How To Wholesale Eyelashes and Do Custom Packaging

wholesale eyelash package


We all know that false eyelashes can enhance our makeup look and make it almost 10 times better. Such exceptional results have encouraged people to buy more and more false eyelashes. We don’t feel a makeup look is complete without them!

We now see people continuously starting their eyelash brands. So, how can you wholesale eyelashes and do custom packaging?

Let’s get to know about this!

How Do I Wholesale Eyelashes for My Eyelash Brand?

With so many false eyelash manufacturers in China, wholesaling eyelashes is no big deal!

But, you have to stay alert about any scams and poor-quality work by irresponsible manufacturers.

Professional eyelash manufacturers have a hard-working team and a well-established website. They display the important aspects of their manufacturing process on the website. This step allows customers to know about their business.

First-time customers also benefit from this information. They can rest assured about the high-quality materials and up-to-date products.

So, if you want to buy eyelashes at wholesale rates, we recommend contacting a professional eyelash manufacturer in China.

They produce all kinds of eyelashes. Some of these are:

The benefit of consulting reputable eyelash manufacturers is the customization they offer. Apart from the several kinds of eyelashes they sell, you can also demand your preferred design.

Can I Get My Eyelashes Custom Packaged?

Yes, you can buy wholesale false eyelashes and get them custom packaged.

Custom packing is highly demanded by all customers. When people are starting their own eyelash brand, they want to give it an identity. They do so by getting all the products custom packaged.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Packaged Eyelashes?

Custom packaging of eyelashes has proved to be beneficial for the success of eyelash businesses. Here are a few benefits of custom packaging:

·       Brand identity

The customized packing of eyelashes gives an identity to your brand. You display your brand logo on the cover. When people buy eyelashes, they know which brand they are using.

If they like the products, the customers will remember your brand.  They will come back to buy more eyelashes. Also, they might recommend your products to their friends and family.

·       Increased Sales

A beautifully packed eyelash box can easily attract customers and make you go out of stock soon! Girls love the colors and ribbons used to decorate the eyelash box.

Custom packaging allows you to express your ideas for the decoration. You can tell the vendor about your ideas to attain a different design than all others in the market.

A truly outstanding custom packaged box of eyelashes will surely increase sales. Instead of considering the quality of the eyelashes, customers will want to grab the most attractive box.

·       Brand Promotion

When you pay heed to the customer satisfaction and appearance and quality of your products, your brand can reach the sky in no time!

Custom packaged eyelashes have your brand’s logo. Also, they often have a brief introduction to your vision and mission. When customers like your products, they will talk about your brand to others. This strategy will promote your brand and give it a separate identity.

Custom Packaging of Eyelashes

After buying your eyelashes from a professional manufacturer, the next step is to get them packed and customized.

Attractive packaging is essential to increase customer engagement. If you simply pack the eyelashes in a plastic sheet, nobody would regard them as branded eyelashes. Apart from that, they might not even consider that the eyelashes are of high quality.

So, the packaging of the eyelashes plays a vital role in increasing sales.

Types of Custom Packaging

You can use different box shapes for custom packaging your eyelashes. Some of the commonly used shapes are:

  • Window box
  • Two-piece box
  • Tuck end box
  • Sleeve box
  • Straight tuck end box
  • Square box
  • Rectangular box
  • Octagonal box

While these are the common styles of boxes, many people also prefer using different shapes. They want their products to be different from the ones already available in the market.


The type of materials you use will determine the sturdiness and quality of your boxes.

In general, the following materials are used in manufacturing eyelash boxes.

  • Kraft paper
  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard

Cardboard is the most durable and thickest of all three materials. Kraft paper is also tear-resistant and durable. But, it is not thick enough.

The material you choose for packaging will depend on your preference.

How to Decorate the Eyelash Box for Custom Packaging?

 You can find many ideas for decorating the eyelash box. Here are a few finishing options for decorating the box. You can either do this yourself or ask the custom packaging company to do it for you.

·       Glossy coating

As the name suggests, a glossy coat will give a shiny look to the eyelash box. The glossy coat is primarily done on the cover. It will enhance the look and make the eyelashes packaging sparkle.

·       Matte coating

Matte coating gives a smooth and even texture to your eyelash box. It also gives the box an elegant look.

·       Window panes

Adding window panes to the eyelash box is the most common technique. It is an excellent idea because the window panes allow the customers to see the actual product inside. This feature is especially for boxes that open from the side.

·       Embossing

If you want to ensure a decent look without being on the funky side, embossing is the best finishing technique. This technique gives a raised appearance to a specific part. You can emboss the brand logo!

·       Ribbons and bows

Adding ribbons and bows is the best idea to make your eyelashes stand out! However, make sure not to be too funky.

Final Thoughts

Every eyelash brand owner wants their brand logo on the eyelash box through custom packaging. After buying wholesale eyelashes, you can buy eyelash boxes. Then, you can do custom packaging and enhance your brand identity!


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