5 Tips How Do You Know if Your Lash Extensions Are Good?

How Do You Know if Your Lash Extensions Are Good


Eyelash extensions seem to be a dream come true! You can have thicker, darker lashes for weeks easily. Getting lash extensions is not difficult, but how can you know if your lash extensions are good or not?

There are a few steps to know if lash extensions are good:

  1. First, they are of the correct size.
  2. There isn’t excessive adhesive.
  3. They don’t stick together.
  4. The lash extensions don’t itch or burn.
  5. Your lash extensions should last for at least four weeks.

Read on to know why these problems might occur with your lash extensions. Also, how to identify a good lash technician that can solve them!

How Do You Know if Your Lash Extensions Are Good?

How to Know if Your Lash Extensions Are Good: Step by Step Guide

Good lash extensions depend on the quality of the lashes and how good your lash technician is.

Lash extensions should feel comfortable. If they itch or poke your eye, your lash extensions might not be the best.

Here’s how you can know that your lash extensions are good:

1. Make Sure That Your Lash Extensions Are of the Right Size

The most important indicator of good lash extensions is a natural appearance. So, you need to get the size of lash extensions that fits your eye’s shape.

Lash extensions that are too long can clump and tangle. Thus, cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

The right length, which is neither too long nor too short, looks the most appealing.

Lash extensions should not be of the same length throughout. They should look shorter on the inner corner of the eye to look natural and believable.

You can ask your lash vendor to help you find the right fit according to what you want and what fits your eye shape.

2. Your Lash Extensions Should Not Have Excessive Adhesive

Using a little extra adhesive may seem harmless. But it can damage your natural eyelashes and cause them to break.

Similarly, using too much lash glue can dehydrate your eyelashes. Moreover, it can also disrupt their natural shed cycle.

An excessive amount of adhesive can also weigh down your lash extensions. Thus, make them stiff and uncomfortable. If you can feel or see the eyelash glue, it is too much. A good lash technician would not overuse the adhesive.

3. Your Lash Extensions Should Not Stick Together

You should be able to brush through your eyelashes easily. Good quality eyelash extensions do not clump together or tangle.

If you find that your lash extensions are sticking together, there’s a reason. It is because of:

  • Poor isolation of individual lashes during the application
  • Using excessive adhesive glue.

Your lash technician should stick each eyelash extension individually instead of clumps. Clumps may damage and tangle your natural lashes.

4. Your Lash Extensions Should Last for at Least Four Weeks

Lash extensions last between four to six weeks. But, if your lash extensions last for less than that, your lash technician hasn’t put enough extensions.

A good lash technician should take up to two hours to stick the lash extensions.

Moreover, each of the extensions should be applied individually. If your lash technician takes less time than that, they might not be doing it right.

You can become sure that your lash extensions last for a long time by going to an efficient technician. Then, discuss the length and intensity that you want and how long the procedure will take.

Tips to Know That You Have Quality Lash Extensions

Some more tips to know whether you have quality lash extensions are:

1. No Poking or Irritation

The reason why your lash extensions may cause discomfort and poke your eyes is that their length is too long.

You may want longer lash extensions for a more dramatic effect. But it is best to discuss the length with a good lash technician.

2. No Burning or Itching Sensation

Eyelash extensions should not be causing discomfort to you in any way. It is usual for your eyes to water slightly during the application process.

But if your lash extensions cause trouble for days after you get them done, you should consider having them removed.

If your lash extensions itch or burn your eyes, it can be because of different reasons.

Using too much adhesive is one of them.

Not putting lash extensions in a proper way can also be one. It can damage your natural lashes, causing more discomfort. It is best to inform your lash technician of any problems that you feel during the application.

3. Getting Lash Extensions Should Take Time

If your lash technician finishes the job in under an hour, it might not mean that they are skilled. Instead, it may be a sign that they are not doing the process correctly.

It should take between an hour and a half and three hours to stick lash extensions.

Your lash technician should put each extension individually. It is time-consuming, but it ensures that the lashes do not clump or tangle. It is also easier on your natural eyelashes and keeps your lashes on for a longer time.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the possible reasons that make for quality lash extensions, you cannot go wrong!

You can fix what is wrong with your lash extensions. Also, you can know what to look for in a good lash technician for your next appointment. If you are yet to get your lash extensions, you now know what to expect!


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