How To Find Wholesale Premade Fan Lash Vendors



Premade fan lashes are a technician’s go-to. The lashes enhance perfection and client satisfaction.

There is a high demand for premade fan lashes. But, how do you find the best, premade fan lashes vendors?

How to find wholesale premade fan lash vendors? Online spaces such as Google, social media sites are the best places to find premade fan lash extensions. You may attend trade fairs, or look through magazines for the best, premade fan lashes vendors.

Premade lash fans contain 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D 14D 20D premade fan lashes stands of hair attached to a single base. Look for a vendor that offers all types of premade lash fans. It will enable you to meet the diverse needs of your clients.

Who Are Premade Fan Lash Vendors?

Premade lash fan vendors produce lash fans for retail purposes. They either manufacture the premade lash fans or buy them from manufacturers.

Type 1: Premade Fan Lash Manufacturer

Premade lash fans manufacturers are the most reliable vendors. They manufacture the pre-made lash fans in their factory.

Premade lash fan manufacturers supply the lashes to eyelash artists or retailers.

The best thing about working with manufacturers is that there is no middleman. You will get your premade lash fans at factory price and custom-made if you wish to.

Meidear Lash Factory China is the best, premade fan lash vendor in the industry. We manufacture all types of premade lash fans 2D-20D and sell them at factory price to our clients.

Type 2: B2B Premade Fan Lash Retailers

B2B retailers are premade fan lash vendors who buy eyelashes from the manufacturers. They buy the lashes at wholesale prices. The purpose is to resell the premade fan lashes to distributers.

B2B retailers make their profits by selling the lashes at a higher price than they bought.

B2B vendors are more expensive if you are planning to buy the premade fan lashes from them. But, you may buy your premade fan lashes from these retailers if you have no option.

Type 3: B2C Premade Fan Lash Distributors

Premade fan lash distributors are vendors who buy lashes from manufacturers or retailers.

Distributors resell the lashes at a high profit. This is because they sell them to the consumer and not businesses.

The common places to find B2C premade fan lash distributors are in local beauty stores or salons.

How To Find Premade Fan Lash Vendors 2021

The best premade eyelash extension fans wholesale vendors are manufacturers. They produce premade fan lashes in their factories. For quality and durable premade fan lashes, look for a China-based manufacturer.

There are many factors to consider before settling on your choice.

List Of Factors To Look At In Finding The Best, Premade Fan Lash Vendors;

The Location Of The Premade Fan Eyelash Vendor

China has the world’s best, premade fan lash manufacturers. Most of them have served the industry for decades.

Most premade fan lashes retailers source their lashes from China. What they do is, request custom made lashes and packaging to own their particular lash brand.

Big retail stores source their premade lash fans from China. Examples include; Sephora, Elle, & Essence. Meidear Lash Factory is the mentioned stores’ number 1 lash supplier from China.

Shipping fees and import taxes might cost you a little more if you live outside China. But, it all depends on the shipping options provided by the manufacturer.

You may also choose to source your premade lash fans based on your location. If you are from the USA, the UK or other parts of the world, you will find professional lash vendors in your area.

Type Of Premade Fan Lash Offered

Different premade fan lashes vendors offer different types of lashes: Short-stem and long-stem premade fans. The lashes range from 2D-20D lash threads per fan.

The quality of premade fans depends on the method of bonding used and the quality of threads.

There are two main types of premade fan lashes based on the bonding method used;

  • Heat-bonded premade fan lashes
  • Glue-bonded premade fan lashes

Professional premade lash fans manufacture both types of lashes. They state it on the packaging.

Both types of premade lash fans have their merits and demerit. It depends on the client’s preference.

Glue-bonded premade fan lashes are heavy-duty and hold the single thread firmly. Threads of the heat-bonded lash fans are more likely to fall apart.

Most clients and vendors believe that heat-bonded lashes are light.

The heat-bonded lashes do not need a double application of adhesive. This may outweigh and damage the natural lashes.

Look for a vendor that offers the type of premade lash fans you want. Synthetic PBT fiber is the best material for the 2D-20D premade fan threads. Look for a vendor who uses the material.

Meidear lash factory China uses synthetic PBT fiber to manufacture our false lashes. We offer customizable 2D-20D long-stem and short-stem premade fans.

Premade Fan Lash Curl Style Offered By The Vendor

The Curl style of premade fan lashes depends on the desired look you or your clients want. Professional premade lash fans manufacturers offer different curls.

Examples of Premade Curl Styles Available In The Market

  • B-Curl

The B-curl offers a lifted effect on the eyelashes. It is best for conservative clients since it has a more natural finished appearance.

  • C-Curl

The C-Curl is very popular in the premade fan lash market. It accentuates the client’s lash lines giving a brighter appearance. It is best for clients who love toned-down natural looks.

  • D-Curl

The D-Curl offers more lift on the client’s natural lashes. It is best suited for clients who love a more dramatic look.

  • J-Curl

Our natural lashes have a J-curl. The J-Curl is best for clients with straight lashes or those that point downwards.

Look for a vendor that offers different types of curls. Always be on the lookout for upcoming trends and find a vendor that offers the trending looks.

Meidear Lash Factory China offers different types of curls such as C, D, DD. We are ready to customize your premade fan lashes to your desired curls upon request.

The Communication Skills Of The Premade Fan Lash Vendors

Professional premade fan lashes vendors value their clients more than themselves. They understand that the business phrase ‘the customer is always right.’

Professional lash vendors listen to clients’ needs. They work with what the client wants. If a client requests natural-looking fans, the vendor should recommend the right fans.

  • The vendor should communicate to the client if the demand is beyond what the vendor offers.
  • The vendor should have a team ready 24/7 to answer clients’ questions and needs.
  • The vendor should provide more than one communication channel. Examples include; WhatsApp, Email, Skype.
  • The vendor should make a courtesy call to the client after purchase. This helps to rate and enhance customer satisfaction.

Look for a vendor that applies the above rules, plus more. If the vendor communicates effectively, you are more likely to buy from them again.

Meidear Lash Factory China offers different communication channels to our clients. Contact us via WhatsApp or Email, and our team will respond 24/7.

MOQ Limits The Premade Fan Lash Vendor Permits

Professional premade fan lashes vendors offer low minimum order quantity limits. They understand that clients have different budgets.

Look for a premade fan lash vendor that offers a MOQ that best meets your budget. Good vendors work with the clients’ budget and could adjust their MOQs.

Meidear Lash Factory China offers the lowest MOQ in the industry. We will work with your target MOQ at our very affordable factory prices.

The Pricing Of The Premade Fan Lashes Offered By The Vendor

Look for a premade lash vendor that offers high-quality but affordable lashes. Manufacturers are the best vendors for premade fan lashes. They sell the premade fan lashes at factory prices.

Meidear Lash Factory China is your go-to lash vendor. We sell our premade fan lashes from as low as $ 1.00 per tray.

The Willingness Of The Premade Fan Lash Vendor To Send Samples Before Making An Order

Professional premade fan lashes vendors send samples to clients before buying. Avoid vendors that are hesitant to offer test samples.

Meidear Lash Factory will send you preferred premade fans samples for testing. We deliver what we promise.

Duration The Premade Fan Lash Vendor Has Been In The Industry

The longer the premade fan lash vendor has been in the industry, the greater the experience. Long-serving lash vendors have a good understanding of the market trends.

The vendors know the best quality and style that clients need. They have a great understanding of different techniques of premade fans preparation.

Look for a vendor that has been in the market for a decent period. They are experienced enough to understand the need for quality over quantity.

We at Meidear Lash Factory Chine have served in the eyelash industry for more than 2 decades. We know what you need, and we will deliver more than you expect.

The Type Of Packaging The Premade Fan Lash Vendors Provide

Premade fan lashes are packaging sensitive. This means that their durability is dependent on how they are packaged in the tray.

Professional lash vendors use tape to hold the lashes in the tray. The tapes prevent the fans from falling apart.

Choose a vendor that understands the dynamics and vulnerability of premade fan lashes. The tape is essential.

Meidear Lash Factory China packages the premade fan lashes in a tray. We will deliver intact 2D-20D premade fan lashes to your doorstep.

The Payment Options Offered By The Premade Lash Fan Vendors

Professional premade fan lash vendors offer different payment options for their clients.

Limiting clients to one payment option may cut out clients. A good example is clients from regions where the given payment option does not work.

Look for vendors that offer flexible, safe, and secure payment options.

Meidear Lash Factory China offers the following convenient and secure payment options;

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Citibank
  • J.P. Morgan Bank

The Shipping Options Provided By Premade Lash Fan Vendors

Shipping is vital in any online trade. It determines how long the goods will take before delivery to the clients.

Shipping methods determine the fee that the client will have to pay the vendor.

The mode of shipping used also determines the amount of import tax charged on the client.

Look for a vendor that covers the entire shipping cost on the budget. It will help to avoid unnecessary charges.

Look for a vendor that uses different shipping modes and options to deliver the premade fans to you.

Meidear Lash Factory China offers reliable shipping options to our clients. The options include;

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • By Ship

Where To Find The Best Premade Fan Lash Vendors

Use the internet to find the best, premade fan lash vendors across the globe. There are various online platforms where you will find these vendors;

Search Premade Fan Lash Vendors On Google

Google is the answer to everything in the modern-day internet era. Knowing the right keywords to use will guide you to the exact solution you want.

When looking for a premade fan lash vendor on google, key in the following keywords;

  • Premade fan lashes
  • Premade fan lash vendors
  • Premade fan lash vendors near me
  • Premade fan lash vendors China
  • Best premade fan lash

Search Premade Volume Fans Wholesale On Facebook

About 1.9 billion people use Facebook in a day. Business owners understand the power of numbers.

They make use of Facebook to market their products and services.

Premade fan lash vendors own Facebook pages. They market their lashes to the massive client base on Facebook.

The vendors post high-quality photos of the premade fans. They also use Facebooks ads or Facebook influencers.

These strategies raise traffic to their websites and increase their online visibility.

As a client, you only need to log in to Facebook. Type in the words ‘premade fan lashes.’ You will get different premade fan lash pages in the search results.

Go through each of the vendors and identify one that matches your needs.

Search Premade Fan Lashes Factory On Instagram

Instagram is a new but fast-growing social media platform. Before, it was for the younger generation. But, businesses have learnt how important it is.

Premade fan lash vendors open Instagram account. They share quality photos of their lashes.

Businesses that do not have Instagram accounts use Instagram influencers. The influencers help to draw traffic to vendors’ websites.

Log in to your Instagram account and search for ‘premade fan lashes’. The results will be full of pages and mentions of various premade fan lash vendors.

Make use of the results to identity the lash vendor that satisfies your premade fan lash needs.

Search Premade Fan Lashes Suppliers On Twitter

Twitter functions like Facebook. Find your desirable premade lash fan vendors in the same way you would with Facebook.

The best part about Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, is that you can read feedback from others. It will be easier to drop premade fan lash vendors with negative feedback.

Search Wholesale Premade Fan Lashes On YouTube

Most YouTube content is in video format. You are more likely to encounter a talk reviewing different premade fan lash vendors.

The trendier premade fan lash vendors post videos of their products on YouTube. The platform has seen tremendous growth since it is a source of livelihood for many.

Meidear Lash Factory China owns a YouTube channel. We use it to post our eyelash preparation process. We update you on the products we have and how you can reach us.

Search Wholesale Premade Volume Lashes On Pinterest

Business owners know the power of Pinterest. It is a good tool for drawing traffic to their websites.

Pinterest is more of images and links to a website and blog posts.

You may not buy premade fan lashes from Pinterest. But, you will be redirected to the vendor’s website for your purchase.

You do not need to have a Pinterest App to look for premade fan lash vendors. Type in words “Premade fan lash vendors. Pinterest”, and you will have redirected to Pinterest results.

Search Premade Fan Lashes Bulk On Magazines

Beauty magazines analyze different beauty products and where to find reliable vendors. You may find a beauty magazine highlighting the best premade fan lash vendors.

Search Premade Lash Fans Wholesale On Trade Fairs

Trade fairs could be online or physical locations. Vendors meet to showcase their products. Premade fan lash vendors from across the globe flood the trade fare to interact with clients.

Attending trade fairs in a physical location has a significant impact on the vendor decision you make.

Benefits Of Attending Premade Fan Lash Trade Fairs In A Physical Location;

  • You meet your potential vendor one–on–one and ask questions about the products.
  • You will get a chance to test the quality of the pre-made lash fans before buying.
  • There are high chances of forging a good business relationship with the lash vendors.
  • You can sample premade fan lashes from different vendors before settling on one.
  • You will save money that you were to lose by choosing an incompetent premade fan lash vendor.

Final Thoughts

Ensure that the premade fan lashes vendors you go for supply high-quality lashes. It will help with client retention and business growth.

Before choosing a vendor, request a sample of the premade fan lashes to test the fan lash quality.

Meidear Lash Factory China is the best, premade fan lash manufacturer. We are more than vendors. We offer you continued after-sale support to ensure your business grows and we grow.

If anything you need, contact us by WhatsApp: 008613176398069. contact us by email:

If you want to see more premade fan lashes, please click here:


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