8 Steps How to Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions

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Once you get your eyelash extensions, aftercare is essential to maintain them. That includes cleaning them regularly, avoiding make-up that could harm them, and of course, washing your face without damaging them. If you are worried that you can’t rinse your face without totally ripping them off, here are a few steps on how to wash your face with eyelash extensions!  

You need to use wipes to remove make-up and wash your face using a washcloth or water. Use a gel-based foaming cleanser and ensure that none of the product gets in your eyelashes. You can dry your face using an organic drying cloth.

What You’ll Need

  • Make-up wipes/Make-up remover  
  • Cotton swab 
  • Oil-free cleanser 
  • Washcloth 
  • Round facial sponge  

Before you get started, know that you’ll need to skip or add a few steps depending on whether you have make-up on or not. 

Step 1: Remove Your Make-Up

If you are wearing make-up, you’ll have to grab some make-up wipes. This is because if you wash your face directly, with eye make-up on, you’ll have all the wet product streaming down your lids and onto your eyelash extensions. 

Wipe your entire face, being extra careful around the eye area. If you’re using a liquid make-up remover, use a cotton swab to clean the eye make-up. Dip the swab in the product and cleanse your lids. Make sure that you don’t get too close to your extensions. 

It would be better if you go with a bamboo cloth instead as it is made of organic materials. While the chemicals from the make-up remover won’t damage the extensions, you can still use a bamboo cloth to stay on the safe side. You need to wet the cloth with hot water and use it as a make-up wipe. 

Repeat the process if you still have make-up on.  

Step 2: Rinse Your Face

Next comes the washing part! Now, remember to wait at least 6 hours to wash your face after applying your lashes. It’s better if you wait 24 hours. 

You can do two things here: either avoid getting your face wet and use a washcloth or a facial sponge, or wash your face with water. Both will do fine as long as you do them right. 

If you are using a washcloth, wet it under warm water and wring it. Dab it around your face to prepare it for the cleanser. 

If you’re rinsing your face, avoid using hot water as it can harm the adhesive on the eyelashes. Also, avoid washing your face under running water to prevent the pressure from breaking the extensions. Some people think that rinsing can damage the eyelashes when in reality, they help keep the glue together for a longer time. The water removes the oil that collects on your face and gets into your lashes.

Step 3: Apply Some Cleanser

Time for the cleanser! Avoid using oil-based facial cleansers considering they can get into the lashes and weaken the glue holding them together. The same goes for cream-based face washes. The perfect product to use would be a gel-based foaming facial cleanser. 

For application, start with the lower part of your face. Put some product on your fingers and rub them to foam it up. Now put the foam on your cheekbones and work your way down to your chin.  

Use a round facial sponge or a washcloth to clean off the product.  

Step 4: Focus On The Forehead!

Do the same thing on your forehead. The reason for cleaning this area later is to avoid making a mess and breaking the glue inside the lashes.  

Once you have applied the foam, take a round facial sponge or washcloth and wash them under warm water. Squeeze the water out and wipe your forehead.  

Step 5: Wipe Down The Eyelids

Next, take your wet sponge and clean your upper eyelids by wiping them down just above the upper lash line. Do the same thing under your eyes by wiping up to the lower lash line. This helps in removing any oily residue. 

Step 6: Repeat!

Repeat step 3 – step 6 to make sure that your face is clean of any make-up. 

Step 7: Dry it Off

 You can dry your face using a towel. Simply dab it around your face, steering clear of the eye area. You can also use an organic drying cloth. Some companies make these, especially for eyelash extensions users, so they can dry without getting in the way of the glue.  

Step 8: Skin Care Time!

Lastly, if you are using any under-eye products, make sure they’re in gel form and not cream-based. The cream can leave this residue that again breaks the adhesive. 

Final Words

Now you know how to wash your face with eyelash extensions without harming the adhesive! To sum up, you need to use wipes to remove make-up and wash your face using a washcloth or water. Use a gel-based foaming cleanser and ensure that none of the product gets in your eyelashes. You can dry your face using an organic drying cloth. Lastly, any under-eye product you use should be gel-based in order to make your extensions last longer.  


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