8 Things You Should Know About Getting Eyelash Extensions?

What Should You Know About Getting Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are becoming popular by the minute. Many people get influenced to get them because of the gorgeous appearance it gives to the eyes. Are you interested to get yourself eyelash extensions too? Here is what you should get your research on:

What Should You Know About Getting Eyelash Extensions?
  1. There are several benefits of getting eyelash extensions. Putting on false eyelashes can be time-consuming and requires a proper procedure.
  2. Even if you are back from a long day at work, your eyelash extension will not budge. You also can skip the need to put on makeup.
  3. The application procedure is pretty simple and not painful at all. Your professional eyelash artist will take two tweezers. She will attach the synthetic fibers with your natural lashes.

Once attached, it does not harm your natural lashes neither does it stop their growth. Your natural lashes will fall out and grow as per their process. But, this will only be applicable if the eyelash extensions get applied the right way.

If you want to take the extensions out, when they start looking bad, take them out by a professional. Don’t do it yourself. A professional will maintain the right methods of taking the extensions out.

4. You should know about the contraindications. There are various diseases related to the eyes. If you have Glaucoma, Alopecia, Conjunctivitis, or Diabetic Retinopathy, don’t get eyelash extensions.

Also, if you had gotten an eyelash lift- then you shouldn’t get extensions within 9 weeks.

5. Before getting eyelash extensions, go through your options. See what suits you best for everyday wear and as well as any special occasion wear.

Some types of eyelash extensions are- classic, volume, and hybrid. Classic is the natural-looking eyelash extension. “Volume” is the fuller eyelash extension that makes your eyes get a smoky effect. Hybrid is in the mid-point as it is a mixture of classic and volume.

You can also choose eyelash extensions based on the shape of your eyes. Thus, you should shuffle the varieties available at hand.

6. The cost of getting eyelash extensions will depend on the kind you choose. It will also depend on how experienced your eyelash artist is. More regular-looking extensions will cost lesser compared to a fuller-looking eyelash extension. And if your artist has a great reputation in this field, and does the job well, the price may vary.

7. It is also essential to find a good eyelash artist. You can assess reliability through the pricing, the environment, and a license that certifies expertise.

8. You must know the steps of aftercare that are necessary when getting eyelash extensions. For example- Cleaning the lashes is important but do not touch them. Do not use products or mascara that will need vigorous cleansing to take them off.

In 2021, it is being said that you can get your eyelash extensions wet in 24 hours of getting them. However, do not rub your eyelashes when washing your face.

Eyelash extensions are the new normal. The process is quite simple and easy to maintain. But, before adding a semi-permanent feature to your eyes, you should know what you are getting into.


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