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As a mink eyelash dealer, we often consider how to choose a better 3d mink lashes vendor, best mink eyelash vendors are diverse for our choice, there are many details that we need to pay attention to when we choose the best wholesale mink lash vendors, so today we will talk about how to better choose the best mink lash vendors and the overall process of purchasing mink eyelashes.


First of all, we need to understand how to select the best quality mink eyelash and what type of mink lashes we need, there are various types of mink eyelashes, different curvatures of eyelashes, different arrangements of appearance, and different lengths. For mink lashes, lustrous hair, good 3D effect, and fluffy mink lashes are premium quality and more popular at the same time. And we should choose 100% handmade mink lashes because the mink hair with the pure handmade craft will look more exquisite and more loved by customers. For the type of appearance, most of them are divided into two types, one is more suitable for daily life or for wearing at work. The other is more exaggerated, more dramatic for some specific occasions. This also depends on the specific needs of the customer.


After we understand our needs for 3d mink lashes, we can look for vendors for mink lashes through various online channels, Google and Alibaba are the search engines that most of our dealers will choose. The cost of mink eyelashes itself is much higher than the cost of synthetic lashes, so the price of mink lashes is naturally higher than that of synthetic lashes. Basically, the general price of real mink eyelashes is 1.8usd/pair-2.5usd/pair, but of course, the price will vary depending on the order quantity, and the larger the order quantity, the better the price will be. Furthermore, the longer length of mink lashes, such as 25mm length, will be higher than the length of 15mm-20mm length of mink eyelashes, because the longer length of the eyelashes consumables to be more. So we can choose these according to our needs.

After we determine what kind of mink eyelash we want and compare the price, we can ask the best mink lash vendors for samples, when we ask for samples, we should look at the overall catalog of real mink lashes sent by 3d mink eyelash vendors and pick out the style we want. We can also ask the best mink lashes vendors which is the best-selling and most popular styles so that we can choose more samples for our reference later. When asking for samples, you can also see if there are any 3d mink eyelashes boxes that you like, and if so, you can also buy a few boxes of samples, so that if we receive the samples, we can choose to customize the mink eyelash boxes with our own logo and design when we place the bulk order of fluffy mink lashes. Of course, if we feel good when we communicate with the wholesale mink lash vendors of our choice for the first time and feel more comfortable with the lash vendors 3d mink and have confidence in the product, we can place a mink eyelash order and customize the eyelash box without asking for a sample.


Once we receive the mink hair sample, we can choose the most suitable mink lashes style for the sample to purchase the bulk goods from various considerations (eyelash fullness, style novelty, eyelash wearing comfort). When you purchase the 3d mink lashes bulk, determine the type of mink lashes you need, the style of mink lashes, and the order quantity. Then ask about the price and shipping costs for the numbers of bulk eyelashes mink, the packaging of the bulk goods, the shipping costs of the bulk lashes mink, etc. You can also ask the lash vendors mink to quote a standard courier with the best price, and also make sure that you will receive the mink eyelashes in bulk in about a few days. Basically, the fastest way to use the courier is about 5-6 days to receive the goods, some remote places may take a little longer. Then what are the payment methods of the real mink vendors, basically the commonly used payment methods are bank transfer, PayPal, Alibaba, or Western Union these payment methods, these issues are determined after you can pay to buy their own large goods.


We can consider customizing the box with our own logo for our mink fur lashes when we buy the big goods, for mink fur lashes we can directly customize the box with the appearance we like, generally, the wholesale mink lashes and packaging has a soft cardboard box, this kind of price is usually more favorable, there is a slightly higher price of the hard paper fine laminated box, and a more popular acrylic box, we can choose the appearance of the box according to my own preferences. For the paper box, we can change the color of the appearance of the box according to our own preferences or give the appearance of the box to do some of the effects we want. If we want to name our own mink hair, we can also customize the name stickers on the eyelash boxes to make the eyelashes more interesting and lively and thus more attractive to our customers.



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