6 Ways To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors.

How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors


If you want to start an eyelash business, finding the best wholesale lash vendors is essential. After all, the quality of the eyelashes will determine the growth of your lash business. So, do you want to know how to find wholesale eyelash suppliers? We have a complete guide ready for you!

How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Ways To Find wholesale eyelash vendor?

Here are some steps to finding a wholesale eyelash vendor.

1. Search wholesale eyelash vendors on Google.

Google is the best source for finding anything, and you get results instantly.

So, for finding a reliable wholesale eyelash vendor, a Google search is the best option.

For this, you can directly go on the Google search bar and type ‘’wholesale eyelash vendor’’.

You’ll get the top-ranking wholesale eyelash suppliers, and by going to their website, you can contact them.

2. Search wholesale eyelash vendors on Social Media Search.

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing. So, many wholesale eyelash vendors use social media platforms. It makes their services and products reach potential customers.

If you want to find reliable wholesale vendors for lashes, several social media platforms can come in handy.

Facebook and Instagram are the most famous of them all. Besides, LinkedIn is an excellent source for finding these lash vendors, as businesses inhabit this platform.

Apart from these, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest can also help you find some, although they aren’t the best sources.

3. Search wholesale eyelash vendors on B2B Website.

B2B website search is a proven way of finding the best eyelash bulk vendors.

How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors
How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

4. Search wholesale eyelash vendors on Yellow Pages.

Although searching through yellow pages might seem an outdated idea, it’s not. Many businesses list themselves here so that potential customers can find them.

Unlike the traditional websites, it doesn’t list the businesses alphabetically. They have different categories, and each company is listed in the category in which it falls.

So, when searching for custom eyelash vendors, you can go to the beauty and cosmetics category. From there, search for the best wholesale lash vendors, and you’ll land on the best wholesale eyelash vendors.

With the advancement in technology, we can now see a Yellow Pages website too. You can also visit it to find the eyelash manufacturers.

5. Participation In wholesale eyelash vendors Exhibitions.

Beauty Exhibitions and eyelash trade shows are the best way of increasing national and international lash sales. That’s why best lash suppliers take advantage of lashes trade shows. While beauty exhibitions happen in almost every country, most eyelash exhibitions are in China.

1.  How to find an eyelash exhibition?

You can stay updated with the latest eyelash exhibitions happening in your area. Sometimes, a newspaper might come in handy for this.

Here are some other tips for finding lash exhibitions.

  • Joining social media pages and groups that inform you about the upcoming exhibitions
  • Running a Google search

2.  How to attend an eyelash exhibition?

Some eyelash exhibitions and trade shows will have an entry fee, while others would allow free entry.

However, as the fee is generally less, it’s worth attending these lash exhibitions.

You can also get the eyelash exhibition catalog before attending it by contacting the trade show.

In most cases, you’ll get it free. So, you will have enough time to check out the details of the eyelash exhibition and decide.

6. Sourcing eyelash Agents To Assist With Purchases.

Finding a sourcing agent to assist you with purchases eyelash is the best option if you’re looking for the best eyelash vendor for the first time. They may be an individual or agency specialized in locating sources for buying eyelash products.

They also have several eyelash business skills and can negotiate with cheap lash vendors. In this way, you can get wholesale on lashes products at low prices. Their extensive business knowledge also helps them solve problems before they arise.

Although you’ll have to pay them, hiring an eyelash sourcing agent can be the best decision to make!

How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Types Of Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

When it comes to buying wholesale lashes, we can find several types of wispy lash vendors.

Let’s discuss each of them.

1.     Local Eyelash Retailers

You can find local eyelash retailers almost everywhere. They get bulk wholesale lashes and sell them locally to customers.

They also promote their eyelash products through social media. So, the local eyelash retailers are perfect for eyelash beginners and those who want to buy eyelashes in a small quantity.

One advantage of local eyelash retailers is that their prices are much lower than the expensive brands. So, many individual eyelash buyers and beginners buy from them.

2.    Eyelash Brand Retailers

A lash brand retailer will have their own eyelash brand, with their logo and information too.

Although the lash prices are high, these brands don’t compromise on the quality and make sure their consumers get the best products possible.

These brands also have their own lash websites and sell their products in their proper shops in a mall as well. The lash name and logo of the brand give them a separate identity. So, they are ideal for people who follow lash brands and want to get different styles in one place.

3.    Eyelash Brand Wholesalers

Eyelash brand wholesalers have huge companies and separate brand constituting their identity.

Wholesale eyelash retailers buy lashes from these brands and sell them to consumers. These retailers cannot sell them with another brand name. It is because selling these eyelashes with the actual brand name of the brand wholesalers is more profitable.

Thus, these eyelash wholesalers are perfect for retailers who want to sell eyelashes of big brands directly to the customers.

4.    Eyelash Factory

Eyelash factories provide cost-effective solutions. Sourcing products directly from them prevents you from paying extra money to middlemen. Primarily, eyelash factories are in China, Vietnam, Korea, and Indonesia.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1.  China

When it comes to eyelash factories, China has 70% of the market share globally. Eyelash manufacturers here can manufacture almost every kind of eyelashes, the most common being:

  • Eyelash extensions wholesale
  • 3D mink lashes wholesale
  • 3D faux mink lashes wholesale
  • Pre-made fan lashes wholesale

2.  Indonesia

15% of the global market share of false lashes belongs to Indonesia.

Also, you will only find eyelash manufacturers that use human hair to make eyelashes here. The other kinds of eyelashes, which use animal fur, aren’t common in Indonesia.

3.  South Korea

Among the global market share of false eyelashes, South Korea holds 5% of it.

They specialize in manufacturing and wholesale eyelash extensions.

4.  Vietnam

Lastly, Vietnam covers 2% of the market share for bulk wholesale eyelashes globally.

Like other countries, it also produces pre-made fan lashes and eyelash extensions.

Among all these countries, China is the biggest producer of wholesale eyelashes and offers a wide range of these products. The eyelash manufacturers have lower prices and high-quality products. So, purchasing only 10 boxes from a Chinese eyelash vendor is cost-effective, even with international shipping.

So, a lash factory is the best place to buy wholesale eyelash extensions among all types of lash vendors. It is because they offer comprehensive services, and you can surely get everything in one place. It also saves a lot of your time in finding different eyelash manufacturers for various tasks.

Some of the services you get from an eyelash factory are:

  • Wholesale eyelashes
  • Eyelash logo printing
  • Eyelash package customization
  • Eyelash accessories and tools wholesale
How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Through Internet Search Engine

Running an internet search is the most efficient and quick way of finding vendors for eyelashes.

Here are some options you can use.

1.     Text Search Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Text search is the most common way of finding anything on the internet. You go to the search bar, type the keyword, press enter, and get the most relevant results in seconds!

In the same way, you can search for the best eyelash business vendor too. However, make sure that you also enter the category or the kind of eyelashes. Then, add the keyword ‘’eyelash vendor’’ and press enter.

Examples: eyelash vendor, mink eyelash vendor, faux mink eyelash vendor, eyelash extensions vendor.

Typing the exact kind of eyelashes you want will help Google give the best results to make your search easier.

2.    Image Search Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Image search is also a popular method for finding the best lash vendors. It gives you a visual representation of different styles.

After searching the keyword on the internet, you can select the ‘’images’’ option. Here, you will get several images of eyelashes, lash factories, and even lash brands that sell them.

You can also find images of the eyelash company’s office, personnel, and even the eyelash production and manufacturing process. By clicking on any picture, you will land on the lash manufacturer’s website.

In this way, you can directly contact the eyelash manufacturer and visit their website.

3.    Google Maps Search Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

While it may not seem efficient, Google Maps can actually help you find the best lash vendor.

However, you are more likely to get information about the nearest eyelash suppliers. It is because Google Maps generally uses your location for the results.

As you’ll also get access to the lash websites, you can visit them and get more information about the eyelash manufacturers.

The Google Maps search is ideal for people who want to buy wholesale eyelashes from the nearest lash vendors by visiting their factories.

How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors
How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Searching Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Through Social Media

As mentioned below, social media is a powerful and convenient source for finding wholesale strip lashes suppliers. Here are some social media platforms for finding wholesale eyelashes vendors.

1.  Facebook

Facebook has become the best place for finding eyelash vendors.

For this, you can search for pages or join groups that discuss eyelash vendors. Just go to the search bar and type ‘’wholesale eyelash vendors’’ or other related keywords. After joining the groups, you’ll get instant updates.

2.  Instagram

Instagram is also a valuable source for finding vendors for lashes. It has many bloggers and influencers who try products from eyelash brands and leave their reviews. These reviews are beneficial in determining the quality.

You can also search the keyword on Instagram, like ‘’eyelash vendor’’ or related ones. You’ll keep seeing Instagram pages popping up as you type, and you can visit them as well.

Also, hashtags are a common tool for searching on Instagram. You can use the same hashtag, and it will display different results. Many of them will be from influencers, while others will be from lash manufacturers or eyelash brands.

Scrolling through the results, you can find many vendors for lashes.

3.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent business platform, and you can find several companies here.

Like the other options, you enter a specific keyword, and LinkedIn will filter the search results. Also, you can join groups here, and LinkedIn will keep recommending more according to your interests.

4.  Other platforms

Some other social media platforms for searching for eyelash vendors are YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t the best, but you can still get some relevant results through the pins.

YouTube also gives a visual representation. But, you cannot find all the vendor eyelashes on Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. So, the social media platforms mentioned above are the best choice.

Finding Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Through Exhibitions

We already know that trade shows and lash exhibitions also help you get in touch with eyelash manufacturers.

1.  Benefits of attending the exhibitions

Here are some of the benefits of attending these shows.

  • Besides attending classes related to eyelashes, the lash manufacturers also answer your questions. Face-to-face communications help build trust in the brand. So, it’s a great time to take advantage of their customer service and ask any questions you have.
  • The lash manufacturers also display their products and offer discounts and deals. In this way, you get discounts and can also check their products.
  • You can also see their products and check the quality in hand. It is much better than seeing the products in eyelash pictures.
  • You also get classes and lecturers from professionals. They are beneficial for gaining in-depth knowledge of false eyelashes.
  • Participation in these exhibitions is beneficial for people starting their own eyelash brand. When you meet the lash manufacturers and see their products, you can decide better.

2.  How do newcomers find wholesale eyelash vendors at the show?

If you’re visiting an exhibition or show for the first time, we recommend getting information about all the top eyelash vendors coming to the show.

You can also order a catalog a few days before.

In the exhibition, the top eyelash vendors display their products as well. You can visit that section and see their products. Also, you can ask them questions if you have any.

How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors
How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

How To Screen Wholesale Eyelash Vendors?

During your search, you’ll find dozens of eyelash vendors, and deciding the right one must be a difficult choice.

So, the best idea is to screen the wholesale eyelash vendors. It will help you compare all the features, and considering the ones that matter the most, you can decide on one manufacturer.

First, create a table and name the following categories in it:

  • Eyelash vendor’s name
  • Eyelashes pricing
  • Types of eyelashes they sell
  • Packaging price
  • Shipping cost

Then, fill in the details of all the lash manufacturers. This table will help you compare all the eyelash vendors, making it easier for you to choose one.

1.  What kind of eyelash suppliers are suitable for individual buyers?

Individual buyers order fewer quantities of eyelashes for personal use.

So, local eyelash retailers and eyelash brand wholesalers are perfect for them.

If you don’t mind spending some extra bucks, eyelash brand retailers are also the ideal choice for you.

2.  What kind of lash suppliers are the best for new eyelash businesses?

If you’re a newbie in the eyelash industry and want to start your own eyelash business, a lash factory is an ideal place for you.

Sourcing products directly from a lash factory is cost-effective. Also, middlemen don’t put their profit on you. So, you won’t have to pay extra money.

However, some people also become eyelash brand wholesalers. They buy lash products in bulk from popular eyelash brands and sell them directly to the customers. Although it may not bring too much profit, eyelash wholesalers don’t have to customize the packaging with their own brand name.

3.  What kind of lash suppliers do lash brands and eyelash sales companies choose?

Famous brands and eyelash sales companies only rely on lash factories for their products.

They have direct contact with the lash vendors, and their products are manufactured in the factory. Then, the lash manufacturer sends the product to the brand.

As these brands order eyelashes in bulk, they get discounts. Also, choosing lash factories help you avoid paying extra money for the product. In this way, you can generate more profits.

How To Start A Wholesale Eyelash Business
How To Start A Wholesale Eyelash Business

How To Start A Wholesale Eyelash Business?

After finding a reliable eyelash vendor, you are ready to start your own lash business.

Let’s discuss the step-by-step process of starting an eyelash brand.

1.     Choose the kind of eyelashes.

Choosing what kind of eyelashes you’ll sell is the first step to starting a lash business.

As mentioned before, the following categories of eyelashes are popular.

  • Mink lashes wholesale
  • Faux mink lashes wholesale
  • Pre-made fan lashes wholesale
  • Eyelash extensions wholesale

You can either choose one out of these categories or sell all of them. The choice is yours and will depend on your budget.

Also, we recommend doing thorough research to know the popular trends. In general, wholesale mink lashes are popular due to their fluffy and natural look. Eyelash extensions also offer a natural look and last longer.

You can also opt for pre-made fan lashes. However, they are expensive than handmade lashes. Strip lashes are also common and less costly.

So, knowing all the pros and cons of different eyelashes will help you choose the right one for your target audience.

2.    Design the lash brand name and lash logo

An attractive lash brand name and logo will give an identity to your lash brand. As people are easily persuaded towards brands, you can soon get increased sales.

So, make sure to pick a short yet convincing name for your lash brand. Similarly, you can ask a graphic designer to design a compelling logo for the lash brand.

Both the lash name and logo should immediately inform the audience that your business is about eyelashes.

So, don’t forget to add the word ‘’eyelash’’ or ‘’lash’’ to give a direct idea to the customers.

3.    Choose the style of eyelashes you like

False lashes and eyelash extensions come in various shapes and styles. So, choosing the right style for your customers can be tricky.

While most people would opt for thick lashes, they aren’t always the best. Instead, false eyelashes should give a natural look by blending with your real lashes.

You can customize eyelash extensions. In the case of strip lashes, you usually cut the lashes shorter or from the sides to adjust them on the eyes.

Small or hooded eyes should go for shorter lashes. On the other hand, thick and curly lashes look perfect on large eyes.

Also, the lashes longer in the middle give a luscious and natural look to your eyes.

So, you can choose the right style according to your target audience or display different designs.

In choosing the style, the top lash vendors will also help you a lot.

4.    Design your own custom packaging with private label

For designing your eyelash box, you can contact a professional.

Lash supply vendors also design lash packaging boxes according to your demands.

First of all, choose the shape and color of the lash box.

You can choose different styles. These include a lash box with a window, a drawer style, a two-piece box, etc.

Then, you can choose different colors on the eyelash box to give it an enticing look.

Also, don’t forget to add your eyelash brand logo at the front of the lash box. A few lines about your eyelash brand may also be a good idea.

If you have your eyelash package template in a vector file (AI/EPS/CDR format), you can send it to the lash manufacturer. They will send the total price. Before producing, they will double-confirm the design with you.

If you cannot design the box yourself, the eyelash vendor will help you with it. You can also order already-made eyelash boxes.

But, designing your own lash box is always the best idea.

5.    Ask for the eyelash prices and buy eyelash samples.

Before buying eyelashes in bulk, it’s better to check them out by ordering a sample.

So, make sure you ask about the prices of both the eyelashes and the custom boxes. Then, you can buy a few samples and check them out.

After all, ordering eyelash in bulk quantities just by seeing eyelash pictures is never the best way.

You should also compare the eyelash prices of different lash manufacturers and check if their costs match the lash quality.

6.    Determine the lash quantity

If the lash prices match your budget and the quality is good, you can proceed with the ordering process and start your lash business.

But, you also have to decide the quantity to buy. In general, you can buy lashes in bulk and also minimum quantities of eyelashes.

Some lash vendors have a fixed minimum quantity and they won’t manufacture less than that. The minimum quantity is often 50 or 100 pairs.

However, you can still order more than that. It will solely depend on your budget.

When ordering strip lashes, you can order hundreds of them on a small budget. But, eyelash extensions are costly. So, you might need to order fewer of them in the beginning.

For the exact quantity, consulting the wholesale eyelash vendors is the best choice!

7.    Take pictures of the products.

Now, it’s time to sell your eyelashes to their potential customers.

For this, you can take some attractive pictures of the eyelashes.

If you’re not a pro at taking pictures, we recommend hiring a photographer and a model for it.

Then, you can use a clean background and optimum lighting to make things clear.

Also, don’t forget to use a high-quality camera for amazing pictures!

How To Find Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

8.    Market your business

Marketing a lash business is a crucial step to increasing sales.

The power of social media can make your content reach the audience in no time!

So, the best idea is to build your eyelash website.

Customers love online shopping, and they’ll directly order your products from the eyelash website.

Also, don’t forget to add the beautiful lash pictures you took of your eyelashes.

Apart from the lash website, you can promote your wholesale eyelash brand through Facebook and Instagram. Both of them are highly reliable platforms. You can upload pictures of the eyelashes and inform the customers about the new stock.

In this way, you will get several customers online as well.

9.    Carry out promotional activities

The purpose of promotional activities is to educate the customers about your lash brand and products. These activities also convince customers to buy your eyelash products.

Before starting an eyelash promotional activity, you’ll need to make a promotional plan.

A few examples of promotional activities for an eyelash business are:

  • Direct mailing
  • Lash exhibitions
  • Advertising
  • Displaying posters and billboards

So, you’ll need to set a budget and consult your team about the eyelash promotional activity program.

Here are the steps involved.

  • Choose the right promotional campaign. For eyelashes, you can conduct a lash exhibition or trade show in your area.
  • You can also send PR packages to famous bloggers to promote your products.
  • Don’t forget to set your budget for the promotional activity. Your budget will determine the kind of activity you choose for your eyelash business.
  • Then, choose the materials you’ll use for promoting your lash brand. These include product catalogues for exhibitions. You can also display posters and billboards for brand awareness.
  • Then, think about the message you’ll convey to the customers. You can add a few catchy headlines to attract people.

After the promotional campaign ends, the best idea is to discuss the results with your team. It will help you get ideas for the future as well.

10.  Offer eyelash after-sales services and gather customer eyelash reviews

After-sales services help build the trust of customers. If you also offer it, the customers will know that they can always come back to you if anything bad happens.

In this way, they won’t hesitate to buy from you for the first time as well.

To promote your lash products, you can also invite previous customers to the sales platform. When they review the products, the new customers will trust your brand.

Another idea is to display these customer reviews on your eyelash website and social media pages.

11.   Developing a downline (MLM style selling)

Developing a downline is an effective method of promoting your eyelash business.

In MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or network marketing, you choose other people as sponsors. You train them about your lash business and the products you sell. For each product they sell to direct customers, they get a percentage of the commission.

  • You can display a job offer on your eyelash website or social media pages. It will tell the audience that you need to hire sponsors for your lash brand.
  • Tell the people about your brand and the products you’re selling.
  • Then, sponsor the right people, not just anyone who applies for the job. After all, you need to focus on the ‘’quality’’ they provide, not the ‘’quantity’’ of people.
  • You’ll have to offer regular training sessions to your sponsors. Conducting group meetings and webinars is also an excellent choice to educate the people in your team.
  • You should always stay in touch with your sponsors and take their ideas and suggestions.

By following all these guidelines of developing a successful eyelash brand, you can succeed in no time!

Why Should You Choose Lash Factory China?

Lash Factory China is a professional and reliable wholesale eyelash vendor in China.

It manufactures, packages, and distributes false lashes in bulk.

With more than 20 years of experience in this field, Lash Factory China is a reliable eyelash manufacturer.

They offer direct sales from the factory. So, no middlemen will be involved in the process. This will save a lot of your money as you won’t be paying extra taxes.


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