all your needs.

Contact us for more details regarding our premade lash fans. We will answer all your questions. Our team is ready for you 24/7.

Thank you!

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