Wispy Hybrid Lash Extensions Map

hybrid wispy eyelashes


Wispy lashes are feathery and thin. Wispy lash extensions can tackle a look that is very glamorous yet appears subtle. When wispy hybrid lash extensions get a combination as a hybrid, imagine the beauty!

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a mixture of classic and volume eyelashes. These are most preferred as they are the best of both styles.

But there is a question about mapping. How can you map wispy hybrid lash extensions?

The main strategy is to maintain a mix and match. If you are putting too many volume fans, your hybrid extension will get overpowered by the volume. And it is vice versa in the case of classic fans as well.

wispy hybrid eyelashes
wispy hybrid eyelashes

Thus, try to follow this method:

The most common method is the make sure you keep shorter inner and outer corners. It is a good practice for any kind of eyelash extension in general. The catch is to prevent your client from having irritation, friction, and fall-outs.

hybrid eyelashes extensions near me
hybrid eyelashes extensions near me

The mapping is- (V for volume and C for classic)

C 8 lash fan for inner corners. Proceed with C 9 as you are touching the mid of the eyes. After that, add V 11. The reason you add V 11 after putting classic lash fan of 9, is to bring the fusion of two types from early on.

Then you proceed in this step- C 10, V 12, C 11, V 13, C 12, V 14. Once you have added classic 12 and Volume 14, keep it consistent for three steps. This way, the middle part of your eyes remains wispy and has longer lengths. But make sure to mix and match with C 12 and V14.

As you start going towards the outer corner, add C 11 and V 13, then go for C 10 and V 12.

Inner corners tend to have lesser space and more friction. Thus, outer corners can also get lashes that are C11 and V 12, based on the client’s preference.

long wispy hybrid lashes
long wispy hybrid lashes

There are also lash fans that are already made as a mix- a lash fan may have 2 lashes that are volume and 2 that are classics. Making, 4 lashes in total resulting in a hybrid lash fan.

Often, these lash fans get used instead of the manual mix and match of classics and volumes. The appearance of hybrid lash fans tends to look extra and leaves out a simple look. This might lead a client to ask for a manual choosing of lengths of their classic and volume lashes, hybrid wispy lashes.

If your client prefers a normal wispy hybrid full set hybrid lashes look, you can follow the mapping above.


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