Wholesale Magnetic Eyeliner And Magnetic Lashes

wholesale magnetic lashes


There are times when wearing the best mascara cannot save the day. When you need a glam eye makeup look, magnetic eyeliners and lashes can be your lifesavers. 

You don’t need glue for this application. This is because it works with magnetic strips that snap together to link to each other. Iron oxides in magnetic eyeliner attract magnets. These allow them to stick to the areas where you applied the product.

Thinking of wholesale magnetic eyeliners and lashes? Before you begin using them, here are some things you should know.

wholesale magnetic lashes
wholesale magnetic lashes

How Magnetic Eyeliners Work To Make Your Eyes Standout

Magnetic eyeliners work like magic! You can apply magnetic eyeliner right over your natural lashes. Rather than applying glue and layers of false lashes to hide them, you can use these instead. The more magnets in a magnetic lash product, the better. This is because it ensures that it will attach over the entire eye without gaps. 

Magnets are likewise undesirable if they are in the middle but not at either end. Make sure you look at the amount and location of magnets in the magnetic lash products you buy.

Benefits of Using Magnetic Eyeliners and Lashes and Why You Should Try Them Out For Yourself

Magnet eyeliners and lashes offer an array of benefits, including the following:

  • Your makeup routine is completely simplified with magnetic eyeliner. 
  • With magnetic eyelashes, you can wear them more often than standard synthetic eyelashes.
  • Synthetic lashes are one size fits all, but not magnetic lashes. The latter are customizable to fit your unique eye shape. 
  • To save you time, magnetic eyelashes can serve as an effective substitute for glue. It reduces the application hassles you often encounter with synthetic lashes.

Using magnetic eyeliners and lashes speeds up your makeup routine.  This helps you save time while getting ready. With all these benefits, make sure to take full advantage of them right away to improve your look.

wholesale magnetic lashes
wholesale magnetic lashes

What Challenges Can You Expect When Using Magnetic Eyeliners and Lashes?

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes can be a great tool to have for creating a dramatic look. It’s a quick way to make a statement without having to go through the process of applying several layers of mascara. However, there are some challenges with this type of product.

The first challenge is that the magnetic eyeliner and lashes might not stay on as well as one would hope. It can be annoying to have magnetized lashes since it may appear that they are going to fall out. On a night out, this is the absolute last thing anyone wants.

The second challenge is that there’s quite a learning curve if it’s your first time using it. You have to make sure they’re placed correctly. 

It doesn’t mean that magnetic eyeliner and lashes aren’t a great tool or they don’t serve a purpose in makeup artistry, but 

magnetic lashes wholesale
magnetic lashes wholesale

Can magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes be used safely?

Definitely, yes! The magnets sticking to the eyelid skin aren’t a problem as long as they don’t invade your eye. Magnets do not affect how your eyes move or how clear your eyesight is.

Do magnetic eyeliner lashes work?

Using magnetic eyelashes is effective. They work like a sandwich where your lashes are in the middle. Apply eyeliner and then lay down the lashes on top. Glue isn’t necessary, and drying time isn’t needed. 

How long do magnetic eyeliner lashes last?

You can wear the ones made of synthetic material seven times. Those made of fur are wearable twenty times. Know that this is dependent on the brand and how you care for them after usage.

Is there a difference between magnetic and glue eyelashes?

When using magnetic eyeliner, you won’t need glue. The iron oxides in the magnets hold your lashes in place. This makes magnetic eyeliner and lashes best to use compared to the traditional ones.

Should I worry about magnetic eyeliner getting in my eyes?

As long as the magnets don’t penetrate your eye, contact with eyelid skin is not a problem. Magnets do not affect your eye movements or vision.

wholesale magnetic lashes
wholesale magnetic lashes


Magnetic eyeliners are much better than regular ones. They can hold your eye makeup in place for hours! It’s annoying when you’re done applying makeup only to find out that it has smudged everywhere by the end of the day. With magnetic liners, you don’t have to worry about this happening! 

Get yours from Lash Factory and start having extraordinary make-up!


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