How to choose eyelash extension curls?



There are many different curls that you can find for lash extensions. Such as B, C, D, CC, L, and L+.

  • B curls are for a more natural look. It is best for lashes that are straight. If your natural lashes do not curl, then you can consider B curl lashes.
  • C curls are great for all eye types. Even if you have thin appearing natural lashes, you can still use C curl lash extensions. C curl will make the appearance of your lashes fuller and darker.
  • D curls are perfect if you want to go for dramatic looks. It is often hard for people with very thin natural lashes to pull off D curls. But if you are confident and want to give it a shot, you may. But always know that with thin lashes, D curl will make your eyes always look like it has extensions. Although, if you have thick natural lashes, D curl is perfect.
  • CC curls are for glamorous appearances. More like events where you want your eyes to stand out. CC curls are very curly and touch eyelids. Thus, you should give in much thought before you get them as semi-permanent additions.
  • L and L+ individual lashes: If you have hooded eyes, you can use this curl as that will lift your eye appearance.

In general, lash artists prefer to give their clients a B, D, or C curl. You may consult a local lash artist to be sure. They will study your eye type and will also be able to examine whether your lashes can take the weight.


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