How Do I Apply False Eyelashes In 6 Steps?

How Do I Apply False Eyelashes


Many makeup products can enhance your overall appearance, such as false eyelashes. Today, many beauty lovers put on false eyelashes to nail their makeup looks. But, do you wonder how they achieve such a perfect look? By correctly applying their false eyelashes! 

There are a few simple steps to apply false eyelashes:

  1. First, put some volume in your natural lashes.
  2. Apply proper glue to your eyelashes.
  3. Let the glue dry and apply the eyelash strip to the lash line.
  4. Finish the look by using eyeliner. 

If you want to understand the steps in detail, read on and perfect those lashes! 

How Do I Apply False Eyelashes: The Step-by-Step Guide

Some people find it hard to apply false eyelashes. However, if you know the correct technique, you can achieve any look, dramatic or natural

So, follow the steps given below to know how to apply false eyelashes: 

Step 1: Gather The Things You Require 

Before you begin the process, you need to gather your favorite set of false eyelashes, lash glue, tweezers, eyelash curler, scissors, and mirror

Step 2: Trim The Eyelash Strips 

Not every false eyelash strip is going to blend with your natural length of eyelashes. Hence, it’s essential to trim the false eyelash strips. 

  1. Measure the false eyelash strips against your actual eyelid. 
  2. Mark the extra area by holding it with your fingers. 
  3. Then, trim the strips accordingly. 

Note: Make sure you don’t cut the excess areas of the eyelash strip while it’s still against your eyelid! Take the strips away from the eyes and then trim them. 

Step 3: Apply The Lash Glue 

Misapplying the lash glue on false eyelashes can lead to a huge mess! So, make sure you follow this step with the utmost patience. 

  1. First, take tweezers and hold the lash strips. 
  2. Then, you need to apply a thin layer of lash glue on the false eyelashes using a Q-tip
  3. Make sure that you apply an extra layer of lash glue to both the corners and ends. 
  4. Wait for around 30 to 40 seconds before applying the false eyelashes to the lash line.

Pro Tip: Ensure you don’t immediately stick the false eyelashes to your lash line after applying glue! The drier the bond, the easier it is to attach the strips. 

Step 4: Prep Your Natural Lashes Using Eyelash Curler 

Before you apply the false lashes, don’t forget to prep your natural lashes. If you want your overall lashes to look fuller and thicker, use an eyelash curler. 

Also, make sure that you remove all the eye makeup before sticking the falsies to your lash line.

Step 5: Apply The False Eyelash By Looking Downwards Into The Mirror

The final and the most crucial part is applying false eyelashes. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take a handheld mirror and position it horizontally.
  2. Look downwards into the mirror instead of vertical. 
  3. Use tweezers and hold the false eyelashes right on top of your natural lashes.
  4. Press the false lashes on the lash line till they adhere to it. 

We recommend using a handheld mirror and looking downwards instead of looking straight into the vertical mirror. Hence, this will give you more clarity while sticking the lashes. 

Step 6: Finish The Look With Eyeliner 

The final step is to apply eyeliner, which will help blend your false eyelashes with natural eyelashes. Of course, you can also apply mascara or eyeshadow after this!

Additional Tips To Apply False Eyelashes

Given below are a few additional tips for applying false eyelashes: 

Tip 1: Try Different Sets of False Eyelashes 

Many false eyelashes are available today, such as 3D lash strips, mink lashes, faux mink lashes, synthetic lashes, and many more. 

If you want a dramatic look, opt for 3D lash strips or synthetic lashes. However, both mink and faux mink lashes are better options for a more natural finish.

So, you can opt for any depending on which one suits your face. Just make sure that you choose the right lash vendor to get quality products. 

Tip 2: Use a Makeup Brush to Wrap Eyelashes Around Them 

The best way to achieve the natural curl in your false eyelashes is by using a makeup brush. 

All you need to do is wrap all the false lashes around a makeup brush and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, apply these lashes to get a fuller and curvier appearance!

Tip 3: Stack False Eyelashes For A Full Look 

If you don’t have any dramatic lashes, you can stack one strip of eyelashes on the top of the other. You can add more volume to your strips by doing this.

Tip 4: Clean Your False Eyelashes Properly 

If you cannot repeatedly spend your bucks on false lashes, try to reuse them. You can easily clean them by putting them in warm water with a few drops of washing liquid. Now, this will remove the glue and mascara from it.

Tip 5: Create a Cat-Eye Look 

You can create a cat-eye look if you don’t want false eyelashes covering your entire lash line. 

You need to cut the false lashes in half. Then, apply them to the corner of your eyes to achieve a lovely look!

Final Thoughts 

Applying false eyelashes is no joke! One step wrong, and you might end up having a disastrous day. So, before you use false lashes while going out, don’t forget to practice it a few times at home. 

You can consider getting some wholesale eyelashes and practice the steps given above. Then, once you are confident, go out and flaunt your lovely lashes!


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