Eyelash Extension Curl Guide 2022



Eyelash extensions come in different materials, volumes, lengths, and curl patterns. Knowledge of the types of eyelash extension curls adds to your artistry skills.

Eyelash extension curl guide 2022? There are numerous types of eyelash extensions. The curls differ in length, shape, and thickness. Understanding the different types of curls in the market and when to use them makes you stand out.

The most common eyelash extension curls in the market are B, C, D, L, and U lashes. Different manufacturers have come up with customized curl patterns to add diversity.

The more creative and flexible you are with the curl patterns, the more demand you get for your services. For a detailed eyelash extension curl guide, keep reading!

How To Choose Eyelash Extension Curl Guide

Before settling for any particular curl pattern, ensure that you understand your natural lash angle. Our natural lashes have different angles; straight, upwards, and downwards.

Understanding the angle of the natural lashes greatly significance the result.

We need to look at the different eyelash extension curl types. This will help us to understand how to use them on natural lashes.

Types Of Eyelash Extension Curls

As mentioned earlier, there are different eyelash extension curl patterns in the market. We will look at the most common curl types and how to use the curls.

I Eyelash Extension Curls

The I curls are near-straight in shape. They are best suited for clients with straight angled natural lashes. The curls will only be helpful when you need to add thickness to your natural lashes.

The I-curls is perfect for clients who want to retain their natural look. They are also best for male clients.

J Eyelash Extension Curls

J curls imitate the natural eyelash shape. This makes them a perfect fit for clients with straight lashes.

Use J curls on clients with straight lashes or upward angled lashes. The curls will give clients an open-eye effect.

B Eyelash Extension Curls

B curls offer a slight curl. They are the most natural-looking eyelash extension curls in the market.

B curls are best for clients with straight natural lashes that require a slight lift. B curls are also perfect for inner corner lashes for a more defined appearance.

When used on upward-angled natural lashes, B curls offer an open-eye effect. This helps to brighten the clients’ eyes.

Avoid using the B curls on downward angled lashes; there will be no notable difference. The final results will be a messy look.

Secret Tip

The I, J, and B eyelash extension curls are subtle; hence are best for clients who love a natural look.

C Eyelash Extension Curls

The C curls are best for clients with a slight natural eyelash curl. They give clients an open-eye effect.

C curls offer clients a slightly dramatic effect.

The C curls have a slight downward angle. They are suitable for clients with a slight downward angle on their natural lashes. C curls offer such a client a lash-lift effect.

You may use the C curls on clients with horizontal angled lashes to achieve an open-eye effect.

Points To Remember

C curls are best for clients with:

  • Straight curls on their natural eyelashes
  • Clients with a slight downward angle on their natural lashes
  • Clients with horizontal-angled on their natural lashes

D Eyelash Extension Curls

D curls are the go-to option for clients looking for a dramatic effect. They are semicircular in shape. D curls are also known as CC extension curls.

The D curls have a more pronounced downward angle. This means that clients with heavily downward angled natural lashes.

The D curls are best for clients with naturally curly eyelashes. They brighten and widen the eyes giving a more noticeable open-eye effect.

The D curl is perfect for clients with downward-angled natural lashes and straight angles eyelashes.

To get a doll-eye effect, you may use D curls on clients with horizontal angled natural lashes.

Please Note:

  • The D curls have an upward curl. Avoid using the D curls on clients with hooded eyes.
  • The extensive curvature may cause the tip of the lash extensions to prick on the client’s eyelids.
  • Avoid using D curls on clients with upward angled natural lashes. The dramatic D curls will give messy results when used on these natural eyelashes.

U Eyelash Extension Curls

The U curls are also known as DD eyelash extension curls. This means that they have a more defined curvature than the D curl. The lashes have a dramatic upward curl.

They offer a more dramatic effect than the D curl and are best for the doll-like final look.

Please Note: Avoid using U curls on clients with upward curls and hooded eyes. Pricking of the eyelids may occur when applied to clients with hooded eyes.

Secret Tip

C, D, & U eyelash extension curls offer a dramatic final look on your eyelashes. The more defined the curl is, the more dramatic the effect.

Other Eyelash Extension Curls

M eyelash Extension Curls

M curls have a flat base and a dramatic upward curl. They give a LIFT appearance for clients with downward-angled natural lashes. They also provide a wide-eye effect to clients.

You may use the M curl on clients with short or fine natural lashes at the outer corners of the eyes. This will give the illusion of a LIFT and added length.

M curls give a more defined cat-eye look when used at the outer corners of the eyes.

Please Note

Avoid using the M curl on clients with upward angled natural lashes. The M curl has a dramatic upward angle; hence it will look messy on upward-facing natural lashes.

Avoid using the M curl on clients with hooded eyes. The dramatic curvature will prick the clients’ eyelids.

L/L+ Eyelash Extension Curls

The L curls have a long flat base with C or D curves. The flat base makes it possible to give an eyelid lift while creating a wide-eye effect.

The L curls are perfect for clients with hooded eyelids, droopy eyelids, or deep-set eyes.

L+ eyelash extension curls are similar to the L curls, but they have a more extended base.

Secret Tip

The M, L, and L+ offer a lash LIFT effect to the eyes.

Best Eyelash Extension Curls For Different Eye Shapes

Understand your eye shape before choosing random eyelash extension curls. Different curls look different on given eye sets.

Almond Eye Shape

Most people have almond eyes. They are considered to be proportionate eye shapes.

 A standard C eyelash extension curl works best for almond eyes.

Hooded Eye Shape

Hooded eyes appear heavy and may sometimes look like they swallow the lash line. It is best to use eye effects that give an open-eye appearance.

L and L+ eyelash extension curls give a lifting effect on the hooded eyes. They lift the lash line giving the client a bright and fresh appearance.

Rounded Eye Shape

Rounded-eyes are open and alert. The best eye effect is that which tones down the appearance. A wrong move may make your client look surprised.

B curls are perfect for round eyes. The B curl is short and more natural-looking.

It gives an almond-eye appearance on round-eye shapes.

How To Retain Eyelash Extension Curls

  • It is easy to maintain a natural-looking curl than dramatic eyelash extension curls.
  • Avoid exposure to water for at least 24 hours after application.
  • Avoid excessive heat. Eyelash extensions are synthetic. They may melt and lose their curl when exposed to too much heat.
  • Always keep your eyelash extensions in a cool and dry place to avoid straightening. Moisture and direct sunlight may cause the eyelash extensions to relax and lose shape.
  • Comb your eyelashes regularly to prevent them from losing shape. Do so with a mascara wand twice a day: in the morning and at night. Be gentle while rolling the wand over your lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Extension Curls

How Do You Know The Difference Between The Curls?

The eyelash extension curls are labeled according to the alphabetical letter they imitate. For example, a C curl has a C shape; a J curl has a J shape, and so on.

What Is The Difference Between C & D Eyelash Extension Curls?

The C curl falls under the subtle curls category and matches most natural eyelash shapes.

A D eyelash extension curl has a more pronounced curve. It offers a dramatic and lifted eye look. Can I Curl My Eyelashes With Eyelash Extensions On?

Yes, you can use a heated eyelash extension curler from Meidear Lash Factory China to curl your eyelashes.

However, you can only curl your natural eyelashes if eyelash extensions are attached to them.

A heated curler is better than a traditional curler because it does not apply pressure on the lashes. It also bends the curls with the heat. The curls then take the new form as they cool.

Avoid getting too close to the root of the lashes when using a heated curler. The heat may melt the glue hence loosening the eyelash extensions.

Final Thoughts

The types of natural lashes determine the eyelash extension curls one should use. The eye shape also plays a significant role when choosing the right curl.

The most common eyelash curls are B, C, D, I, U and J. Go through this article for a detailed guide on choosing the eyelash extension curls that work best for you.


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