Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions: What Are They and How Do You Use Them?



From layers of eyelash mascara to painful eyelash lifting “hacks”, it is safe to say I have tried them all. The hand-to-eye coordination needed to put on a pair of false lashes has always intimidated me. But when I gave the false lash fad a try, the results were worth it! 

Let’s go a step further than false lashes- MEGA Volume Eyelash Extensions. If you want a dramatic look, traditional eyelash extensions might not be enough. Read on further to learn more about what these are.


What is the Difference Between Traditional Eyelash Extensions and Mega Volume Extensions?

Traditional eyelash extensions are great for a slight spruce-up of your usual look. But, a more formal makeup look might not be complete without more volume. 

Mega Volume eyelash extensions use a larger number of lashes to create a larger fan and diameter. The technician places the individual lashes to provide a more dramatic look. 

Traditional eyelash extensions use 2-5 false lashes with diameters between 0.05 to 0.07 mm. Mega Volume eyelash extensions use 6-16 false lashes with diameters between 0.03 to 0.05 mm. 

Whew, that was a lot to grasp.

But you get the point- A denser and darker look with the same lightweight material.

Are Mega Volume Lashes Difficult to Wear?

Mega Volume eyelash extensions are safe to wear. But, some users might not be accustomed to the weight compared to traditional eyelashes. Considering how dense they are, the sensitive lash line might feel like the weight a little more. 

Applying Mega Volume lashes is a learning process. You get used to the weight and the sensation and stay comfortable while wearing them.

You are ready to take on the challenge of Mega Volumes if you have prior experience in the world of false lashes. 


Do I Need High-Level Expertise to Apply Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions?

It seems a little daunting to place individual extensions on the natural lashes. If you are a newbie at eyelash extensions and false lashes in general, taking fewer risks is better. It is important to identify whether your lash line is strong enough to handle them. 

Get your questions answered first, by a professional lash technician. You can then apply them yourself at home- or apply them to others.

Keep in mind that many mistakes that can happen during the application process too. Be aware of these common errors:

1. Placing lash extensions on all your natural eyelashes and filling them up. 

Less is more. Mega Volume eyelash extensions are already dense and heavy, to begin with. Overlap can cause a clumpy look and having more extensions than you can handle might be painful to wear. 

2. Filling out the incorrect length on your natural lashes

Eyelashes have different lengths, like the hair on our heads. Some of them are sprouting out and growing. If you place a full extension lash on your baby eyelashes, you risk damaging them. Placing the extension on an immature nature lash will end up looking untidy. Especially when the lashes grow out over the next few weeks. 


How to Achieve the Perfect Mega Volume Look:

1. Identify the correct gaps and isolations to fill with the extensions. This is so that it merges well with your natural look and nothing overlaps. Although users may want a dense look, it is important to be careful with what the natural lash line can handle. 

2. Find the mature natural eyelashes and place the extensions on them. Teenage or new (and growing!) lashes will only create irregularity in your look when they grow over the next few weeks. Premature breakage may happen when the extension grows on immature lashes.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice. You have to study the effects that your extensions have on your lash line. 

It is also important to study the materials you use and the method of application. You will get more comfortable identifying mature eyelashes and creating a pleasing look. 

Remember to use the right amount of product and not overdo it.

What Can I Expect from My Final Look?

Besides looking like an absolute Boss Babe? 

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions can last from 3-5 weeks without any issues. With professional application, practice, and high-quality materials, you can stay worry-free!

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