Are Premade Lash Fans Good?



If you are in the market for a new eyelash fan, you should know about the benefits of buying premade lash fans. 

Premade fans may not be cheaper than handmade ones, but their ease of application makes them a great choice for many. These fans also come in different colors and shapes, which means you can find one that suits your needs. 

Even so, as with many new things, we will always have questions before putting our hands to them. Is it great for everyone? Is it pricey? Are they good? Well, to answer that question, it is important to understand premade lash fans and their features.


What Are Premade Lash Fans?

A premade lash fan consists of anywhere from two to eight lashes that have been glued together or heat bonded. Premade fans are created so that lash artists can save time and give their clients a fuller look without creating fans by hand.

Types Of Premade Volume Fans

There are two main types of premade volume fans—glue-bonded and heat-bonded.

Glue-bonded is volume fans that use adhesive to hold the lashes together to form a fan. It is more heavy-duty but less likely to fall apart.

Heat-bonded is a base-sealed volume fan with the use of a special heating method. This is a safe alternative to binding the lashes together. Lash artists prefer this type of pre-made fan. It is much lighter and easy to attach to natural lashes.

Are Premade Lash Fans Good?

Premade lash fans are very convenient because they take only a few seconds to apply to your eyelids. But there are disadvantages as well. 

Premade lash fans have synthetic materials that can lead to long-term eyelash damage and may even cause an allergic reaction for many people, which is not the case with natural eyelashes. 

Premade lash fans also take some time and skill to remove. They might leave some glue residue on your skin or leave behind some strands of synthetic material on your eyelid, especially glue-bonded ones.

Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons of premade lash fans.


  • Quicker Application

Creating fans by hand with individual lashes is time-consuming, but with premade lash fans, you can save time and energy.

  • Impressive Results

Achieving the ideal lash look of lashes is very tricky. You need to be careful in attaching fans to your natural lashes to achieve the best result. It’s good to know that there are premade lash fans, ready-made, which deliver impressive results.

  • Easy to use

Considering the proper training beforehand, premade fans are easy to apply.


  • Pricey

This great product will cost a lot more. It costs four times more than handmade fans.

  • Thicker Base

Some premade fan lashes come with a thicker base. But depending on its quality, there are available lash fans with very thin bases.

What To Look for In Premade Lash Fans

There is nothing inherently wrong with premade volume fans. Premade fan lashes can save time and make your techniques a volume lasher. 

Heat-bonded fans, in particular, make it easier for you to control how much adhesive you use. They are also easier to remove than handmade fans.

As such, there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing premade volume fans. Different manufacturers make fans, so their quality can vary widely. If you want to find a fan similar to a handmade one, you should find premade fans with thin stems.

Premade volume fans come in various sizes, so be sure to buy a few different sizes. Having a variety on hand will prove useful.

Try not to take it personally if you hear other artists criticizing premade volume fans! Handmade volume fans are created by lash artists who have spent years and years perfecting their craft. 

Premade volume fans are a great way to gain experience with volumizing lashing as you develop your own style.


A pre-made lash fan provides a full and fluffy appearance for your clients. This product may be pricey, but it still offers the best and most impressive results that people are looking for. 

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