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As we know that the lash glue pen is an essential eyelash tool when wearing eyelashes. Today we are going to share some experiences about how to wholesale lash glue pens.

First of all, the eyeliner pencil is what we paint on the top of our eyelashes before we wear them. There are two types of lash glue liners, the colored and the clear. We have to consider which color we need, most of our clients choose colored lash glue pens because using a colored eyeliner pencil can leave out the step of painting eyeliner. Of course, some customers prefer transparent colors, because some customers do not like to paint colored eyeliner. So we can wholesale eyelash glue pens according to our specific sales situation.


After we decide what color eyeliner we need, we can start to look for a supplier of 2 in 1 eyeliner lash glue wholesale. We can look for suppliers from some of the more familiar cross-border platforms ( Amazon, eBay), we can also use the Google search engine to search for suppliers, Google’s search page can focus on the top ranking of some merchants, click on the After that you can look at their store product categories and product models and so on. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of these merchants’ eyelash glue pen bulk, and choose the merchant with the best eyelash glue pen vendor cost performance.


After choosing the lash glue pen supplier then you can choose the appearance you need for your eyelash glue pen wholesale. And here is a wide range of eyeliner glue pen wholesale available, from diamond-encrusted to faux pearl-encrusted, to more minimalist styles, so we can ask the eyeliner lash glue pen wholesale supplier for a complete catalog of eyelash tools, and just see if there are any other eyelash tools we need to purchase together with the eyeliner lash adhesive wholesale. And we need to know whether the price will be better if we wholesale eyelash glue pens, which styles can be customized with our logo, which styles are transparent or with color, and how sticky the eyeliner lash glue wholesale is. Our first wholesale can also choose a few different appearances of the lash pens style, most customers may like with imitation pearls or diamonds and so the appearance of a more sparkling style, we can ask the lash glue liner wholesale supplier what are the hot styles, can be hot styles to purchase some more.


After the style is chosen we can ask the lash glue pen vendor for some information about the use of the eyelash glue pen or MSDS for the glue pen. The instructions or precautions lash glue liner can be put on our sales website to customers for reference, MSDS is for that some customers want to know the specific raw materials of the lash glue eyeliner pen wholesale. Also, we need to know from the eyelash glue pen vendor that the use cycle of the eyeliner pencil and waterproof performance, and we can also ask the lash glue pen wholesale for some pictures of different colors and shades of eyeliner pencil, this information also can be placed on our website for promotion.


If we wholesale adhesive pens in large quantities, we can consider a custom lash glue pen box. So firstly we need to design our logos, such as what kind of logo we want to do the picture style and color, if there is text, the text font and font color also need to be designed. And which part of the content is printed in which position of the box we need to determine well. And we’d better make a high-definition image of the design, to ensure a high-quality printing effect. Eyeliner gel pen box is also roughly divided into two kinds, one is the ordinary low-priced paper card box, the other is more delicate cardboard magnet box, if we have enough budget, we can choose the delicate fine laminated box, because the fine laminated box is more delicate, strong and loved by the majority of customers, can be designed to do printing design area is relatively large, the box style is also more, I believe there is always one is your favorite.


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