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To do eyelash wholesale, the first important thing is to do good research of your local market.

Determine your target customer group. In this way, you can finalize the target lash sales price for your final customers. Based on this sales price, finalize the bulk eyelashes wholesale price.

How to buy lashes wholesale

Do a good product analysis, find credible eyelash bulk vendors according to the target wholesale lashes in bulk price. Place your trial wholesale eyelash order to test whether the wholesale lashes supplier is suitable for you. Choose a place to store your wholesale eyelashes. Take regular inventory of your stock in time. Detailed steps are as below:

Step One: Finalize your target lashes wholesale price 

Do good market research. Determine whether you want to sell your lashes in wholesale or retail, where you want to sell your lashes. After finalizing the selling way, you can extrapolate the target selling price to your customers based on your home market. With this lash selling price, you can fix your target wholesale lash price from your upstream lash suppliers. Of course, this lashes wholesale price includes many aspects:

*Eyelash wholesale price

* Shipping cost of the lashes

*Customs duties of the lashes

* If you want to customize the eyelash packaging box, this lashes price will also include this cost.

So all these costs will be taken into account when you wholesale lashes! After you finalize your target lash wholesale price, the next import step is to find a suitable eyelash vendor. 


Step Two: How to choose a credible wholesale eyelash vendor

Do a detailed analysis of the eyelash product. Figure out what kinds of eyelashes do eyelash suppliers offer. See below the main collections in the market: 

1. 3D silk eyelash wholesale

This lash is made of synthetic. It is short and simple. The price for this is pretty cheap. It is 100% vegan. 

2. 3D faux mink eyelash wholesale

This lash is made of more good synthetic. It is similar to a 3D mink eyelash, but not as soft as real mink lashes. The price for this is a little higher than 3D silk eyelash. It is 100% vegan. 

3. 3D/5D mink eyelash wholesale

This lash is made of real mink fur. It is similar to our real eyelashes. This eyelash is fluffy and more natural-looking after you apply it to the eye but the price for this is higher than 3D faux mink lash. It is 100% cruelty-free. 

4. Eyelash extensions wholesale

This is made by synthetic too. But lash extensions normally be used in salons and need a professional person to apply individual lashes to the eyes. It can last about 1 month after you apply it to the eyes. 

3D/5D mink lash is so hot in recent years. You can figure out which specific lash styles you would like to purchase after doing the analysis. 

wholesale wispy lashes
wholesale wispy lashes

Step Three:Finding a good lash vendor. What kind of lash vendor is a good vendor?

Eyelash vendor is your most important business partner. He will greatly affect your business. A good eyelash vendor always has the following characteristics:

1. Good quality of the eyelash products

2. Smooth lashes communication between each other.

Give positive suggestions and providing you as many details as they can for your questions.

3. Pretty short lashes producing time and competitive lashes price. 

4. Active lashes after-sales service 

Normally the real eyelash manufacturer will be sure to give you a low price and short-time bulk order-making. Sourcing eyelashes from China is the best choice, as China is the first place where eyelashes are produced. 

How to find lash vendors and wholesale lashes
How to find lash vendors and wholesale lashes

Step Four: Place your trial wholesale eyelash order to test whether the lash vendor is suitable for you

Everything needs to be put into practice before you can be sure if he’s right for you. Eyelash business is no exception. To make sure the lash vendors in china are suitable for you, just make a small eyelash trial order.

How to make an eyelash trial order?

* Ask lash vendors for their lashes catalog 

*Choose eyelash styles according to your target lash wholesale price. Send the order list to eyelash vendors. 

*Arrange payment for the sample lash order, eyelash suppliers will ship out the sample after receiving the money. 

* Try the lashes samples after receiving them. 

You will learn whether the communication between you and the wholesale lash vendors is smooth after the trial order. But most importantly, whether the quality of the lashes is good enough. If you are ok, you can choose several good eyelash vendors at the same time to experiment with your first purchase. Finally, settle on one or a few of them you like. Then after the best eyelash vendors are fixed, you can place return orders easily. 


Step Four: Choose a place to store your wholesale eyelashes, make regular inventory counts in time 

You can generally store lashes as long as they are not particularly humid. While taking care not to weigh them down with heavy objects. Choosing a suitable place to store your wholesale lashes to ensure they are well preserved before the sale. Taking regular inventory of the number of lashes in stock so that you can figure out when to place your next wholesale lash order in time. 

This is the way how to wholesale lashes. The most important thing is to find a good lash vendor. We are a real eyelash manufacturer in China. If you have any questions. We will be sure of your reliable backing.


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