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MOQ: 10 Pieces

ZK Design Package Price: $0.3 Per Piece

butterfly shaped lash box
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cardboard eyelash box
black and gold lash box
pink money lash box
rose gold eyelash box
marble eyelash box
lash box la lashes
lash box la training
butterfly eyelash box
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ZL Design Package Price: $0.3 Per Piece

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XH Design Package Price: $1.4 Per Piece

eco friendly eyelash packaging
marble lash packaging
lash packs wholesale
custom magnetic lash box
lash shipping packaging
marble lash box

KC Design Package Price: $1.3 Per Piece

custom made lash cases
eyelash magnetic box
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wholesale black eyelash box

CL Design Package Price: $1.4 Per Piece

eyelash packaging near me
butterfly lash case
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lashwoods eyelash packaging
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money eyelash packaging

FH Design Package Price: $1.3 Per Piece

marble lash box
marble eyelash packaging
ardell all the wispies 14 pair box
acrylic lash organizer
black eyelash box
white eyelash package

ZF Design Package Price: $1.3 Per Piece

suitcase lashes
false eyelash organizer
false eyelash organizer
butterfly eyelash box
glitter lash box
lash monthly subscription
acrylic eyelash organizer
circle eyelash packaging

ZS Design Package Price: $1.4 Per Piece

crown lash box
lilly lashes box
holographic eyelash box
pill bottle eyelash case
diamond lash case
lash subscription boxes
personalized lash boxes
holographic eyelash packaging
marble eyelash box
weed lash packaging
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suitcase for lashes
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LS Design Package Price: $1.5 Per Piece

money lash packaging
eyelash extension box
diamond eyelash packaging
heart shaped lash box
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LC Design Package Price: $2.0 Per Piece

eyelash extension storage
lashesmd eyelash conditioner fabfitfun
boxycharm magnetic lashes
boxycharm magnetic lashes
eyelash sleeve packaging
crown eyelash packaging
lash box glue aid
lash box la glue aid
wholesale 25mm mink lashes and packaging

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