How to choose the right lashes to match your eye shape?


Eyelashes are as important as eye shadow color when it comes to your eye makeup routine. They add the final touch that makes your eyes the center of attention.

While some women have naturally thick and long lashes, others need to add some extra length with the help of fake lashes. The secret behind the perfect eyelashes lies in choosing the right type of false eyelashes that accentuate the shape of your eyes so you’ll be able to create a natural look that will make your eyes pop!

If you’re in the market for new lashes, you want to make sure that you’re choosing an eyelash style that enhances the beauty of your eyes. Right eyelashes can be an effective way to give your eyes more impact without makeup. Contrary to that, it can have the opposite effect if you don’t choose the right ones.

So here are some tips on how to choose the right lashes. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having gorgeous, long lashes that will make you feel beautiful as well!

Different eye shapes – How to know which one is yours?

There are six most common eye shapes. If you’re considering getting fake eyelashes, it’s essential to know what kind of eye shape you have so that you can find the right style of lashes. The right eyelashes will give your eyes just the right amount of definition, whether that means making them appear larger or giving them more depth and fullness than they naturally have.

So, here is a helpful and interesting way to discover your eye shape!

1.     Get a mirror

Before you get started, make sure you have a mirror nearby. To observe your eye shape, stand a step back to see your eyes from a proper distance. Then look straight into the mirror in a normal way.

2.     Look for a defined crease

You first need to look for a defined crease to figure out your eye shape. Creases are easy to spot—they’re rigid lines on your upper lid, where your skin folds over onto itself. If you don’t see any crease, it means you have monolid eyes. But, if you have a crease that is barely visible as it is very close to your eyelash line, then you have hooded eyes.

3.     Imagine a horizontal line through your eye

Draw an imaginary straight line across you’re the pupils of your eyes. If the outer corners of your eyes are above this line, you have upturned eyes. You have got down-turned eyes if your eye’s outer corner is below this line. And if the outer corners of your eyes align with this line, then observe the next step.

4.     Observe the whites of your eyes below the iris

If the outer corners of your eyes fall on the imaginary line and you can see a white area below the iris, it means you have round eyes. On the other hand, if no white area is visible under the iris, you have almond eyes.

6 Most popular false lash styles

One of the primary factors in beauty and style is having nicely-groomed eyes. Yet many people don’t know how to choose the right eyelashes to complement their eye shape and features.

Here are some of the most popular eyelash styles. You can choose any one of these that matches your eye shape.

  • Natural lashes
  • Open lashes
  • Cat-eye lashes
  • Doll lashes
  • Cluster lashes
  • Squirrel lashes

Which false lashes will suit your eye shape?

A beautiful set of eyelashes can instantly make your eyes a prominent feature and draw attention to them. So, choosing the right style for your unique eye shape is essential to create the most flattering look possible.

Let’s look at how different eyelash styles can help enhance different eye shapes.

Round eyes

The goal with round eyes is not to change their shape but instead choose a style that will enhance them. If your eyes are round, then you can pick an eyelash style that draws attention towards your eyes. Natural eyelashes with a feathered outer corner will work best for round eyes.

Also, wispy lashes look great on round eyes because they widen your eyes without compromising the round shape. These types of eyelashes give a sultry feel without being too over-the-top. So, look for cat-eye lashes to complement your round eye shape.

Hooded eyes

If you have hooded eyes, I suggest trying more subtle lash styles. You can create a fantastic effect by choosing a modest lash style that doesn’t take over your eye area but is still noticeable. So, go for eyelashes with the elongated center as they contribute to making your eyes look more open.

Also, a wispy touch will highlight your eyes the most, so you can choose a lash style with extra length at the outer corner and pair it with a winged liner for an excellent finish.

Monolid eyes

Monolid eyes usually have thin and straight lashes. So, any lashes with a medium volume and length will be enough to make them look attractive. Also, lashes that are light at the tips and thicker toward their base will make your eyes look more open and prominent.

For monolid eyes, choose an eyelash style that is shorter or less dramatic than you might typically wear, as anything too long or dramatic could appear off balance. A good choice for monolid eyes would be a natural set of eyelashes. You can fake a more defined look without suppressing your monolid appearance with these lashes.

Almond eyes

Almond eyes are the most versatile eyes, and most eyelash styles go very well with this eye shape. Pick an eyelash that fans outwards at the corner for an almond-shaped eye. It will give your eye a glamorous look but still maintain its almond shape.

For everyday use, pick natural eyelashes for your almond eyes. However, for a more dramatic look for special occasions, choose eyelashes with varied lengths. Also, doll shape eyelashes look perfect on almond eyes. So, any eyelash style with evenly distributed volume can make almond eyes even prettier.

Upturned eyes

Short eyelashes can make upturned eyes look smaller, so choose a winged or cat-eye shape (with a longer extension on your outer corner) that will bring attention upwards. Longer, fuller lashes are also best for up-turned eyes as they balance out your eye shape.

So, if you have upturned eyes, it’s best to opt for lash styles that curve upwards as they emphasize and elongate them. The same goes for subtle looks like a half lash, which not only highlights but brings attention to your natural winged eye shape. It does wonders to accentuate upturned eyes by adding extra lift!

Close-set eyes

Close-set eyes have less space between them. If you have close-set eyes, go for a natural lash for everyday wear or intense dramatic lashes for special occasions. Keep in mind that dramatic eyelashes may overwhelm your small eye size. Feathery lashes are perfect for a more natural look while maintaining volume at the roots and corners of your eyes.

If you have close-set eyes, it’s best not to wear lashes that are too long or voluminous. Instead, give your eyes a more open, inviting appearance with lashes that flare out just a bit so they can make your eyes look bigger. Squirrel-style lashes are the perfect choice for close-set eyes as they give your eyes a more open look.

Protruding eyes

Girls with protruding eyes need to pay special attention to choosing suitable eyelashes. When selecting a pair of eyelashes, they should avoid too long or too fake lashes as they make protruding eyes abnormally big. Instead, short but curvy eyelashes can make bulging eyes look more relaxed and charming.

Hence, medium-length eyelashes are great for protruding eyes that are already on the larger side. Cluster eyelashes are just what you need to create a doll-like look that perfectly complements your large eyes. So, instead of choosing eyelashes that are too dense or heavy, you’re better off looking for lighter options like feather lashes or fluffy falsies. These lashes will give your prominent eyes an even more captivating look.

Deep-set eyes

For deep-set eyes, shorter and thinner eyelashes are recommended. Longer lashes may make your eyes look droopy, resulting in awkward-looking eyes. Thus, smaller but thicker eyelashes will create a more natural effect. Besides, full and wispy false eyelashes would be a good choice for deep-set eyes. These lashes give off a youthful vibe without being too overwhelming.

You can enhance your deep-set eyes with eyelashes that are slightly longer at their ends, so they blend in seamlessly. When you have deep-set eyes, look for a pair of eyelashes that has length but is not excessively long. It will ensure your eyes aren’t overpowered by your lashes and are still highlighted.

Small eyes

Ladies with small eyes know the challenges of finding the right lash style. With the right pair of lashes, you can effectively make your eyes look bigger. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to pick the most extended and thickest lashes that you can find. Lases that are too long or heavy will weigh your eyelids down, so your eyes will appear even smaller in such lashes.

For small eyes, choose lash styles with alternate lengths and medium volume for small eyes that don’t shut down the eyes. Natural eyelashes with short hair will add the much-needed boost to your small eyes without overwhelming them. Also, lash styles with tapered volume or 3D volume will look best on small eyes.

Wrap up

Eyelashes are often overlooked when it comes to style, but they are just as crucial to your appearance as any other part of your face. The right types of eyelashes can make your eyes stand out and draw attention to the rest of your features. However, the wrong kind of eyelashes can ruin your whole makeup look.

Based on your eye shape, choose a pair of lashes that fits best with your natural look. Every person’s eye shape is different, so not all eyelash styles are appropriate for everyone. It’s essential to think about your facial features when deciding what type of lashes you should wear. Take some time to find out your eye shape and get eyelashes that transform you into a gorgeous diva!


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