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The cheap eyelash packaging box is designed to prevent the eyelashes from being crushed during transportation and storage. There are a variety of beautiful cheap lash boxes on the market, do you know what kind is the cheap eyelash packaging box? 

Cheap Lash Packaging

1. Custom Paper Cheap Eyelash Packaging.

Many customers who want to develop eyelashes may not have enough budget in the early stages of their lashes business, but they also want to customize their brand of cheap eyelash boxes. All of the custom cheap lash packaging, cardboard eyelash paper boxes are the cheapest. Cardboard eyelash paper boxes are the first choice for many customers with limited budgets. Custom Eyelash Paper boxes are also the easiest of all custom eyelash boxes to design and customize. Can be customized in any shape and printed in any color. The position of the window opening at the front of the lash box can also be adjusted at will. You can choose the window to be rectangular so that you can see the style of the lashes without opening the box. If you want your cheap eyelash book packaging to look more design-oriented, you can also choose other shapes of windows, such as cheap hearts lash packaging, cheap drops lash packaging, cheap butterflies lash packaging, etc. If it’s a rectangular window, the lash logo looks best printed at the bottom middle of the eyelash package box. For other designed shapes, most customers choose to print the lash logo and brand name on the left side of the eyelash packaging and open the window on the right side. If you want to make your eyelash packaging box look perfect, you can also print your social media lashes information on the back, such as Ins, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Email, etc.


2. Transparent Acrylic Cheap Lash Packaging.

Clear acrylic cheap lash packaging is divided into three types, one is the flip transparent acrylic cheap eyelash box, one is a push-pull acrylic box. There is also a circular shape. The flip-top clear acrylic lash box is the same size as the regular cardboard custom eyelash box, and the size of the eyelash tray used is also the same. Push-pull clear acrylic lash boxes are smaller in size, so the size of the eyelash tray is special, a small tray. If you purchased your lashes and lash packaging from two separate suppliers, always remember to ask for the size of the lash tray and the size of the tray to accommodate the lash packaging size. If you’re not sure, the safest bet is to ask your lash packaging vendor to put a spare tray in the box before shipping the lash boxes, so you can replace it yourself if the lash tray is not the right size. Because the volume of the round acrylic box is very small, so you can not print the lash logo on the top of the lashes packaging box. if you want to print the lash logo, you can only put the lash logo stickers on the round lash tray. As the clear acrylic lash box is all transparent, to add a little color to the cheap lash packaging, you can also put a beautiful glitter bottom card on the bottom of the cheap lash packaging. There are many different colors of the bottom card, you can choose your favorite color or choose to mix different colors. The above three styles are more common, there are also diamond-shaped acrylic lash boxes, but few people choose.


3. Supplier’s Original Inventory Cheap Lash Packaging.

Many eyelash suppliers with their factories will have many styles of cheap eyelash packaging in stock. If special designs and printing processes are not required, it is inexpensive to choose these paper lash packaging that is in stock. These styles of cheap lash boxes also have a variety of options, different colors, patterns, the color of the inner lash packaging, etc. And you can also print your logo and brand name on the front of the lash packaging and social media information on the back of the lash box. If those stock cheap eyelash boxes don’t have the pattern you want, there is another viable method. You can choose a plain white lash box, send your favorite box pattern to the designer, and just print it directly. In addition to the normal rectangular flip-top lash boxes, there are generally many other shapes available from eyelash suppliers. For example, diamond box, drawer box, square box, pillbox, luggage box, boxes with handle, etc.


In addition to the cheap lash packaging style, you choose will affect the price, the logo printing process will also greatly affect the cheap lash packaging price. The lash packaging designer needs to determine the specific printing process based on the cheap lash packaging style you choose and your logo to ensure the best results after the production is completed.

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