What are Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?



Today, the world is more fictional. Just like the science fictions movies. All they do is apply the VFX effects and implement excellent makeup techniques. This is not restricted to real life because of advanced procedures in the cosmetic industry. Hundreds of artificial methods are out there. Plastic surgeries, fillers, and botox treatment have become common techniques today.

Similarly, eyelash extensions are nothing new in the beauty industry. But, did we have Russian volume eyelash extensions ever before? The answer is no. A new technique developed by the Russian Technician brought a revolution to the industry.

Do you know what exactly are Russian volume extensions are? If not, go through the whole guide.

What are Russian volume lash extensions?

You must have heard of Russian volume eyelash extensions from someone. Am I right? But, the question is, do you exactly know these eyelashes extensions? If not, let me define it in a better way.

Russian volume lash extensions are ultra-fine synthetic lashes applied to natural lashes. To make the thick dense volume, usually 2-6 lashes are added to the natural eyelash. No doubt the fiber used in Russian volume extension is the same as classic mink but, these are thinner and more dramatic. A dark lash line look makes it just incredible! A great combination of volume, thickness, and art.

Why do we call them Russian volume lash extensions?

Russian lash pioneers are popular in the world due to their creativity in the lashes industry. Especially if I talk about their unique approach toward volume eyelash extensions, no one would have even thought of it. Because the world only knew “Classic eyelashes extensions.”

What are the manufacturing components of Russian volume eyelash extensions?

Synthetic Mink” makes the Russian volume eyelash extensions. Always remember, synthetic mink has numerous varieties. Never confuse in between them. Usually, Faux Mink is a major component of Russian volume eyelash extensions. In some other cases, you can find the other varieties of synthetic mink as well.

You must be thinking why not other materials? In actuality, the Faux mink has a dramatic look compared to the natural mink. That’s the major reason for use in Russian volume eyelash extensions.

Thickness and Weight

Russian volume eyelash extensions have diameters of 0.05mm to 0.07mm. So much thin! By that means, you can easily apply multiple Russian eyelash extensions to a single natural eyelash.

I suppose you must know the concept of 2D, 3D, and so on before heading to the weight of Russian volume eyelash extensions.

2D refers to two eyelashes in the bouquet of eyelashes while 3D to three. For others, go on increasing the number of eyelashes. In the case of Russian volume eyelash extensions, you have a wide range from 2D to 6D or even more. Upon your choice, choose anyone you like!

How to maintain Russian volume lash extensions?

Russian volume lash extensions can last from 6-8 weeks without infills. Regular infills can make work better and longer. In the growth cycle of eyelashes, lashes extensions automatically fall off.

With proper maintenance, you can increase the duration of working. Here are some tips to follow in this aspect.

  • Avoid contact with the hot water especially one or two days after the treatment.
  • Go for the regular infills after 2-3 weeks for proper maintenance.
  • If you want to brush your lashes, be gentle and use a clean spoolie.
  • Avoid oily makeup removers. They might dissolve the glue and let the lashes extensions fall off quickly.
  • After bathing or washing your face, dry your eyelashes.

All these tips are going to help you maintain the Russian volume eyelash extensions for longer periods. Isn’t it great for you?

What is the cost of Russian volume lashes extensions?

You might have heard people saying, “Russian volume lashes extensions are expensive.” No doubt, they might be because of the materials used, the popularity of the salon, and the skills of lashes technicians.

Are you concerned about the price of Russian volume lashes extensions? No worries, I can tell you.

The Russian volume lashes extensions might cost you between $150 to $300 including the whole treatment process. The treatment time takes up to 2 hours.

Benefits of Russian volume lashes extensions

Russian volume lashes extensions offer numerous benefits. Here is why you should consider them.

·        Russian lashes are thinner and lightweight

  • Russians lashes are much thinner than classic lashes.
  • Classic lashes diameter— 0.15mm to 0.20mm
  • Russian lashes diameter— 0.03mm to 0.07mm
  • Just imagine the difference in the diameter. Don’t you think they are twice thinner than the classic eyelashes? Being lightweight and thin, the technician can add 2-8 Russian eyelashes to the natural eyelashes.

·        They offer a darker look that seems charming

  • Russian volume eyelash extensions give a darker look to natural eyelashes. This seems to be more attractive to human nature. Once you apply the Russian eyelashes, no need to worry about your makeup. You are already having Russian eyelashes that give an elegant glimpse.

·        Lashes can fill in the gaps

  • Smaller gaps remain unfilled in between your eyelashes. These gaps seriously affect your beauty. So, how to fill them, right? Why worry when you have Russian volume lash extensions?  Russian lashes can fill in the gaps in between lashes, no matter they are large or small. Overall darker appearance of natural eyelashes with no gaps makes you feel confident while attending a party.

·        They are safe to use

  • Russian volume eyelash extensions are lightweight. No pressure on your eyes! Minimum chances for hair damage. Thus, safe to use in every aspect.

·        You can save time and money

  • Are you tired of spending money on makeup? Every single makeup costs you more than the price of the Russian eyelashes. Moreover, every week or month, you need to go for the makeup. This way of getting ready for parties can seriously put a burden on your skin and hair follicles. Need a solution? Just hit the Russian eyelashes and make them your choice. They can work for longer periods if you take proper care of them. Moreover, they are lightweight preventing damage to hair follicles. Save thousands of dollars on makeup!

Side Effects of Russian volume lashes extensions

Just like other eyelash extensions, Russian volume extensions pose some side effects. I won’t say them “side effects” in the real sense. You know, why? Because you can prevent them by taking safety measures. However, here are some adverse effects of Russian eyelashes.

  • If your technician is not an expert in his job, you might experience damage to your hair follicles. The hair might start falling. Always consult the expert technicians.
  • You might be allergic to eyelash glue. In such a case, you can get allergic infections leading to some serious threats to the eye. Always go for the patch test before the treatment.

Where do I get Russian volume lashes extensions?

Willing to start your own volume eyelash business? Always purchase in bulk at wholesale price. You know, why? Because you get the products at the best possible rates.

Before directing to sources of the Russian volume eyelash extensions, you must determine the qualities of vendors. If they fulfill all the standards you expect, great! Go for them. However, I have listed some top companies sourcing wholesale volume lashes at affordable prices. Have a look!

MeiDear Lash Factory China

MeiDear Lash Factory China is the best choice when it comes to buying Russian eyelashes at a wholesale rate. Here is why:

  • Working since 1988 makes them experienced in the cosmetics industry.
  • Best possible rates for Russian eyelashes
  • No middle man involved. All the products are from the factory.
  • Offer free customizations for your eyelashes

I would say, “Just Great!” That’s why I have listed them at the top of the list.

If you want to get a detailed list of eyelashes vendors, have a look at the— 97 Best Wholesale Eyelash Vendors List.

Final Thoughts:

Still, thinking about whom you should order? Let me tell you the best approach. List down your requirements and find them in the best company. Fair prices and ultimate features must be your priorities.

Have specific ideas in mind? MeiDear Lash Factory China can implement it in the eyelashes order. Just hit us a call!

If anything you need, contact us by WhatsApp: 008613176398069. contact us by email: sale@meideareyelash.com.


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