What Are Mink Eyelash Extensions?



Do you want to look naturally gorgeous without having to grab your mascara and other eye make-up? Try mink eyelash extensions.

What is mink eyelash extension? Mink eyelash extensions are super fine, light, and thin. They mimic the texture of natural eyelashes. Mink eyelash extensions are best for people who want to maintain a natural look and feel to their lashes.

There are different types of mink eyelash extensions in the market. To find out, keep reading!


Mink Eyelash Extensions 2022

There are three types of mink eyelash extensions in the market. They include;

  • Real mink eyelash extensions.
  • Faux mink eyelash extensions.

The third category of mink eyelash extensions is silk mink eyelash extensions. But, the material used depends on the manufacturers.

Real Mink Eyelash Extension

Real mink eyelash extensions are made from the natural fur of real Siberian mink animals.

Manufacturers of real mink lashes are required by law to follow cruelty-free regulations. This is after claims by animal-rights activists that the minks were being tortured in the farms.

Cruelty-free manufacturers confess to causing zero harm to the animals. They brush the tails of the minks gently and collect the fur.

The fur collected by brushing the minks is then sanitized and dyed. It is then packaged before transportation to various mink lash manufacturers.

Characteristics Of Real Mink Lashes

  • Real mink lashes contain 100% mink fur.
  • Real mink lashes are super fine, light, and have a natural shine.

Benefits Of Real Mink Eyelash Extensions

  • Real mink eyelash extensions offer maximum comfort due to their lightweight nature.
  • Real mink eyelash extensions offer you a sense of luxury. They are more expensive than other types of eyelash extensions.
  • Real mink lashes last longer hence giving you maximum service. This, however, depends on how well you take care of the eyelash extensions.

Disadvantages Of Mink Eyelash Extensions

  • Real mink lashes can cause an allergic reaction to people with animal fur allergies.
  • Real mink lashes are high-maintenance. You need to keep curling the eyelash extensions to achieve a desirable shape.
  • Real mink lashes lose their curl when exposed to water and excess heat.

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

Faux mink eyelash extensions are the most popular type of mink eyelashes in the market.

The faux mink eyelash extensions are made from synthetic PBT fiber. It mimics the look and texture of real mink fur.

PBT fiber material is also extremely durable and flexible.

Faux mink eyelashes are 100% guaranteed to be cruelty-free and are considered vegan.

Benefits Of Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

  • Faux mink lashes are lightweight, thin, and mimic real mink lashes.
  • Faux mink lashes maintain their curl. This is even when exposed to high temperatures and water.
  • The faux mink lashes pose zero allergic reaction threats.
  • Faux mink lashes have a glossy appearance adding shine to your natural lashes.
  • Faux mink lashes are long-lasting, provided you observe proper care and maintenance.
  • Faux mink lashes are low maintenance compared to real mink lashes. You do not need to curl or apply mascara on the faux mink lashes.

Disadvantages Of Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

  • They are heavier than the real mink eyelashes hence not the best for a natural feel.
  • Faux mink lashes are not as soft and natural compared to real mink lashes. But, they are best for vegans who want the natural look.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Some manufacturers prefer to call them Silk Mink Eyelash Extensions. The silk eyelash extensions are classified under mink eyelashes given their natural-look appearance.

The silk eyelash extensions common in the market are made from synthetic-based silk fiber. Some manufacturers use PBT fiber, the same as the one used to make faux mink lashes.

The real silk material comes from the cocoon of silkworms. 100% silk is super soft and cannot hold shape and curls. This is the reason why real silk is not used to make eyelash extensions.

Silk eyelash extensions are heavier compared to real mink lashes. They are, however, finer and more flexible than synthetic eyelashes.

Silk eyelash extensions are good for clients with weak and thin natural lashes. They add volume to the natural lashes.

Advantages Of Silk Mink Lashes

  • Silk eyelash extensions are softer and more porous than faux and real mink lashes.
  • Silk eyelash extensions are 100% free and are good for vegans.
  • Silk lashes have a thick and full body. This makes them the best choice for dramatic eyelash sets.
  • The classic lashing technique is the best application method for achieving a dramatic look.

Are Mink Eyelash Extensions Expensive?

Mink eyelash extensions are expensive. But, it depends on which type of mink eyelashes you want.

The most expensive sets of eyelash extensions in the market are real mink. Anything that comes from real animals is expensive, just like real-animal fur coats.

Try purchasing a set of faux mink eyelash extensions for a similar effect with real mink. Faux mink extensions are lightweight, fine, and offer a natural-looking appearance.

Better yet, the faux mink lashes will take less of your time in maintenance as compared to real mink. No need for everyday curling or application of mascara with faux mink lashes.

How To Tell The Difference Between Real Mink And Faux Mink Lashes

The synthetic materials industry has greatly advanced. This has made it hard to tell apart between real and fake fur.

There are, however, different methods you can use to tell between real and fake mink fur. This will be of great help if you wish to purchase a set of 100% mink fur eyelash extensions.

3 Best Method To Identify Real Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions

Real Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions Are Expensive

As mentioned earlier, real mink eyelash extensions are more expensive than synthetic lashes. They are the most expensive eyelash extension sets in the market.

If you find a vendor selling real mink fur eyelash extensions at the same price as synthetic, you have reasons to doubt the product’s authenticity.

You have the right to ask the seller for more information about the eyelash sets. If possible, ask for a sample to test the quality before a bulk purchase.

Ensure that the seller has a friendly return policy if you get home and find the product was faux fur and not real fur.

Take A Burn Test On The Mink Eyelash Extensions

A burn test involves placing the set of eyelash extensions over a flame to test whether they are real or fake fur.

An enclosed area is preferred to allow you to detect the smell that emanates from the lashes as they burn.

Faux mink fur will smell like plastic as it burns. The smell of artificial chemicals accompanies it. The lashes begin to melt and form a hard solid substance as they cool down.

Real mink fur should smell like your natural hair as it burns. Secondly, real furl will crinkle up swiftly and turn into ash. This is how real hair behaves.

The results from the burn test will determine what type of mink lashes you have; real or faux fur.

Carry Out A Water Test On The Mink Lashes

Real mink eyelash extensions will flatten and lose their shape and curl when they come into contact with water.

Synthetic mink eyelash extensions will maintain their shape and curl when exposed to water.

Which Mink Eyelash Extensions Work Best For Me?

Torn between real mink eyelash extensions and faux mink eyelash extensions? Here are a few guiding questions that will help you come up with the best decision.

How Natural Do You Want To Look And Feel?

Real and faux mink eyelash extensions give you a natural look and feel. But, real mink eyelash extensions appear more natural. They are lightweight and fluffy.

Choose real mink if you want to look stunning without any added weight on your natural lashes.

Real mink lashes have a glossy shine but one that mimics natural lashes. Their shape is also similar to the natural human eyelash shape.

Faux mink lashes have a glossy shine, but the difference from natural lashes can be noticed. They also come in different shapes, which denies them a natural look.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On The Mink Eyelash Extensions?

Real mink eyelash extensions are more expensive than any synthetic eyelash extensions. If your budget is low, you should go for a good set of faux mink eyelash extensions.

How Often Do You Want To Get Your Eyelash Extensions Curled?

Real mink eyelash extensions are high-maintenance. You will need to constantly curl the lashes and brush them with a mascara wand to maintain their shape and curl.

Go for faux eyelash extensions if you do not have the time to keep curling the eyelash extension. They are low maintenance and will hold their shape and curl for long.

How Sensitive Are Your Eyes?

If you are allergic to animal fur, go for synthetic mink lashes. If your eyes are sensitive to artificial products, go for real mink eyelash extensions.

Which Style Do You Want?

If you are going for a subtle and very natural look, the best option is real mink lashes. If you are looking for diversity in style, go for faux eyelash extensions.

Real mink eyelash extensions only come in one shape and curl that mimic human eyelash. Faux mink lashes come in a wide range and shapes and curls for your selection.

The choice of eyelash extension your make depends on your desired outcome.

Where To Find Mink Eyelash Extensions

Meidear Lash Factory China manufactures 100% cruelty-free mink eyelash extensions. We have been in the industry for more than 2 decades, proving top-notch lashes to our clients.

We use synthetic PBT fiber to manufacture our mink lashes. In addition, we offer a variety of mink eyelashes which makes us your best choice.

Visit our website for more details about our mink eyelash extensions and how to make your order. We offer all our lashes at a factory price.

Final Thoughts

Mink eyelash extensions offer an alluring natural look to your natural lashes. But, you need to be precise on the type of mink lashes you need between real mink and faux mink.

We have analyzed everything you need to know about mink eyelash extensions. Go through this article to get enlightened.


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