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Do you clean your eyelashes regularly? Do you know the benefits of using lash extension shampoo to clean your eyelash extensions? Eyelash shampoo is used to cleanse the eyelashes and eye skin before doing eyelash extensions. Can deeply cleanse eyelash oil and dirt. Clean the dirt left on the roots of the eyelashes. The foam of the eyelash extension shampoo is very mild and does not disperse easily. The important thing is that there is no odor. 


1.    Wholesale Lash Shampoo Bulk

Since the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and the lash shampoo wholesale tends to get inside the eyes during application. So be careful when choosing wholesale eyelash mousse. Be clear whether its formula is a herbal pharmacy or a common remedy. Good eyelash shampoo bulk does not contain mineral oil artificial preservatives, it can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, and oil secretion, and other problems. Wholesale good lash shampoo bulk also reduces eyelash shedding and provides care for eyelashes. When your own eyelashes are healthy, the results of your extensions will last longer.  

2.     Lash Shampoo Brush Wholesale

Do you know how to clean your eyelashes with eyelash shampoo wholesale? What tools should you use to clean your eyelashes? Here are the two types of lash shampoo brush wholesale you need to clean your lashes-lash brush and an eyelash extensions brush. To take care of your eyelash extensions and extend their lifespan, comb your lashes daily. A simple eyelash brush runs every morning will restore your messy lashes to their original position. If you are using lash mousse for lash cleaning, two to three times a week is sufficient. Squeeze the bulk lash shampoo onto your lashes, pick up your mascara brush and apply it just above your lash line. Delicately roll the brush down and through your lashes and out the end of your lashes. After this step, rinse off the mousse residue around the eyes with water. Finally, use a small fan to dry the lashes. Brush your lashes repeatedly with a regular lash brush while blowing your lashes to better maintain the curvature of your lashes. 


3.    Eyelash Extension Shampoo Bottles Wholesale

There is also a wide selection of eyelash shampoo wholesale bottles. When you wholesale lash extension shampoo bulk, you can choose the color of the wholesale eyelash shampoo bottle and the color of the cap according to the theme color of your eyelash business. The most common colors of wholesale eyelash extension shampoo wholesale bottles are clear, cream, pink and black. The lash extensions bottles have white, gold, silver, pink, black, and rose gold caps. And wholesale eyelash foam cleanser wholesale can accept custom. We can print your logo on the bulk lash shampoo bottle. However, most customers choose to put logo stickers on the outside of the eyelash shampoo bulk bottle. Because the choice of stickers can be very diverse. You can specify the specific design requirements to your supplier when ordering. If you don’t have a clue about the design requirements, you can also ask the supplier to show you their custom-made products for other customers as a reference. 


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