4 Steps To Find Lash Vendors And 9 Questions To Ask Your Lash Vendor?



If you want to start your eyelash brand, a wholesale lash vendor is what you need. Although it isn’t difficult, beginners don’t always know the exact process and how to contact lash vendors. If you’re also confused about it, don’t worry. We will explain everything about how to approach a lash vendor and what to ask them.

By reading this article to the end, you will get complete information. We will also discuss the questions you will need to ask your wholesale eyelash vendors. These questions will help clear your doubts and understand the process better.

How To Find Lash Vendors

How to find lash vendors?

You can use different techniques to find good eyelash vendors. Here are some of them.

1. Visit the website of the lash vendor.

Get a lash vendor by visiting the website is the best method.

After you’ve confirmed what wholesale lash vendors you’ll choose from your lash vendors list, you can visit their eyelash business website.

The best quality of a professional wholesale eyelash vendor is that they have an eyelash website. A well-established lash website makes it easy for customers to approach vendors for eyelashes. You will also be able to check the lash vendor prices from the lashes website. It will make the eyelash business process a lot easier.

2. Contact the wholesale eyelash vendor on social media

Lash extensions wholesale vendors and false eyelash vendors are also on social media. They may use different social media platforms like:

On Instagram, you can use lash vendor hashtags. They will help you approach the individual eyelash vendor you’re searching for. As you’ve already decided the company from which you’ll be buying eyelashes in bulk, you can directly search for the company’s name.

Good eyelash vendors have well-established social media pages as well. If they don’t sell directly from the page, you will find a link to their website in the bio. By clicking this link, you will reach the lash vendor’s website.

3. Visit the wholesale lash vendor in person.

Visiting the wholesale eyelash vendor in person is a better idea to clear your doubts. But, it’s not always possible, especially for people living in other countries. If you want to meet the lash business vendor in person, you can search for ‘’wholesale eyelash vendors near me’’ on Google Maps.

You will get a list of all the nearby lash factories and individual lash vendors. Then, you can visit their place or plan a meeting before time.

For people living far away, approaching the lash vendor online is a better option.

4. How To Message A Lash Vendor?

How you will message the lash vendor will depend on the method you use to approach them. We have discussed three methods for approaching the lash vendor above.

1. Messaging the lash vendor through the website.

Approaching the lash vendor through the website is much convenient.

Best wholesale eyelash vendors have all their details displayed on the lash website. In this way, the customers can easily contact them. When you visit the lash website, you will see a separate section named ‘’contact’’ or ‘’contact us’’ at the top bar.

By clicking on that section, you will go to another page. You can fill in the required information like your email, contact number, and message. You can leave a short message regarding your eyelashes business and how you want to cooperate with them.

Whatsapp: 008613176398069.  Email: sale@meideareyelash.com.

Then, the customer service will reach you out within 24 hours.


2. Message the wholesale eyelash vendor on WhatsApp

Several lash vendors also have their WhatsApp numbers displayed on the website and social media pages. You can leave a message by contacting on that number. It will most probably be a business account, and you will receive a reply from the customer service.

Whatsapp: 008613176398069.

3. Contact the eyelash vendor on social media.

As mentioned before, you can contact the lash vendors on Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook, you can visit the wholesale eyelashes vendor’s page and send a message through Messenger.

You can also use Instagram Direct Messages if you decide to contact your wholesale lashes vendors through Instagram.

All these methods are available for contacting the professional best eyelash vendors. They also have responsive customer service, which will respond in almost 24 hours. Leaving a short message to the best eyelash vendor is enough in the beginning. You can tell them about your eyelash business and ask them about the availability of false eyelashes.

After getting a reply, you can schedule a meeting to discuss further.

What To Ask Your Lash Vendor?

After you’ve found the wholesale eyelash supplier, you can discuss things further. You can ask them about the lashes they produce, the process, the prices of their false lashes, and everything else to clear your doubts.

If you’re contacting an eyelash manufacturer for the first time, here is a list of the 10 questions to ask a lash vendor.

1. What is your full name, and where are you located?

It’s better to ask the full name of the lash wholesale vendors. We need to know the details of the eyelash manufacturer and the company before starting a contract. For business purposes, knowing the name and location of the top lash vendor is enough.

Reputable and professional reliable lash vendors never hide their identities. They will tell you about their location without hesitating. The major market share belongs to China. But, you can also find wholesale lash vendors in Vietnam, South Korea, and Indonesia.

2. What materials do you use in the eyelash production process?

Knowing the materials used in the production process of false eyelashes is essential. Some irresponsible eyelash manufacturers use low-quality and artificial materials. Then, they sell them at the same price as high-quality ones.

In general, eyelash extensions are produced from synthetic. However, you can find variations in strip lashes. The strip eyelash vendors wholesale mink lashes, faux mink lashes, pre-made fan lashes, etc.

In mink lashes, they use real mink fur only.

By knowing all these details, you can determine if the real lash vendors use the right materials.

3. Do you have any MOQ limits?

MOQ means ‘’Minimum Order Quantity’’.

This limit will vary from one lash vendor to the other. People generally believe that vendors for lashes that have a high MOQ limit (around 500 pairs) don’t produce the best quality lashes. They want to do lash business with one customer only, and by setting a high limit, they are forced to buy lashes in bulk.

But, some reliable lash vendors have a low MOQ limit (around 50-100 boxes). It is ideal for people starting their lash business with a low budget. These lash vendors also provide high-quality lashes. By ordering fewer quantities of lashes, you can check their quality as well.

On the other hand, some top lash vendors will have no limit. They understand that different lash customers will have varying budgets. So, they put the decision of the number of lashes to buy on the customer. You can even buy a minimum of 5 wholesale lashes from them.

4. Do you have a lash factory, or are you an individual wholesaler?

Lash factories are better if you want to get the most profit out of your false eyelash business. But, some people are individual eyelash wholesalers who will keep their profits while sourcing lashes to you. In this way, you cannot get the most profit out of your false lash business.

So, we recommend buying wholesale eyelashes directly from the eyelashes factory. These eyelash manufacturers have deep knowledge about the production process. Also, they offer high-quality false lashes at wholesale prices.

5. Do you offer custom packaging for wholesale eyelash boxes?

Best lash vendors will offer all the services under one roof. They will manufacture high-quality lashes for you. Then, you can sell them with your customized lash brand name. Also, they will produce customized eyelash boxes for your lash business.

If you find all these facilities from one lash vendor, it is the best choice to choose them. In this way, you won’t have to find separate vendors for the lashes, their accessories, and customized boxes.

6. Do you provide eyelash samples?

When ordering from wholesale eyelash vendors online, we cannot check the quality of lashes. So, it is best to ask the natural lash vendor for a few samples. If the quality is good, you can order the wholesale lashes in bulk.

Good eyelash vendors will always provide samples, both for eyelashes and customized boxes.


7. What is the price of each eyelash pair?

We can find strip lashes and eyelash extensions from professional lash vendors. These categories further use different materials in production.

So, the prices of mink lashes, faux mink lashes, and pre-made fan lashes will be different. You can ask the lash manufacturers for the exact cost of each pair. They will calculate it and tell you. Then, you can order different styles of eyelashes according to your lash business budget.

8. How long will it take to produce and deliver the wholesale lashes?

The production time of the false lashes will depend on the number of pairs you order. So, it’s better to discuss the production time with your wholesale lash vendor. But, professional lash vendors will deliver the products after 24 hours of production.

They do things on time and make sure that the order reaches their customer as soon as possible. So, they ship the lashes soon after the eyelash manufacturing process is complete.

Also, the delivery time will depend on the option you choose: air or the sea. While delivering the package through the air will take less time (around 3-5 days), it is costly.

On the other hand, sea transportation is less costly, but it can take up to a month. It is also suitable if you order bulk quantities of false lashes.

Depending on the time you have and your budget, you should discuss the exact time and delivery process.

As wholesale lash manufacturers have contacts with delivery companies, you can ask them for help. They will ensure a smooth delivery process, and you may also get discounts. Also, the vendor will help you cover the costs if the eyelash package gets damaged during delivery.

If you’re living overseas, make sure that the lash vendor also offers international shipping.

9. What are the payment methods?

Knowing the payment method of the lash vendor is essential. Professional lash vendors offer convenient payment methods to international customers as well.

PayPal and Western Union are common means of payment for lash vendors. They might also have other options. So, make sure to discuss the payment methods before ordering the lashes.

Final words

After deciding on a specific lash vendor, the next step is to contact them. But, you should also ask questions to your vendor to make things clear before making a bulk eyelash order.

So, we have discussed everything about How to find lash vendors and What To Ask Your Lash Vendor? This guide will make the process a lot more convenient. Also, by getting the right answers to all these questions, you will know that you’ve contacted a professional eyelash vendor.
This guide will especially help all the beginners just starting their own eyelash brands!

Any questions, send a message to us through WhatsApp: 008613176398069 or send an email to us: sale@meideareyelash.com. We will reply to you within 24 hours.


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