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Finding a reliable lash vendor is definitely a difficult task. It is because building trust with your vendor takes time and effort from both sides. If you’re based in Los Angeles or want to buy wholesale lashes from here, we have a list of the top 7 lash vendors in Los Angeles.

We will review the best lash vendors based in Los Angeles and provide a short description of their services.

1. LashFactoryChina Eyelash Wholesale Los Angeles


Your One-Stop-Shop for all your Eyelash Business Needs

Are you looking to place a bulk order of eyelashes and related accessories for your business? Certainly! You have arrived at the correct place. 

We ensure to offer high-quality eyelashes at reasonable prices. With over 20 years of rich experience of ODM/OEM to supply you with customized eyelashes, labels, and exclusive packaging we have made our mark. 

We are more than just an eyelash supplier

Eyelashes are just part of supplies for your eyelash salon requirements, so we offer a lot more. For an overwhelming experience, LashFactoryChina offers a wide range of tools and accessories for your business. For every type of lash application, we have tweezers in different colors. Adhesives and glues that we offer truly complement the variety of lashes.

Our best quality crystal tiles and glue pallets help you to keep your lashes and adhesives close at hand. Not only this we also have lip brushes, alcohol pads, make brushes, lash extension mirrors, and many more. Overall we are the one-stop wholesale suppliers in China that understand every need of its clients.

Why Choose LashFactoryChina?

100% Mink Eyelashes Wholesale Supplier 

– Factory Prices

– Around the clock availability

– No Middlemen

– Strict quality measures

– Easy refund and replacement policies

Call on LashfactoryChina for the best quality products and exclusive customer service. Our inclination towards customer satisfaction has made us outperform in the industry. Happy and returning clients are our forte!

2. Lash Box LA  Best Lashes In Los Angeles


Lash Box LA is a professional lash vendor in Los Angeles, and you can find almost everything on their website. Apart from selling several types of false lashes, they also sell lash accessories. You can find lash glue, lash shampoo, tweezer, lash cleanser, and many other things.

They have different collections of lashes. You also enjoy various options regarding the thickness of your lashes.

Their extended business doesn’t only sell lashes. You can also find several other beauty products here!

As they have a huge business regarding beauty products, you can also enjoy discounts on shipping. They put limited discounts for their customers to give them the most out of what they order.

3.  Lee’s Wholesale Beauty Eyelash Wholesale Distributor Los Angeles


Lee’s Wholesale Beauty is a professional wholesale eyelash vendor. Apart from lashes, you can find every makeup product here. This vendor isn’t for the public. They sell their items at wholesale rates only.

So, they can be the ideal fit for resellers. You can also find various brands here.

Their most popular item is mink lashes. Many of their lashes are made from natural human hair. However, you can also find other types. They also have their email and contact number displayed on the front page of their website. In this way, you can contact them and get prompt replies.

4. She Luvs Lashes Wholesale Lashes Vendors In Los Angeles


She Luvs Lashes is one of the best and most reliable lash vendors in Los Angeles. The company also offers training for lash extensions and other services.

They understand that the clients always want the best results. So, they source high-quality lash trays, lash adhesives, and tweezers. You can find faux mink lashes, mixed trays, fan lashes, etc., here.

They also provide aftercare products, and the team of professionals also helps with all the details.

If you’re based in Los Angeles too, you can visit their salon and see their lash extensions services as well.

5. Lilly Lashes Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Los Angeles


Lilly Lashes is always the go-to lash vendor for people living in Los Angeles. They are extremely popular in the USA, and their website has many spectacular reviews from customers. As they provide shipping, you can order online and get your lashes at the doorstep.

Magnetic lashes are the most popular item of Lilly Lashes. They also have mink lashes, faux mink lashes, 3D mink lashes, and synthetic mink lashes. You can get different categories of lashes for people with different eye shapes. It means that Lilly Lashes is a team of professionals.

6. Beverly Hills Lashes Lash Vendor In Los Angeles


Beverly Hills Lashes is a reliable lash boutique in Los Angeles. Apart from doing lashes in the salon, they also sell lashes and lash products to their customers in the US.

You can find false lashes and lash extensions from them. They also sell aftercare products, which means that you can get complete packages. The lashes come in various styles and have different curl options to suit everyone’s needs.

Beverly Hills Lashes also offers training and courses for lashes, which means they are a team of professionals. The several customer reviews displayed on their website also do justice to their professionalism.

7. Lashes On Lashes Eyelash Extensions Supplies Los Angeles


If you want the best variety of false lashes and eyelash extensions, Lashes On Lashes will be your choice. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Lashes On Lashes is a professional lash supplier.

They sell all kinds of eyelash extensions and strip lashes with varying diameters. They have also named the different categories of their collections to make it easier for the customers. Apart from the lashes, you can also order other lash supplies from here. In this way, you get everything under one roof.

The color lashes are perhaps the most impressive items on their list.

They have more variety of individual lashes. So, they’re the best place for people looking for high-quality wholesale lash extensions.

They have their email and contact number displayed on the website. If you have any queries, you can ask them directly and get quick replies!

8.  Get Lashed LA Lash Vendor LA


Get Lashes LA is a salon and beauty supply store in LA. Through their website, you can visit the shop and buy your favorite lashes online!

While people living in Los Angeles can visit the store, you can also order online if you live at a distance in the US. They offer fast shipping, and you can get your lashes within 2-7 business days.

Get Lashed LA offers various single trays and mixed trays of lash extensions.

As they claim to provide cruelty-free lashes, none of their lashes is made from real mink fur. Instead, you will find most of the lashes made from synthetic fiber. The availability of C and D curls also makes lash enthusiasts love their products!

Eyelash Extension Wholesale Vendors

Final Words

If you’re looking for the top lash vendors in Los Angeles, our list will definitely help you!

We have reviewed the best lash suppliers with a short description of their services. If you like any of them, you can contact them directly through the website!

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