7 Tips How do you choose thickness for eyelash extensions?

choose thickness for eyelash extensions


We wear eyelash extensions for various reasons. Some wear eyelash extensions to add length to their natural lashes. Others wear eyelash extensions to add volume and thickness.

Choosing the right eyelash extension thickness matters. It determines whether we will achieve the desired classic or dramatic look.

How do you choose thickness for eyelash extensions?

Choosing The Right Thickness Of Eyelash Extensions 2021

Assessing the thickness of your natural eyelashes is essential before selecting eyelash extensions. It determines how much weight your natural lashes can support. The average natural lash thickness is 0.15mm. Eyelashes extensions range between 0.03-0.20mm in diameter. The safest thickness to go for is 0.05mm or 0.07mm. As of 2021, the most demanded thickness is 0.07mm.

So then, how do you choose the thickness of eyelash extensions? Read on to find out.

How Do I Choose Thickness Of Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are not one-size-fits-all. There are different categories defined by thickness. Most manufactures produce a thickness of between 0.03mm-0.20mm in diameter.

Choose the thickness of your lash extension depending on the look you want to achieve. It could be a natural or dramatic look.

Only use eyelash extensions that your natural eyelashes can support. Consult a professional eyelash artist to help determine the thickness of your lashes.

Defining Eyelash Extensions By Thickness

Eyelash extensions range between 0.03-0.20mm in diameter. Each thickness gives a different result.

Here is a list of eyelash extensions by thickness and the results they give;

0.03MM Thickness

These eyelashes are very thin and fine. Additionally, they are very light. Synthetic PBT fiber eyelash extensions fall under this category.

The thickness is perfect for 3D-6D lash applications. Best for clients who want to add volume to their natural eyelashes.

0.05-0.07MM Thickness

The most common eyelash extension thickness is 0.05mm or 0.07mm. Your natural eyelashes can support the weight causing no damage.

If you are looking for what’s trending, go for 0.07mm. It is the most demanded thickness in the market today. It is light and perfect for 3D eyelash applications

0.10MM Thickness

You can use up to 2 single lash extensions on one natural lash for 2D applications. They are best for adding volume for a fuller eyelash look.

0.15MM Thickness

When looking for eyelash extensions, go for 0.15mm to match your natural eyelashes.

Damages may occur if your natural eyelashes are thinner than 0.15mm. The lash extension plus the lash glue will add extra weight leading to breakage.

0.20MM Thickness

These eyelash extensions are too thick. Only use them when going for a dramatic look. Additionally, only apply these lashes on natural eyelashes 0.15mm thick and above.

0.25-0.30MM Thickness

These eyelashes are pretty thick and will give you a glamorous and dramatic look. But, do not use them for a day-to-day look. They are too heavy for most people.

The 0.25-0.30 mm thick extensions are still available among manufacturers. Only buy them with precaution.

Custom Made Thickness

You can get customized eyelash thickness from your manufacturer. Exceptional cases may need custom-made eyelashes.

Theatrical performances may need the use of very thick dramatic eyelash extensions. For example, lashes that look like spider legs.

Your manufacturer can prepare sizes thicker than 0.30mm for your use. You only need to share your design and preferred thickness and wait for your order.

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What To Consider Before Choosing The Thickness Of Your Eyelash Extensions

Consult a professional eyelash artist before making a decision on the eyelash thickness.

Here are considerations to make before choosing the thickness of your eyelash extensions;

Your Natural Eyelashes

Avoid going for eyelash extensions that will be challenging for your natural lashes. If you have thin or scattered natural lashes, avoid thick eyelash extensions.

The Material Of Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic PBT fiber eyelash extensions are light. They are good on all types of natural eyelashes. Apply them as individual lashes or in a fan.

The Final Look

Are you going for volume or classic eyelash extensions? Volume extensions give you are more sassy and dramatic look. Classic extensions give you that natural home girl look.

  • Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic lashes only complement the length of your natural lashes. They add no volume hence giving you a natural look.

Classic eyelash extensions work best when you have enough natural eyelashes. If you have scattered natural lashes, you should go for volume extensions.

Glue one Individual eyelash extension to one natural eyelash. The average classic eyelash extension thickness is between 0.15-0.20mm.

Choose the 0.15mm lash extensions if your natural lashes are thick. You may select only up to 0.20mm thickness if you want a more dramatic look.

  • Volume Eyelash Extensions

They work best for people who are going for a fluffier look. Additionally, they are the best solution for people with sparse eyelashes.

Use synthetic PBT fiber eyelash extensions if you can. They are very light and very fine. The best size to use is 0.05 or 0.07mm.

How You Use Your Mascara

If you love applying 3-5 layers of mascara, then you love a more dramatic look. Choose eyelash extensions with a thick diameter of 0.15-0.20mm.

If you only apply one layer of mascara, you are more of a natural person. Choose eyelash extensions with a thin diameter of 0.05 or 0.07mm.

Avoid using too much mascara if you choose eyelash extension with 0.15mm thickness and above.

Adding a layer or 2 of mascara to your eyelash extensions will add more weight and thickness to the lashes.

What Happens If I Choose Eyelash Extensions Thicker Than My Natural Eyelashes?

You may have encountered women complaining about damaging their natural eyelashes with extensions.

What many do not know is that they use too thick eyelash extensions. Their natural eyelashes fail to support the weight.

Glue individual eyelash extensions onto your natural eyelashes. If your natural lashes cannot support the weight, they will shed off.

Going for very thick eyelash extensions will ruin your natural eyelashes. The false lashes will be too heavy to find support.

Avoid eyelashes that are beyond 0.20mm if you must wear thick eyelashes. You will still get the exact look you are going for with 0.15mm.

Does The Length Of My Eyelash Extensions Matter?

Yes, the length of your eyelash extensions has a significant impact on the thickness. The length affects the weight.

Long eyelashes are heavy. You only have the option of going for thinner lashes to protect your natural lashes.

You can choose thicker eyelash extensions if you use short lashes. The short lash extensions are less bulky compared to the long ones.

Which Is The Safest Eyelash Extension Thickness To Use?

We recommend 0.05mm or 0.07mm thickness. Eyelash extensions with this thickness are light. They are good for thin and thick natural eyelashes.

0.05mm and 0.07mm eyelashes are good for use on a day-to-day basis. You will not have to worry about ruining your natural eyelashes with extra weight.


As mentioned earlier, the first step is analyzing your natural eyelashes. Sometimes, the situation of your natural eyelashes may limit your false eyelash application.

Thin eyelashes are most often weak. Adding lash extensions, no matter how light will damage them. The natural lashes will not support the weight of the glue and the extensions.

Work on strengthening your eyelashes first. The best treatment is using eyelash serum and allowing the natural lashes to grow. Lash extensions can wait.


If you have been wearing any eyelash extensions you find, it is time to stop. Consult a professional eyelash artist to select the thickness that works for you.

This article is an eye-opener. Use the information provided to choose the perfect thickness for your eyelashes.


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