What Are Cluster Lashes? Cluster Lashes vs Volume Lashes



Eyelash extensions are available in a variety of options. It’s surprising how few people know what volume and cluster lashes are. There is no doubt that both forms of eyelash extensions have many individual lashes in a fan. However, there is a significant difference in their appearance and health.

If you want to know how these two types of lashes are different from each other, read on!


What Exactly Are Cluster & Volume Lashes?

To begin with, everyone can purchase cluster lashes and apply them without any assistance. Thus, these lashes are available in retail outlets and don’t require training or special skills to operate.

As a professional product, however, volume lashes should only be applied by individuals who are qualified and certified to apply for eyelash extensions.

In case you’re wondering what really are the differences between cluster and volume lashes, here are some key points.

Cluster Lashes

Unlike individual lashes, cluster lashes have a thick base and are attached with an adhesive ball.

These lashes are similar to fake eyelashes that one can buy at a store. Similar to lashes that have been sliced into smaller pieces, they seem to be made from strip lashes.

Several types of cluster lashes may be used as a substitute for strip lashes for a special evening, but they should not be worn overnight or beyond one day. It is possible for cluster lash extensions to cause a multitude of problems when applied semi-permanently.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes, or often called volume fans, consist of numerous individual lashes attached to one natural lash.

Similar to premade, they are light and only cover one lash at a time. These lashes are applied by hand by a lash technician. Several volume lashes are grouped together in a fan and immersed in glue before being adhered to the natural lash.

In order to produce the best connection and retention, volumized lashes need to wrap around the natural lash. When correctly applied, lashes will not be inflamed or uncomfortable.


Cluster Lashes vs Volume Lashes

There is a difference in how these lashes are applied. This deserves your attention!

As the name implies, cluster lashes adhere straight to the lash line, resting on numerous lashes at once.

As long as the temporary adhesive is used properly, the natural lashes should not be damaged. The use of professional eyelash extension adhesive will impede proper eyelash growth as well as damage and irritation over time.

In contrast, the volume fans are applied directly on a single natural eyelash. This safe application of the fans will result in no underlying irritation or injury to your eyes, as the natural lashes will not be trapped together.

You need to look for heat bonding in readymade fans when choosing them. It is said that the fan’s base has been heat-bonded together. Since the glue is not involved in this approach, no additional weight is added to the lash.

As a result of being heat bonded, premade lashes are super light and do not damage natural lashes. It is important to select the lashes that fit your eye shape and size.

Depending on the fan model, heat-bonded prefabricated fans have sharp or normal bases. Having a pointed base is the most popular option since it resembles a handcrafted fan.

Are Cluster Lashes Bad for You?

You should be aware of the consequences of using cluster lashes.

Cluster lashes have been criticized for their weight. They are too heavy for natural lashes to bear without becoming injured.

A thick base allows cluster lashes to be applied to multiple natural lashes simultaneously. The lashes can be removed once the natural lashes have grown longer, but this could lead to a permanent lash loss in the future.

A semi-permanent application of cluster lashes causes discomfort and may damage your lashes.

Are Cluster or Volume Lashes Better?

It is possible to find both safe and functional fans on the market.

A growing number of lash technicians are choosing premade volume lashes because they can save time and provide perfect symmetry.

For long-term usage, volume lashes are without a doubt the best. While cluster lashes are acceptable for one-time use, they can damage natural lashes. Keeping them in place can also cause them to twist and become uncomfortable.

The appearance of cluster lashes is unnaturally thick. Utilizing prefabricated volume fans or handcrafted fans that don’t affect natural lashes can generate envy-worthy lashes.

An isolated set of lashes can appear clean, symmetrical, and comfortable to wear without needing any additional glue.

Where To Buy Cluster or Volume Lashes

Having information about how the two types of lashes differ allows you to inquire about where you might find them.

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