Handmade Volume D Curl Russian Style Strip Lashes



Eyes are the windows to the soul, but we say beautiful lashes give the perfect view. Try out our newest addition, Russian strip lashes, and be the view.

Russian strip lashes are the best choice for beauty enthusiasts. They add volume to the natural lashes giving you a dramatic, stylish, and charming look.


What are Russian strip lashes? Russian strip lashes are pre-made strip eyelash bands. Apply the lashes on the skin right above the lash line using an adhesive. Each band contains many strands of lashes, adding volume to the strip.

Russian lashes strips are made from lash fibers attached to a fabric band. The band is made of an eye-safe material to protect against damages.

Volume Russian style Strip Lashes have a thick volume. The lashes’ curl pattern is more pronounced, which gives them a dramatic effect.

The lashes are easy to wear and do not need a salon visit. All you need is an excellent and eye-safe adhesive to apply the lash strip on the skin above your lash line.

Meidear Lash Factory China offers high-quality Russian Volume D Curl Strip Lashes. We hand-make all our Russian strip lashes to maintain perfection.

4 Tips What Is The Difference Between Russian Strip Lashes And Russian Eyelash Extensions?

  1. Russian strip lashes consist of volume lashes attached to a strip or a band. Russian eyelash extensions consist of 3-5 lash fans attached to a single band.
  2. Russian strip lashes are applied on your skin above the natural lash line using an adhesive. Each fan of the Russian eyelash extensions is applied to a single natural lash.
  3. You only use a single piece of Russian strip lashes per eye during application. You need multiple lash fans per eye when applying Russian eyelash extensions.
  4. Russian strip lashes are easy to wear without the need to visit the salon. Russian eyelash extensions need the attention of a professional eyelash artist when applying.

3 Main Advantages Of Russian Style Strip Lashes Over Normal Strip Lashes

  1. Russina style strip lashes have more lash strands compared to normal strip lashes. They add more volume to your lashes.
  2. Russina style strip lashes have a more pronounced curl pattern compared to normal strip lashes. They offer a more dramatic look.
  3. Russina style strip lashes are a new trend in the market. They will make you look classier and stylish compared to wearing normal strip lashes.

7 Steps How To Apply Russian Volume Strip Lashes Like A Pro

The main secret to a successful Russian volume strip lashes application is using the right size for your eyes. Here is a guide on how to apply the lashes perfectly.

Step 1: Get Your Tools And Supplied Ready

Prepare everything you may need to apply the Russian strip lashes. These include;

  • A set of Russian strip lashes
  • Lash adhesive
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A mirror
  • Mascara wand
  • A pair of eyelash scissors
  • Black eyeliner

Step 2: Fit The Russian Volume Strip Lashes On Your Eyelash Line

Pick one of the lash strips and hold it against your lash line. Look into the mirror to confirm that the lash strip size matches that of your lash line.

Step 3: Trim Each Of The Russian Volume Strip Lashes

Cut off the unwanted lengths from the Russian strip lashes using a pair of scissors. Leave only the perfect size for your eyes.

Step 4: Apply The Lash Adhesive On The Russian Volume Strip Lashes Band

Most lash glue or adhesive containers contain an applicator. Apply the glue evenly along the Russian strip band.

Allow the lash adhesive to sit for about 30 seconds before applying it to the eyelid. Allowing the glue to get tacky increases its ability to stick and hold to the eyelid.

Step 5: Look Down Into The Mirror And Apply Eyeliner

Looking down into the mirror allows you to see your lash line. Apply your black eyeliner right above the lash line. This makes the eyelash application easy.

You are likely to poke your eyes if you try applying the lash strip while facing straight into the mirror.

Step 6: Apply The Russian Volume Strip Lashes Right Above Your Lash Line

Pick up one lash strip with the tweezers and place it along the eyeliner. Do the same to the other eye. The eyeliner acts as the bae for the Russian strip lashes.

Press the lash band onto the skin using the tweezers to ensure that the entire length sticks on the skin.

Step 7: Brush The Russian Volume Strip Lashes

Brush the Russian strip lashes using a mascara wand. This helps to blend your natural lashes into the Russian strip lashes.

Applying more eyeliner and mascara is optional. You can do without them and still get a perfect finished look.


13 Ways How To Wholesale Russian Volume D Curl Strip Lashes

Russian volume D curl strip lashes are a fast-growing trend. But, how do you wholesale Russian volume D curl strip lashes?

Wholesaling Russian volume D curl strip lashes is as easy as selling regular strip lashes. The only difference is that Russian volume D curl strip lashes need attention to detail.

Here is a guide on how to wholesale Russian volume D curl strip lashes for a profitable eyelash business.

1. Assess The Success Rate Of The Russian Strip Lashes Sale

The false eyelash business, in general, is very competitive. If you are considering going with the trending lashes, know that your competitors are in it too.

But, look at your target audience. They could be your existing clients or new clients;

  • How well do they know about the Russian Strip Lashes?
  • How willing are they to buy the Russian strip lashes?
  • Is your target audience exposed to your competitors?
  • How much is, does your target audience spend on eyelashes in general?

The questions will help evaluate the success rate of your lash business.

You stand a better chance if your target audience/market is familiar with the product. If not, you have to do marketing and advertising for the lashes.

The less exposed your audience is to fellow competitors, the more likely you are to succeed. But, if you have competitors, research how to stand above them.

An excellent way to be more competitive is by branding your Russian strip lashes. Offer custom-made Russian strip lashes with eye-catching packaging. This will get the attention of more customers.

2. Define The Type Of Wholesaler You Want To Become

There are two main types of wholesalers;

  • Merchants
  • Brokers

Merchants own the business, while brokers act as the middle person.

Merchants are wholesalers who own the brand and have 100% ownership of the business.

Brokers are wholesalers who act on behalf of the business owner. They only gain based on commission.

As a merchant, you can choose to be a full-service wholesaler. Your job will be to deliver the lashes to retailers after buying them from manufacturers.

You are in charge of your Russian strip lashes sales. You decide the price you sell the lashes at based on how much you buy them from the manufacturer.

In any business, the more control you have over the business, the more likely you are to succeed. Consider taking the worthy risk by becoming a wholesale Russian strip lashes merchant.

3. Come Up With An Alluring Branding Plan

Branding is a powerful tool in business. Branding is the image of your business.

People love to associate with brands. This is why you should consider being strategic with your brand image.

Find a catchy brand name and logo for your wholesale Russian strip lashes business.

Create a website with a friendly user interface. A website helps to make your business look more professional.

You get to share more about your wholesale Russian strip lashes business on the website.

Find a professional Russian strip lashes vendor that offers private label services. The vendor will help you come up with a logo design if you have none.

Meidear Lash Factory China offers free logo design services to all our clients. Share your idea with us, and we will help create a catchy logo for your brand.

4. Develop A Competitive Marketing Strategy For Your Wholesale Russian Strip Lashes Business

Introducing a new product to the market requires intensive marketing. You need to use the proper channels to persuade clients into buying the Russian Strip lashes.

There are many marketing strategies you can use for your Russian lashes business. They include;

  • Social media marketing
  • Word of mouth
  • Referrals
  • Email Marketing
  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Google ads

5. Using Social Media To Market Your Wholesale Russian Strip Lashes

Marketing has become easy for business owners today compared to 3 decades ago. You do not need a billboard to advertise or a TV ad to get your business known.

Social media is the single most potent market tool in the 21st century. Facebook alone has about 1.9 billion users in a day.

Imagine being able to reach millions of people with only a single photo upload of your business. Here is what you need to do;

  • Get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest
  • Create a business account for your Russian strip lashes business
  • Upload quality photos of the Russian strip lashes. You could post the lashes alone or pictures of models wearing the lashes.
  • Mention the quality of the lashes, how to wear them, where to wear them.
  • Mention the cost of the lashes in wholesale
  • State contact details of how clients may reach you
  • Mention the available delivery methods
  • Ensure to provide real-time feedback to social media clients as much as you can.
  • Share details of the Russian Strip lash business account on your personal account. This helps your follower and friend of followers to know about your business.

6. Using Social Media Influencers To Market Your Wholesale Russian Strip Lashes

  • Social media influencers have become popular in the marketing department.
  • Hire a social media influencer with a huge following
  • Give them a sample of your private label Russian strip lashes
  • Let the influencers take quality photos or creative photos with the lashes
  • The influencers should upload the pictures and mention your page. They should also mention the wholesale pricing of the lashes.

7. Using Social Media Ads To Market Your Russian Strip Lashes

Ads are a good way of selling your business. All social media platforms allow people to pay for ads.

The ads get sent to clients that search for similar products.

If a client is looking for eyelashes, your business page will pop on their timeline if you pay for ads.

8. Using Word Of Mouth And Referrals To Market Your Russian Strip Lashes

Tell a friend to tell a friend is a common marketing strategy that has been in use for decades. Let a friend, colleague, or client know about your new Russian strip lashes.

Provide them with adequate information about the strip lashes. Offer quality after-sale services to clients and even discounts.

A satisfied client is more likely to refer a friend to your business.

Request your friends and clients to spread the word about your Russian strip lashes.

Do not hesitate to give discounts and free samples to clients that bring in new clients. It is an excellent way to keep old clients and get new ones.

9. Using Email Marketing To Market Your Russian Strip Lashes

Email marketing involves sending messages to groups of people using email. Gather email addresses from directories and potential clients.

Write a message mentioning your wholesale Russian strip lashes. Include information such as pricing, contact details, and social media pages.

10. Using Flyers/Brochures To Market Your Russian Strip Lashes

Print out information about your wholesale Russian strip lashes business

Share them out in malls, drug stores, trade fairs, and any place with potential clients.

11. Using Google Ads To Market Your Russian Strip Lashes

Paying for google ads may cost you but will bring traffic to your business. All you need to do is bid for a display of your wholesale strip lashes business.

Google places the ads on search engine results pages, non-google sites, and mobile applications.

Google will display the ads when people search for eyelash-related products.

There is always a stream of people searching for eyelashes online. It means you have a high chance of your wholesale Russian strip lashes getting displayed.

12. Attend Trade Fairs To Market Your Wholesale Russian Strip Lashes

Trade shows provide business owners with the perfect opportunity to meet with buyers.

Pack up your Russian strip lashes and brochures.

Carry them to your display table at the trade fair.

Never miss an opportunity to attend trade fairs as a business owner. You also get a chance to interact with competitors one on one.

13. Conduct Quality Aftersales Services To Collect Feedback From Your Clients

Offer your clients quality aftersales services. It helps you to collect feedback from your clients about your Russian strip lashes.

Good aftersales services help to retain clients. It also enhances the probability of getting referrals to new clients.

Feedback from clients will help you identify areas that you need to work on with your lash brand.

Do all you can to get your wholesale Russian strip lashes selling. Always be on your toes to find out new ways to market your Russian strip lashes.


8 Ways How To Find Russian Strip Vendors

Find a reliable Russian strip vendor. This is the first step towards establishing a successful Russian strip lashes business.

1. Using Google To Find Potential Russian Strip Lash Vendors

Make Google your go-to partner when finding potential Russian strip lash vendors. Use the most appropriate terms for faster results.

You may make use of other browsers such as Bing, Chrome, or Yahoo.

Examples of terms to use when searching for Russian strip lashes vendors online;

  • Wholesale Russian strip lash vendors
  • Wholesale Russian strip lash manufacturer
  • Where to buy Russian strip lashes
  • Best Russian strip lash vendors
  • Russian strip lashes

You can use as many terms as possible. Make sure that the words remain relevant to the search for more precise results.

2. Using Social Media Platforms To Find Russian Strip Lash Vendors

Professional Russian strip lashes vendors use social media to sell their lashes. Get on any social media app and follow the following tips to find Russian strip lashes vendors.

3. Using Facebook/Twitter To Find Russian Strip Lash Vendors

There are different of finding Russian strip lash vendors on Facebook/Twitter. They include;

  • Use hashtags/mentions to search for Russian strip lash vendors. Examples include #Russianstriplashvendors @Russianstriplashvendors.
  • Follow lash vendor accounts for updates about their lashes
  • Follow popular beauty influencers that focus on Russian strip lashes.
  • Join Facebook marketplace groups
  • Go through eyelash vendors’ reviews from other Facebook/Twitter users.

4. Using Instagram To Find Russian Strip Lash Vendors

Here are ways to find Russian strip lash vendors on Instagram

  • Use the most appropriate hashtags for precise results
  • Follow lash vendor accounts for product images and reviews

5. Using YouTube To Find Russian Strip Lash Vendors

Most YouTube content is in video format. You will most likely find the following information on YouTube;

  • Influencers’ reviews about a particular brand of Russian strip lashes.
  • Recommendations on best Russian strip lash vendors.

6. Attending Trade Fairs To Find Russian Strip Lash Vendors

As a buyer, trade fairs expose you to thousands of Russian strip lash vendors. You get a chance to compare the wholesale prices offered by the different vendors.

Benefits of attending trade fairs to find Russian strip lash vendors include;

  • You get to meet with the eyelash vendors’ one-on-one
  • It is an excellent opportunity to sample the quality of the Russian strip lashes.
  • You get a chance to ask detailed questions about the Russian strip lashes from the vendors.

Attending trade fairs such as the China Beauty Expo (CIBE) held annually in Shanghai exposes you to vendors.

Search online on Google/social media for dates/venues for beauty trade fairs near you.

Mark the date and prepare early enough by getting all the supplies and tools ready.

7. What To Look For In Professional Mega Volume Russian Strip Lashes Vendors

  • The quality of Russian strip lashes offered
  • The prices of the lashes
  • Minimum order quantity offered for wholesale purchases
  • The location of the vendor. It determines the shipping cost
  • The customer-relations skills applied by the vendor.

Spend quality time to analyze the different results from your search. Only settle with Russian strip lash vendors that meet your needs.

Go for a vendor that offers quality Russian strip lashes at affordable prices. The vendor should have a considerable MOQ that fits your budget.

Look for a vendor with affordable shipping means and cost. The vendor should have good communication skills and aftersales services.

8. Request For Samples Of The Russian Strip Lashes From The Vendors

Request for samples from different vendors. This will help you to determine the quality of the Russian strip lashes.

The samples will help you make a final and more informed decision on the choice of vendor to make.

You will also get to know how long it takes the vendor to deliver the Russian strip lashes.

Best Premade Russian Strip Lash Vendors

Meidear Lash Factory China is the best Russian strip lash vendor in the industry. We have introduced the highest quality Russian strip lashes in the market.

Our Russian strip lashes have well-defined C-curl patterns. We will customize the curl patterns to suit your needs.

The Russian strip lashes are easy to apply and can be worn as many times as possible with proper care.

Purchase our Russian strip lashes at factory prices. No middleman involved.

Visit our website for more details about our Russian strip lashes.

Final Thoughts

Russian strip lashes add volume to your natural lashes. They are best for bold and dramatic-look lovers.

Meidear Lash Factory China has the best Russian strip lashes in the market. Read through the article for more reasons you should try out the trending eyelash look.

If anything you need, contact us by WhatsApp: 008613176398069. contact us by email: sale@meideareyelash.com.


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