How To Wholesale Bulk Eyelashes In 4 Steps

How To Wholesale Bulk Eyelashes


Looking forward to becoming a wholesale merchant in the eyelash industry? Gather all you need to know about the business. Find a good manufacturer, and start selling.

Lash Factory China is your real eyelash factory. We offer customized eyelashes for all your wholesale needs. No middleman involved!

Get samples sent out to you within 24 hours when you order your false eyelashes with Lash Factory China.

For more interesting information on how to wholesale bulk eyelashes, keep reading!

Wholesale Bulk Eyelashes 2021

More individuals are coming up with their eyelash brands in 2021. There is enough space for everyone wishing to join the eyelash wholesale business. Choose a reliable manufacturer to deliver your product. Lash Factory China is the number one lash manufacturer. Distributing eyelashes in bulk to wholesalers, retailers, and individuals worldwide.

Wondering how to wholesale bulk eyelashes? Keep reading to find out!

Does Lash Factory China Manufacture Bulk Eyelashes For Wholesale?

Yes, Lash Factory China offers wholesale clients a variety of eyelashes to buy in bulk. Our competitive advantage is providing our customers with a customizing option.

All you need to do is log in to our website and send us a sample of what you want. Our team will quote the prices for you.

Only make your payment after 100% satisfaction with your choices. Production time depends on the quantity ordered.

The shipping period will depend on the method you choose: FedEx, DHL, UPS, or By Ship.

Why You Should Trust Lash Factory China With Wholesale Bulk Eyelashes

  • Over 20 years of experience in the false eyelash industry. Since 1998
  • We sell our false eyelashes at factory price, no middleman
  • Enjoy 24 hours’ communication with our team.
  • Get free customization of your lashes and packaging.
  • We have a team of highly qualified lash designers
  • Delivery of samples is within 24 hours.
  • 100% delivery guarantee. We ship worldwide using;
    • FedEx • DHL • UPS • By Ship
  • Enjoy secure payment via;
    • PayPal • Western Union • CTI Bank • JP Morgan Bank

Basics For Wholesale Bulk Eyelashes

You need to ask yourself a few things before making your first bulk order of false eyelashes. They include;

What Is My Wholesale Eyelash Business Success Rate?

When purchasing your false eyelashes, it means you are into business. But have you calculated your success rate?

The false eyelash business is very competitive. Successful retailers know better than selling what is already in the market.

Go for custom-made eyelashes if you want your eyelash brand to stand out. Look for the most selling eyelash design. Think of an interesting effect you can add to it for uniqueness.

Reach out to us for reliable and credible results. We will help to make your eyelash brand shine above your competitors.

Before making your wholesale order from us, go through our list of eyelash products. If you do not find what you want, share your idea with us.

Our very able team of lash designers will help with designing your eyelashes for free. Better yet, our team will be in communication 24/7.

What Type Of Wholesaler Do I want To Become?

You only have two options; being a broker or being a merchant wholesaler. Merchants take the whole bread while brokers take only an eighth.

We advocate for merchant wholesalers. Customers who are willing to risk it all in the eyelash business.

As an eyelash wholesale merchant, you have the freedom to own the brand and take 100% procession of the merchandise.

Sell your unique false eyelashes custom-made directly to your clients. Approach retailer stores such as Sephora or Elle, among many others.

What Type Of Eyelashes Will I Be Selling?

Identify the type of eyelashes you want to sell to your clients. Then, identify a suitable manufacturer. This is an essential step for beginner eyelash wholesale merchants.

Lash Factory China manufactures, packages, and distributes false eyelashes to wholesalers. Additionally, you can get custom-made eyelashes upon request.

List Of Wholesale Eyelashes Manufactured By Lash Factory China

  • Factory Wholesale Super PBT Eyelash Extensions
  • Super PBT Eyelash Extensions Ordinary Black/Deep Black/Colored/
  • Fast Fan Eyelash Extension
  • Flat Eyelash Extension
  • Camellia Eyelash Extension

List Of False Eyelashes Manufactured In Single Pieces But Available In Bulk

How Do I Brand Myself?

Setting yourself as a brand should not be a reason to panic. All you need is a fancy brand name and get it registered.

Create a website and update all the relevant information. Define your eyelash wholesale business in detail.

Register your business with the government by using the most trusted services. Do thorough research to avoid fraudsters.

Get all the licensing required. Apply for an import license since you plan to import your eyelashes from China.

After completing all the paperwork, order branded eyelashes and packaging.

How To Buy Branded Wholesale Eyelash Package

Choose the box number you would wish from the package catalog.

Identify the shape and color of the packaging box you want

Mention the packaging quantity you want. Get a price offer from

Send your logo in vector format (EPS/AI/CDR).

Make your payment using PayPal, Western Union, CTI bank, or JP Morgan bank.

Lash Factory China will prepare a box template for you after the payment. Make changes where need be.

Production starts after confirmation of the templates.

You will get your samples within 24 hours.

Establishing A Competitive Wholesale Marketing Strategy For Eyelashes

You will have to develop a workable plan on how to persuade customers to buy your eyelashes.

Set aside a budget for a good marketing strategy. You will have to go heavy into marketing for you to get customers.

Luckily, we live in a century where social media has become a potent tool. You can start with the following;

Pay For Ads On Social Media; Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

Millions of people spend most of their time on social media. This is an excellent place to start wholesale eyelashes. You will increase your brand’s visibility with every click.

Hire Social Media Influencers

Identify social media influencers with a good number of followers/subscribers. Send them a sample of your eyelashes.

Let them create content while wearing your eyelashes. Request for a mention of your wholesale business.

People love to associate with famous people. You will get selling in bulk if all goes well.


Start by selling your bulk eyelashes to your close business associates. Then go to every beauty shop and market yourself by word of mouth.


Let your customers build trust with your product. Trust results in a referral and more wholesale clients.

Other Marketing Methods

Email marketing



Starting a wholesale eyelash business should not scare you. Use the resourceful information provided in this article. It’s your guide on how to wholesale bulk eyelashes.

Do enough market research before setting out as an eyelash wholesale merchant. Make use of all available information. Stand out amongst your competitors in the eyelash industry.

Lash Factory China is your trusted partner. We will manufacture your eyelashes to precision. We will deliver 100% quality bulk eyelashes to cover your wholesale needs.


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