5 Steps to Start a Lash Business

How to Start a Lash Business


So you have decided to forage into the fashion world? Nice choice going in for lashes. Many women today love these fake lashes and you are likely to make big barks in this trade. But, you need to understand that even fashion is a business. From the start, it is important to treat it like one. This article will take you through the planning stages of how to start a lash business. 

Identify and Know Your Target 

Every business needs to know its target. When it comes to lash business, you should know 

  • Which brands and styles do they prefer?
  • What’s their lifestyle and where do they live?
  • Why do they like the lashes?

This stage will involve observing as well as interacting with the target. You might also want to find out from people already in this business.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Marketing is very important to any business. Once you know who you are targeting, you need to plan the best way to get their attention. If most of your targets are ladies between 18 and 20, then Instagram and Pinterest are good for marketing. If they are fashion models, they may read an article in a fashion magazine about your lashes. You need to spend a lot of time researching and trying out options. In the end, choose the best 5 for a start before you expand.

Invest in Creative Designs

The fashion industry is about impressing with creativity. If you are not creative yourself, then consider hiring someone or a few people who are. Or, you can borrow ideas from your targets. Some businesses organize contests to get ideas. The winners receive prizes and the business gets creative ideas. Something like this will bring in many creative ideas that you can then use in your products. You would be able to know what creative designs appeal to your audience. 

Lock in a lash Supplier

Identifying a good lash supplier is as important as having great designs. The supplier should be reliable. Your orders should not take years to get to you. You want to be sure that you can always offer the same quality to your customers on time. If your supplier is not reliable, you can lose clients much faster than you can get them.

Setup Shop 

Setting up shop is not as easy as it may sound. You need to consider the best location as well as an avenue. Today, we have the option of setting up businesses online. Online stores may save you from paying rent for a brick-and-mortar shop, but you may still need a warehouse. You could consider opening up a complimentary service like a salon, after all, hair and lashes do go together.

Final stage

When you have all these ready, you should have a plan for keeping books of accounts. Keep track of your money coming in and going out and you will be sure to have a successful lash business


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