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How To Message A Lash Vendor?



Eyelashes are integral parts of facial makeup and beauty. In addition to being catchy, good eyelashes must also be safe to use. That’s why you need to be extra careful while selecting your vendor in an eyelash business.

In this article, you will have all the necessary information regarding how to message a lash vendor. This will save your precious time and effort to select a perfect lash vendor.

Let’s start.

What Is a Lash Vendor?

A lash vendor is the supplier of eyelashes. It can be a direct manufacturer, wholesaler, or even a middleman who is responsible to provide eyelashes that a business can sell.

How to Message a Lash Vendor?

Sending a message to a lash vendor might look simple. But you have to do it smartly to save your time and get the maximum out of your message.

Here is an appropriate format of a simple yet decent message to a lash vendor. You can use this format while writing your message to a lash vendor.

Hi [Lash Vendor Name],

My name is [Your Name]. I run a lash business named [Your Business Name]. I am interested in selling your lashes.

However, I have a few questions in my mind before we can proceed.

[List of your questions regarding lashes]

I would highly appreciate it if you could reply to me with the answers to my questions as soon as possible.



[Your Name]

[Your Designation]

[Your Company Name]

What to Include in Your Message to a Lash Vendor?

Your message to a lash vendor must be to the point and precise. As discussed in the format of a message to your lash vendor, you can take help from the following points to build your questions.

Business Location and History

You should ask about the vendor’s business history, their location, and their major clients, etc. This will give you an idea if a vendor is professional in this niche.

Technology and Material

This is a very crucial aspect. You must inquire if the lashes are made of a safe material that you can sell in your business.

MOQ Requirements

You must inquire if they have any MOQ requirements. Also, try to ask if the MOQ requirements are negotiable.

Direct Manufacturer VS Middleman

You must inquire if a lash vendor is a direct manufacturer (Lash factory) or a middleman. A lash factory may be in a better position to offer you the eyelashes at minimum prices.

Packaging and Customization

Inquire about the packaging of eyelashes to see if they can get damaged in shipping. You should also ask if they can customize your packaging or eyelashes according to your choice.

Delivery Times

Ask when the vendor can ship your order and how many days it will take to reach your desired location. You should also ask about the tracking options.


Ask if the vendor can share some samples with you before you can place the order.

Live Photos and Videos

Sometimes, you cannot only rely on the samples alone. You must also ask the vendor to show the pictures and videos of eyelashes on a live cam.

Method of Payment

The mode of payment is also an important question to ask. You can simply ask which methods of payment are acceptable to the vendor. You can ask if the vendor accepts PayPal.

Bulk Discounts

Ask if the vendor offers any bulk discounts.

Returns and Refund Policies

Returns and refunds are usual norms of online business. So, you should ask your vendor about the refund and return policies they offer.

Social Media Presence and Reviews

You must ask whether a vendor is present on social media platforms. If yes, you must check their social media account and check their reviews. You can also ask if they have a WhatsApp number for a quick chat.

Final Words

It is critical to find the best lash vendor to ensure a smooth and long-term eyelash business. That’s why you must not hesitate to ask every question that comes to your mind.

We hope that this article would have helped you regarding how to message a lash vendor. You can browse through our finest lashes to set your benchmark for lash quality.

If you have more questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact us right away.


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