5 Marketing Ideas For A Lash Business

Marketing Ideas For A Lash Business


After buying wholesale eyelashes and customizing the eyelash packaging with your brand name, it’s time to promote your brand. But, if you don’t have the right marketing ideas in mind, things can get disrupted. So, we have decided to inform you about the best marketing ideas for a lash business.

For promoting your eyelash business, social media is a powerful tool. Besides, you can use many other ideas to reach potential customers. So, let’s get into the details of the marketing ideas for a lash business!

Build a website

An SEO-optimized website is perhaps an essential tool in marketing your lash business. Unlike local stores confined to a particular area, your website is visible to the whole world.

In this way, a well-established eyelash website can attract more customers and increase sales.

But, establishing an SEO-optimized website isn’t an easy task. You may need a professional team to build your website.

·       Display your eyelash products

On your website, the main page should have all your products. Customers don’t like clicking on different pages to come to one. So, a better idea is to make your products readily available to the customers.

·       Tell customers about your eyelash business.

If your customers have visited your website, they would probably want to know more. So, you can tell them about your eyelash business, its journey, your mission, and your values.

A better idea is to do everything in a sophisticated way instead of mingling things. In this way, your customers will think you’re a professional.

·       Display eyelash reviews

How can customers buy from a lash website they know nothing about?

Well, previous customer reviews are the solution here.

When you display the positive reviews of previous customers on the website, new customers can get inspiration from them. After all, potential customers can help your lash business reach heights!

This strategy also helps build the trust of your customers.

Use social media

Apart from the website, social media has the power to drive sales to your lash business. For this, you can use Facebook Marketplace and Instagram.

Instagram is a fantastic source of popularity for brands. If you want to start an online lash business, you can sell products through Instagram and Facebook.

The good thing is, you can also add a link to your website on your page. In this way, you can keep posting pictures and videos of your brand. It will convince people to go on the website to buy the product.

Raise curiosity among the audience

Directly launching new products in your lash business may not be the best idea.

In fact, many people prefer creating a social media page at least a week before launching the lash products.

You can add posts on the page and give hints about your business to raise curiosity among the public.

In this way, more people will get to know about your brand. They will keep visiting your page to see the new collection.

Social media pages are basically for marketing the products, while the sales occur through the website using the link on the page.

But, some people may also sell lashes on the website as well as their social media page. The choice is all yours!

Send PR packages

What’s the reason behind increased sales through celebrities? PR packages are the answer.

It means that you find a celebrity or any blogger on Facebook or Instagram. Then, you leave them a message asking them to promote your lash business.

If they accept, you send free eyelashes to them. The blogger will take a picture or make a video applying the eyelashes and give an honest review on their page.

When the followers see this review, they will go to your website to check the products and buy them.

A better idea is to send the PR package to a makeup enthusiast who is active on social media and reviews makeup products.

This strategy is similar to referring a friend. That’s why PR packages are much helpful in marketing a lash business and increasing sales.

The followers will believe in the blogger’s review. So, they will get convinced about buying the eyelashes.

In this way, the blogger gets free products, and you get increased sales!

But, make sure that bloggers and celebrities with a higher fan following will charge more for advertising products.

Offer discounts and coupons

Undoubtedly, discounts and coupons have helped attract more customers to lash businesses.

If the customers visit your website but don’t order, you can offer promo codes or discounts. This strategy won’t make them skeptical anymore. If they’re ordering for the first time, they won’t worry too much because of the lesser price.

Some lash businesses also offer promo codes while sending PR packages. The blogger will tell the audience about the promo code, which they can use to get a discounted price.

Being a limited-time offer, it can help increase sales!

Offer email campaigns

Do you want regular customers for your lash business? Of course, every brand wants to!

But, it’s only possible by building a strong and friendly relationship with the customers.

How would they know about any new product launching? How will they get benefits from sales?

Well, you will tell these things to your customers through email campaigns.

Your customers can sign up for your email campaign by visiting your website.

Then, you send weekly or daily emails. You will inform them about the upcoming products and discounts.

If they are happy with the first purchase, they will value the importance and get back to buy more products.

Final words

If you have the right marketing strategies, your lash business can get increased sales in no time!

Now we know that the highest quality products and customized packaging aren’t the only essential things.

To make your brand voice reach potential customers, you need to advertise and market your business. Otherwise, your business will struggle to get clients.

So, our tips and marketing ideas for a lash business can come in handy if you want to promote your brand. With all these ideas, your brand will get increased sales!


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