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Today we are going to share with you how to source wholesale eyelashes from wholesale false eyelashes suppliers and some details to keep in mind if we want to start our own eyelash business.

1. what are wholesale lashes               

First of all, we need to understand our own needs and consider what type of wholesale eyelash business we want to start, such as whether we want to do wholesale strip eyelashes or wholesale eyelash extensions business, or you want to do both of them, and choose the type of eyelash we want according to our specific needs. There are many ways to compare and contrast with eyelashes. For example, the price of the same type of eyelashes from different lashes businesses, the variety of eyelashes, the novelty of the eyelashes, and the fullness of the eyelashes. If you are looking for strip eyelashes, you can focus on the fullness and novelty of the lashes, if you want to purchase the eyelashes extensions, you should consider the curvature, length, and thickness of the lashes, and whether you need multiple colors of lashes, then decide which supplier is your best choice.


2. where can i buy wholesale lashes

We can search for false eyelash suppliers from some of the well-known cross-border platforms to find more preferred suppliers (Alibaba, Amazon), Alibaba is a more comprehensive platform, we can spend more time searching on it to see, we can also use Google search engine to search for some eyelashes suppliers, On google’s search page we can focus on the top rank page, find the wholesale eyelash suppliers you like and you can look at their store product categories and product models and so on. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of these merchants’ products, then choose the merchant with the best bulklash cost performance.


3. how to get wholesale lashes

After we have decided on your preferred eyelash supplier, we will start to purchase the lash samples according to your sample list. First of all, when we purchase samples, we can choose more sample products, so that we will have a broader understanding of the different styles we like. Of course, we need to ask the strip lash suppliers if they can accept the sample lash order, if yes, continue to ask the price of the samples you need, the minimum order quantity of samples, whether they can customize our lash logo if we do the sample order and how much is the shipping cost, etc. At the sample order stage, we can let wholesale strip lashes suppliers send us more eyelashes pictures, and videos for our reference.


4.How to buy wholesale lashes in bulk.

Once we receive the lash samples, we need to choose the most suitable lash supplier for the false eyelashes bulk buy purchase by considering various aspects (price, style novelty, eyelash wearing comfort). When we place the bulk false lashes, we determine the type of lashes we need, the style of lashes, and the order quantity of eyelashes and then ask about the price and shipping cost of the bulk goods, the packaging of the \eyelash bulk\ goods, the shipping cost of the eyelashes, etc. We can also ask the \eyelash supplier\ to quote the best price for the courier charge, and make sure how long we will receive the wholesale lashes bulk. As a rule, the fastest way courier maybe needs about 5-6 days for delivery, some remote places may take a little bit longer. We also need to communicate about what are the merchant’s payment methods and then choose a mutually acceptable payment method to pay, we can finish the payment for our lashes wholesale bulk order after all these matters are confirmed.


5. How to custom lash box packaging

When we place the bulklash order, we can consider wholesale custom eyelash boxes for our lashes, if it is for strip eyelashes, we can directly customize the appearance of the packaging box. Generally, the custom eyelash box packaging has a kind of paperboard box, the price is usually more favorable, and there is also the more delicate cardboard box, we can choose the appearance of the eyelash case box according to our preferences, for the eyelashes it is usually printed the lash logo on the background paper card, and for the strip eyelashes packing box, If you want to name your eyelashes, and we can also customize the name stickers on the wholesale lash box to make it more interesting and attractive to the customers.

 How to custom lash box packaging
How to custom lash box packaging

How To Wholesale Eyelash

For most of our wholesale eyelashes distributors, the most ways of selling are wholesale and retail lashes. If your customer source is relatively stable and the inventory is large enough, we can use multiple ways for wholesale lashes so that the price competition is lower with thinner profit, while that way can ensure the stability of customer resources. Today we will recommend the way to sell the eyelashes wholesale.

1. Wholesale eyelashes in bulk

First of all, sort all your eyelash styles in stock well and distinguish them, each with its individual model number. The length of each lash in a pair should be well marked, and the dense rows of lashes should be well classified according to the thickness, length,curvature of the lashes. Multiple color lashes should also be clearly labeled by color.


2. Keep a detailed record of the eyelashes that have been categorized.

Keep a detailed record of the products that have been categorized, and then take pictures of each style of eyelashes, either with product details or with videos of how to wear the eyelashes. After the photos are taken, we can use them to create a complete product catalog. And the catalog should be categorized according to the style and type of product.


3. How much do eyelashes cost

Take into account the local market price and specify a moderate wholesale eyelash price. The price of the same type of eyelashes should not be too below the average price range of the market to ensure a specific profit margin. Include a minimum order quantity for each type of product based on the wholesale lashes price. Attach different wholesale mink lashes price ranges for different order quantities. Keep a detailed record of the cost and profit margin of the same product category so that the specified wholesale lashes in bulk price can be used as an original reference if there is variation later.


4. Launch wholesale promotions for your eyelash products.

After the lashes catalog and prices are specified, you can launch some wholesale promotions for your eyelash products. You can launch some products that are already sold well in the market. You can take advantage of the wholesale lashes price to promote that, for example, such as online store promotion, you can develop some price concessions, If the order quantity is enough, you can give customers some coupons or special offers when spending enough to attract customers. Meanwhile, you can promote your main products with best selling points in your social software, for some large and medium-sized customer groups, you can directly promote hot eyelashes products and the entire lashes product catalog as a reference. And for small customers, you can recommend corresponding target lashes and give them quotations based on understanding their demand and order quantity.


5. According to the purchase response of regular customers and price changes in the market.

After a period of 3d mink eyelashes wholesale, you can select some product types and eyelash styles that most customers prefer based on some sales data to make an overall price offer integration. This type of activity can be launched from time to time at a later stage. You can also add tool products with higher rates related to eyelash products to the price consolidation to promote promotional activities. In short, you need to make occasional price adjustments. According to the purchase response of regular customers and price changes in the market.


That’s all about how to sell eyelash products wholesale and start a small eyelash business, we are the eyelash manufacturer specializing in eyelashes and eyelash products, we will continue to share more knowledge about the eyelashes products and how to run your own eyelash business later, we hope you enjoy and inquire, please feel free to contact us if you need any help.


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