4 Ways To Find Eyelash Extension Manufacturers?



Decided to pursue an eyelash extension business? Your best bet is to seek out direct manufacturers. You can do this in several ways. You can use social media networks targeted at your industry. You can also connect with fellow entrepreneurs. If you like to socialize, try attending trade shows. If you don’t like crowded venues, try online supplier databases instead.

Where to find eyelash extension manufacturers?

We know starting a business can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve put together a list of where you can find eyelash extension manufacturers.

1. Find eyelash extension manufacturers in search engines

1. Search eyelash extension manufacturers in Google

Google makes it easy to find eyelash vendors. You can use specific keywords or upload an image you already have for Google to find it. Google Maps can also be useful. By using the “street view” function, you can find the suppliers’ addresses and strengths. 

2. Search eyelash extension manufacturers in other local search engines

Google may not always be the best local search engine. You can use other search engines like baidu.com in China and yandex.com in Russia. Using the right keyword on Baidu will help you find several eyelash manufacturers. Among these manufacturers include Lash Factory China.

2. Find eyelash extension manufacturers on exhibitions and trade shows

Trade shows target a particular industry and audience. These shows will usually feature the latest eyelash extension styles and accessories. During this time, you can also gain more knowledge about eyelash products and vendors.

3. Search eyelash extension manufacturers on social media

Manufacturers’ pages and accounts are usually on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.

Facebook is the most popular social network for B2B marketing. Instagram also connects you with the vendor’s Instagram page with the right keyword. YouTube works in the same way, but you have the added benefit of viewing relevant videos. These videos have a greater ability to showcase eyelashes than words or photos.

Where to find eyelash extension manufacturers?

Other platforms work the same way, but you’re best off using the four mentioned above. Pins on Pinterest can provide insight into eyelash brands and styles, but the search may take a while.


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