Russian Strip Lashes



After many varieties brought as products for you by big brands, did you think that was it? No. The lash industry is innovating new and exceptional products for you all the time.

Thus, here we are too, with a new and improved product for you. Something that gives a vibe of extensions but will come all together as a false lash. This would cost you less and you can take them off too!

We present to you, a new and improved version of Russian Strip lashes. Look down below at the image to know what you will are getting from us.


As you see in the image, on the left in the image, you see a regular lash. That is not bad, but that is not dramatic. It is perfect for regular wear, but it lacks character. But no worries. Here we have a new product as you can see on the right in the image. It is Russian strip lash but with more fans and more intensity.

If you compare the two lashes, you will notice how our handmade Russian strip lashes will correspond well with your party look. They are super curled. We made them in D curl. We have added the best material for your wear that will not harm your eyes. It will sit on perfect when you are out with your loved one. You do not have to care about a thing.

3 Differences Of The Russian Strip Lashes-

  1. The old product is more of normal wear, but the Russian lashes strips is for an invincible look.
  1. The product on the left is curvy but not as much as you might want on a night out. But our strip Russian lashes has more curves, giving a fuller look to your eyes. Almost like a shadow over your lids to make it look dramatic.
  2. The formation of the Russian volume strip lashes is unique and in uniform. It gives a smart vibe that will go great if want a dark lip to go with your makeup style for the day.

4 Thing About Russian Style Strip Lashes

  1. These Russian style strip lashes are of polybutylene terephthalate- PBT synthetic material. They are faux mink lashes. The material used is friendly to your skin and will not give you uncomfortable wear. You can go on hours and still look dashing in these lashes.
  2. They are finished lashes but that does not mean you cannot customize them. The length depends on you as you can customize it based on how long you want them to be.
  3. You can also customize the curl and make it curlier if you desire. The curlier it is the fuller and smoky effect you get to your eyes.
  4. These are not pre-made lashes or fan lashes. They are ready to go. All you need is to glue them to your eyelids. Their appearance is already complete and it does not need makeup if you prefer not to wear it.

So if you are looking forward to a glamourous self, then check our Russian Volume D Curl Strip Lashes out now! Our brand new production- Russian Strip lashes. You will find volume Russian style Strip Lashes here on our website-

If anything you need, contact us by WhatsApp: 008613176398069. contact us by email:


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