How to Sleep with Eyelash Extensions?



With eyelash extensions as a part of the new trend, people are getting them on a regular basis. You can take care of them all you want when you are conscious.

But what about when you are asleep? Are there postures that can prevent the early shedding of lash extensions? What is the best way to sleep with eyelash extensions?

How to Sleep with Eyelash Extensions?

When laying down on your back, you take the best care of your eyelashes. Laying on the back does not involve any friction of your lashes with your pillow. This helps prevent the unnecessary touch of your lashes with any other material.

But, if you sleep on your stomach, then your eyelash extensions might be at the risk of early shedding. This will not only cause shedding but also disrupt the shape of those lashes that remain on your eyes. It will give you a crooked and weird look taking away sophistication.

If you are a side sleeper, it might work too. But still, side sleepers often have contact with the pillows during turning. This might again prove to be the same as laying on your stomach.

Does it sound like too much work? Well, someone said, ‘Beauty is Pain’. As true as it is, but there are also solutions. And the solutions are not that complicated. Let us give some tips on what materials you can use and should avoid!


Pillow Cover Choices

There is something you can do to help. Choose the better pillow cover for your pillows.

  • For example, if your pillows are of cotton, then mind it will cause more friction. Cotton material tends to be rougher compared to silk.

Sometimes, your lashes might even get stuck inside the cotton pillowcases. That will not cause friction but also will pull on your lashes. Eyelash extensions tend to be pointy and are prone to piercing through threads. Thus, cotton clothes might not be ideal.

  • Silk pillowcases are a better choice as they have a soft and satin touch to your skin and lashes. It will cause very little friction and will almost be like a glider on collision with your lashes.

Besides eyelash extensions, silk pillowcases also help your hair. The tossing and turning often pull on the strands from the roots. Silk pillowcases might help prevent or lessen that.

What about Eye Masks?

Well, eyemasks might be a great help but they might do more damage than help if the right one is not chosen.

There are some eye masks that have enough eye spaces and adequate places for eye movement. This will ensure that the eye mask is not snugged with the eyes and causing friction.

So there it is. If you are willing to sleep on your back, the problem is already fixed. But if you want to make it works and also not worry about sleeping posture, then follow the advice above.

Eyelash extensions need care. Let’s give them the right treatment to have their full experience.


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