Do We Prefer Strip Lashes Or Eyelash Extensions? Why?

Do We Prefer Strip Lashes Or Eyelash Extensions why


Eyelash extensions and false lashes are the go-to beauty product for every makeup enthusiast. But, when it comes to choosing one from both, almost everyone gets confused. Also, many women have asked us whether eyelash extensions or strip lashes are the safer options.

So, do we prefer strip lashes or eyelash extensions? We would definitely prefer strip lashes because they are affordable, low-maintenance, and easy to apply. Also, they are the perfect alternative to lash extensions.

But, that doesn’t mean you should totally exclude lash extensions from your makeup products. Both of them have their pros and cons. While one is appropriate for a particular event, the other may not be.

So, let’s discuss when lash extensions are appropriate and when you should go for strip lashes.

Do We Prefer Strip Lashes Or Eyelash Extensions?

Why Do We Prefer Strip Lashes?

1. Strip lashes are Easy to apply

The application process for strip lashes is super easy if you’re not doing it for the first time. You only need a lash glue and applicator in hand, and applying the strip lashes would be a matter of minutes.

So, these lashes are ideal for women who don’t mind taking out a few minutes from their makeup routine to apply their falsies.

On the other hand, you need a professional lash technician to apply for your lash extensions.

2. Strip lashes re Affordable

Strip lashes are super affordable! A pair of strip lashes will cost between $3-$20.

However, you’ll need to pay around $200-$500 for the application of lash extensions. This amount doesn’t include the refilling and removal of these extensions.

When compared, we see that strip lashes are far more inexpensive than lash extensions.

Do We Prefer Strip Lashes Or Eyelash Extensions

3. Strip lashes are Low-maintenance

Strip lashes don’t require too much maintenance and care from your side. The only thing is to wash the lashes regularly to make them look fresh and clean.

But, eyelash extensions are for women who are actually too careful about their makeup routine. With extensions, you need to be careful while washing the face. Direct water splashes can put weight on the lashes, and they might fall off.

Also, women cannot sleep with their faces directly on the pillow as the lash extensions may fall off.

When it comes to strip lashes, you can take them off before taking a shower or sleeping. The next morning, apply them again with the glue!

4. Strip lashes are Reusable

Depending on its quality and durability, you can reuse a pair of strip lashes almost 10 to 30 times.

Eyelash extensions can only be applied once. But, they can last for a month or two, provided you take care of them and refill them frequently.

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Do We Prefer Strip Lashes Or Eyelash Extensions

For Whom Are Eyelash Extensions Suitable?

Although we prefer strip lashes, we still cannot deny that eyelash extensions offer a better natural appearance. As they need maintenance and are expensive, most women switch to strip lashes.

But, eyelash extensions are the best choice for women who want an entirely natural look 24/7. Instead of putting effort into applying strip lashes daily, they would prefer a one-time process. Although it will take a few hours, it will save their daily makeup time.

In this way, they would wake up early in the morning with full and fluffy eyelashes.

The eyelash extensions are also ideal for women who don’t mind taking extra care of their lashes. These care tips include:

  • Not rubbing eye products on the eye area
  • Avoiding the use of oils and serums on the eyes
  • Not tossing the face too much while sleeping
  • Avoiding direct exposure to water while washing the face
  • Ensuring regular refills

If you can follow all the steps mentioned above and don’t care about them being costly, eyelash extensions are the best!

Also, make sure you don’t have an allergy to any of the ingredients present in the lash glue. If you’re allergic, you may suffer from extreme irritation and soreness in the eyes.

Do We Prefer Strip Lashes Or Eyelash Extensions

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When Are They Suitable To Wear?

Well, every woman has the option of either going with strip lashes or extensions.

In this case, you can choose the best one according to the occasion.

Strip lashes are perfect for working women who get dressed up and do makeup daily.

On the other hand, you can use eyelash extensions for long vacations or a honeymoon.

Final Words

The glamorous and natural look of eyelash extensions is undeniable! But, they are expensive and time-taking. Also, eyelash extensions need a lot of care to retain their life and prevent them from falling off early.

So, women often opt for strip lashes. Although you have to apply them daily, they cost much less. Also, the application process is safe to an extent.

But you’re always free to choose the option when it comes to falsies!

Just because we recommend strip lashes doesn’t mean that you should never go for lash extensions.

Both have their benefits and consequences. So, choosing the best one according to the occasion is the best idea!


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