57 Best Wholesale Premade Lash Fans Vendors List



Wholesale Pre-made Fan Lash Vendors

As lash artists or makeup enthusiasts, you must need access to all kinds of eyelash products. With the rising demand for eyelash extensions, there is a rise in demand for pre-made fan lashes as well.

What are Pre-made Fan Lashes?

Pre-made fan lashes are fans that get made in advance by those who are fake lash product suppliers. The purpose of these pre-made fan lashes is to make the work of the artist easier and faster.

Some brands are worthy of your trust and are great suppliers and vendors. But to make a well-constructed choice, you need to know which ones are genuine suppliers. So, how can you identify genuine vendors? Read this article to make a choice that meets your requirements.

1. Meidear The Lash Factory China

Meidear is a leading false lash company. Wholesale Premade Lash Fans. It aims to design, manufacture, and sale beauty products. The company is excelling in the market for over two decades since it started to operate. We wanted to play our part in China’s booming economy in the field of beauty products.

We provide services in production, packaging, and transportation. Lash designers, package designers, and photographers work together to create different products. The variety allows all customers to find things they seem fit.

Our company takes pride in the lashes and related tools that we design. Among them is our demanded Mink Eyelash, manufactured using Mink’s fur for a thick and dense look. These lashes are available in different sizes and colours according to your preference.

We also deal in custom-built lashes under the expert guidelines of our designers. Other related products such as glue, extensions, and shampoos are also available. This aspect allows our clients to have a complete and comfortable buying experience.

The lash company allows you to place large orders at a time. We mass-produce and deliver without any interference from a third-party. We at the company believe in providing exceptional service through efficiency and responsibility.

2. Ardell

Ardell has been in the industry since 1971, founded by Arnold Miller and his wife Sydell. The brand came to the market to bring enhancement to the existing beauty of a woman. Ardell offers nail sets, liquid lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, brow gels, and more. The eyelash products Ardell’s categories offer are- natural, wispy, multipack, adhesive, and accessories. They also have accents and precuts. 

Moreover, Ardell also offers individuals and browns- which are their pre-made lash fans. Some of their best rated pre-made lash fans are-

  1. Ardell 3D Individuals Combo Pack
  2. Knot-free 3D individual lashes
  3. Chocolate Lash
  4. Wispies Clusters Individuals– Combo Pack

3. House of lashes

House of lashes is well known for its usage of 100% premium hair. Their synthetic fibers for the lashes they make are cruelty-free. They are eco-conscious, vegan, sourced in an ethical way, and have recyclable packaging. 

They offer different lashes. These lashes are- Classic, premium, mini, luxe, noir faux mink, and flawless precision. They also have options that you can choose from based on the eye shape. Among all those varieties, house of lashes also offer pre-made lash fans. Some of the best-sellers are- 

  1. Le Petit Triple
  2. Le Petit Single
  3. She Doesn’t Need Much

4. Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics is an American brand founded by Maureen Kelly. The company has succeeded through its debut order at Henri Bendel. They got stocked at Sephora in 2003 and 2010, by Ulta Beauty. 

Tarte Cosmetics offers all kinds of makeup products including skincare as well. They also have varieties of lashes. But their best-selling pre-made lashes are the “tartiest Pro cruelty-free individual lashes.”

5. BL lashes

BL lashes – famous for their exceptional quality eyelash extensions. They have the best eyelash extension glue and tweezers. The brand also offers the best aftercare products. 

Among the different eyelash options, the brand offers variations in individual lashes too. Starting from BL Easy Fan Lashes, BL Flat lashes, BL Lasher Lashes, and also BL Mink Lashes. These are all individual fans. They also have pre-made lash fans. Among those, the bestselling lashes are-

  1. 5D Lash 0.07
  2. W Lash (3D) 0.07

6. Glad Girl

Glad Girl is a lash brand that offers cruelty-free eyelash extensions. They have been in the market for over 35 years. The brand focuses on selling lashes. The variations of lash products Glad Girl include individual lashes, false eyelashes, etc.

Their individual pre-made lash options include-

  1. Glad Lash Signature Volume Fans
  2. 8D Heat Bonded Pre-made Fans Mega Volume
  3. 6D Heat Bonded Pre-made Fans Mega Volume
  4. 10D Heat Bonded Pre-made Fans- Mega Volume
  5. Off The Tray 8D Heat Bonded Pre-made Fans

7. Liv Bay

Liv Bay lashes have a reputation of being the leader in providing lashes of high quality. They produce their products in a healthy way and their lashes last longer and feel great. 

The different products they offer are false lashes, lash accessories, lash extensions. They also have an apparel line. The bestselling pre-made lashes the brand offers are-

  1. 0.05 Pre-Pinched Promade Lash Extensions– LivBay
  2. Big Mama Pre-mades- 0.05 Mix
  3. Didn’t Make the Cut- Big Mama Pre-mades
  4. Pre-made fans 0.05MM Heat Bonded C & CC Curl– Mixed Tray

8. LashBox LA

LashBox LA specializes in mega volume lash extensions supplies. The company has its bases in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and more countries. 

The brand offers all other eye-related makeup items. The lash products include- adhesives, tweezers, aftercare products, kits, and lash lift kits. 

The bestselling pre-made lash fans in LashBox LA are- 

  1. Super Fan 10D 0.03- 400 Pre-Made Fans
  2. Kitten Wisp Lashes Mixed Color Tray- 16 lines 0.06 mm

9. iLashstore 

iLashstore specializes in mink eyelashes as well as ellipse eyelash extensions. They claim to be the best and supply the best for whoever requires lashes. 

The products offered by this brand are- extensions, aftercare products, accessories, and more. Their best sellers for pre-made lashes are- 

1. iLash BULK Pre-made Mega Volume Fan Lashes

2. iLash Pre-made Volume Fan 5D Lashes

3. iLash Pre-made Volume Fan 8D Lashes

4. iLash Pre-made Volume Fan 4D Lashes

5. iLash Pre-made Volume Fan 3D Lashes

10. The Lash Shop

The Lash Shop claims to have products of an elevated standard. Their products are vegan and the raw materials used are friendly to Mother Nature. 

The different products that The Lash Shop offers are- brow laminations, liquids, tools. Moreover, they have lash lift kits. They also have volume lashes, classic lashes, and also pre-made lash fans. 

11. MAC Cosmetics

MAC is one of the leading brands in the makeup industry. It is a Canadian cosmetics manufacturer that originated in Toronto in 1984. 

MAC has varieties- skincare products, makeup, lashes, and more. They are popular for their exceptional foundation, studio fix spray, and lipsticks. MAC also offers one of the best false lashes. 

The brands listed in this article are well known in the market and are trustworthy. Their products have an audience and they offer the best-pre-made lash fans. 

12. So Co Lashes

So Co lashes are professional suppliers of wholesale premade fan lash extensions. They claim to be nature friendly. They also have accessories and other supplies for lash enthusiasts or artists.

They have primers, sealers, and also humidity cures. Also, aftercare lash shampoo bars, reusable washes, wash refills, and cleaning brush primer. They have tools and kits as well. The lash products they offer are- classic lashes, Russian lashes, and volume lashes. Also, mega volume lashes, blooming, or easy fans. But besides that, they have Pre-made lashes too.

The best-premade lash fans you will find on this site are-

  • Premade Fans Mix Tray
  • Premade Fans Single Length Tray

13. i•ENVY

i•ENVY has collections that collaborate with trends. Their products get handcrafted which makes them authentic. It makes them the master of lashes- as per their claim.

The various products you can find from this brand are tools for lashes, strip lash glue, and false lashes. They also have wispy lashes. Needless to mention, they have individual lashes and also glue for those products.

Their best seller individual lashes are-

  • Ultra Black Knotted Long
  • Triple Black Knot Free Medium
  • Knot-free Ultra Black 3D Individual Lash – Long
  • Knot-free Ultra Black 3D Individual Lash – Medium

They also have 3D individual lashes-

  • Knot-free Ultra Black 3D Individual Lash – Long
  • Knotted Ultra Black 3D Individual Lash – Long
  • Knotted Ultra Black 3D Individual Lash –Medium

14. Yegi Beauty

Yegi Beauty has been in the market since the initial days of lash extensions. Their existence in the market allows them to deliver products that are of high quality. Yegi beauty offers application tools, kits, adhesives, and removers. Moreover, they also offer tweezers and tweezer kits.

Their lash products are- strip lashes, lash extensions, and also aftercare products. They also offer premade lash fans, they are-

  • Yegi Beauty Premade Lash Fans
  • Yegi Beauty Russian Volume Premade Eyelash Extensions

They also have varieties of lash extensions. They have a Yegi Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Starter Kit. You can check their website to find out more.

15. Royal Lashes

Royal lashes are capable of delivering you customized lashes if you want one. Their experience allows them to give you the exact type of false lashes you have in mind. They provide healthy and safe lashes for your use without compromising the quality. They claim to have experienced workers who have 100% training in this field.

The products Royal lashes offer are- premade individual lashes, eyelash serums, and primers. Moreover, they also supply adhesives, extension sealants. For extensions, they also have magnifying glasses for the convenience of the artist.

Some premade individual lash fans Royal lashes offer are-

  • 10D Handmade Promade– Royal Lashes
  • 14D Handmade Promade– Royal Lashes
  • 20D Handmade Promade– Royal Lashes
  • 4D Handmade Promade– Royal Lashes

16. LLBA Professional

This brand specializes in tools for eyelash extensions. They provide the best quality products for lash artists. They also specialize in eyelash extension supplies.

LLBA Professional wholesale pomade fans and also eyelash extensions. The available products are- classic and volume lashes, and easy fan lashes. They also have YY Pre-Fanned Lashes, liquids, Hydro Gel Eye Pads. They sell kits for lash and brow lifts, tweezers, accessories, and more.

Their best promade individual lashes are-

  • Promade fans 3D | 0.10
  • Promade fans 3D | 0.07
  • Promade fans 4D | 0.10
  • Promade fans 4D | 0.07
  • Promade fans 5D | 0.05

There are many options. Check their website to see more.

17. Dollce Doll

Dollce Doll has the best-selling lash products. They ship across the US and also all over the world. They have years of experience with hair and beauty. And the brand specializes in eyelash extensions and also nails products. Their products are 100% cruelty-free.

They have lash kits, accessories, promade loose fans, premade Russian fans as well. Moreover, they have short stem Russian volume fans, classic and Russian eyelash extensions. They have glues, tweezers, and also strip lashes.

Here are some of their premade individual lashes-

  • Spikes – 5d Promade 0.07
  • Promade 6d 0.0 Russian Fans (Loose Box Of 500)
  • 3d Pre-made Russian Fan Lashes
  • 4d Pre-made Russian Fan Lashes
  • 5d Pre-made Russian Fan Lashes
  • Hybrid 5d Pre-made Fan Lashes
  • 10d Pre-made Russian Fan Lashes
  • 20d Pre-made Russian Fans

18. Luscious Lashes

Luscious lashes have been in the beauty industry since 2003. They claim to have a great quality of lashes even at the lowest price. They also offer training programs for potential artists and provide certification.

They have masks, adhesives, aftercare products, removers, primers, kits, and other lash tools. They also sell tapes and gel pads. Their lash products include premade lash fans, magnetic lashes, mink lashes too. They also have color varieties such as purple, blue, and pink lashes.

Some of their premade lashes are-

  • C Premade 5D Volume Fans C Curl (Bouquets of 5)
  • D Premade 5D Volume Fans D Curl (Bouquets of 5)

19. Lashes by Kins

Lashes by Kins claims to provide a lucrative service and give great results in 20minutes. They offer varieties while maintaining a website for customers’ convenience. They do not limit themselves to lashes but also have other lash products. Such as kits, glues, tweezers, merch, aftercare products, and more.

Some of their best-seller premade lash fans are-

  • 5D Premades Mixed Trays
  • 10D Premades
  • 8D Premades

Besides the bestsellers, they also have 6D Premade lash fans.

20. Paris Lash Academy

Paris Lash Academy got created by Michelle Nguyen, the director of Paris Lash Academy. After years of studying, she wanted to fill the gap in the market by making a safe and aesthetic brand.

This brand provides lash extensions supplies. But they also have kits, accessories, adhesives, and tools. The lash products also consist of loose trays of individual lashes, some of those are-

  • 3D Promade Loose Fans 0.07- 475-530 Fans
  • 5D Promade Loose Fans 0.07- 475-530 fans
  • 9D Promade Loose Fans- 0.07- 475-530 fans

21. ILevel Lab

ILevel supplies the best quality lashes for professionals at the price of wholesale. They have improved on their packaging and made it sustainable. They show great pride in contributing to saving the natural environment.

They have products for lash lifts, beauty, and aftercare. They also have removers, primers, and adhesives. Needless to mention their varieties of application tools are available, like tweezers, etc.

The lash products they have are- classic, volume, easy fans, flat, and premade lash fans. Among many premade lash fans they offer, here are a few-

  • Sale 2D Premade Trays
  • 3D Russian Premade Volume Fans
  • Sale 5D Russian Premade Fans
  • 2D Premade Fans
  • 6D Russian Premade Volume Fans

22. Lash Affair

With a smart and classy-looking website, Lash Affair has every lash extension product. They also provide lash extension services as well as certification as an artist.

Lash Affair offers, HD Mascara, Hydrating serums, growth serums, and also foaming cleansers. Products for lash and brow lift, adhesives, aftercare products, and also their merch. They have varieties of lash extensions. The premade lash fans you will find on this website is-

  • Dirty Little Secrets Pre-made Lash Extensions.

23. Sinful Lashes

Sinful Lashes are lash vendors are also known for training. They are proud to be a 100% female-owned academy. Initiated and started by Michelle Rath from a small space to an established and famous brand now.

Sinful Lashes offer adhesives and removers, tweezers, aftercare products, and also lash lift. The lashes include mix tray lash extensions, single tray lash extensions, and specialty. In the specialty section, they have premade lash fans as well. Some of them are-

  • 4D Premade Lash Extension Fans by Sinful Lashes
  • 5D Premade Lash Extension Fans by Sinful Lashes

24. Wink Lash Parlor

Wink Lash Parlor got established in 2006. The brand has established itself through practice. Now they claim to only give perfection. The products you will find are eyelash extensions, adhesives, removers, and primers. They also have accessories. Their lash extension products include-

  • 3D Pre Made Volume Fans
  • 3D Pre Made Color Volume Fans
  • 4D Pre Made Volume Fans
  • 5D Pre Made Volume Fans
  • 6D Pre Made Mega Volume Fans
  • 8D Pre Made Mega Volume Fans
  • 10D Pre Made Mega

25. LashBeePro

LashBeePro aims to empower professional artists to succeed through superior products. The brand also aims to provide education to make lash enthusiasts established.

They have adhesives, removers, accessories, kits, tweezers, tools, and lashes. The lashes they have are classics, volume ashes, flat, colored, and premade lashes.

Here are a few of their premade lash fans-

  • 14D Queen Bee Pre-made Fans
  • 10D Queen Bee Pre-made Fans
  • 8D Queen Bee Pre-made Fans
  • 6D Queen Bee Pre-made Fans
  • Mixed-Length 6D Pre-made Fans
  • Mixed-Length 5D Pre-made Fans
  • Mixed-Length 4D Pre-made Fans

You can check their website to find more.

26. Aki Lashes

Aki Lashes have a great range of lash products for you. They have lash lift supplies and lash extension supplies. Currently, their site is offering a clearance on lash products- you can go check that out.

The lash products in Aki lashes include classic, volume, smart Russian, and flat lashes. They also offer Pre-made lashes and colored lashes. You will also find tools, adhesives, accessories, primers, and kits.

They also offer Pre-made fans, such as-

  • 3D Mixed Premade Fans
  • 3D Premade Fans
  • 4D Mixed premade Fans
  • 4D Premade Fans
  • 5D Mixed Premade Fans
  • 10D Mixed Premade Fans
  • 12D Mixed Premade Fans

27. Eyelash Excellence

This award-winning business Eyelash Excellence is well-known for eyelash extensions. Administered by UK’s excellent lash technicians, the business is famous for its quality.

The business has eyelash extensions, lash tools, and even accessories. They also have cleansers, brow lamination, and also kits. The best thing is, they also have mannequins for the lash artists’ practice and also guides.

They have classic extensions, flat lashes, Pre-made fans, and also Russian volume lashes. They also have Pre-made lashes, that include-

  • Pre-made Volume – Mixed Length
  • Pre-made Russian Volume C Curl 0.05 Single Length Trays
  • Pre-made Volume Fans C Curl 0.07 Single Length Trays
  • Pre-made Fans (D Curl 0.07 Single Length)

28. Beyelian Lashes

Beyelian lashes have been a part of the beauty industry since 2010. Earlier, they used to do eyelash extensions for clients, and later they created this brand.

Beyelian lashes offer kits, adhesives, application tools, and also tweezers. The lash products are easy-fan lashes, mega volume 15Ds, Classics, Pre-made, and so on.

The Pre-made fans they have are-

  • 0.10 3D Premade Fan Lashes
  • 0.10 4D Premade Fan Lashes
  • 0.07 3D Wider Premade Fan Lashes
  • 0.07 5d Wider Premade Fan Lashes
  • 0.07 6DWider Premade Fan Lashes
  • 0.10 6D Premade Fan Lashes

29. Organic Tan Face and Body

Organic Tan is a high-end spa the offers various things as expected in salons. Run by educated professionals, also offering every service one needs for their lashes. They have licensed lash artists working for the best quality services.

Their various services include- healthy scalp care, airbrush tanning, and also makeup services. They also have lash lift services.


GETLASHEDLA offers lash-extension supplies at the price of wholesale. Their main motto is quality over making a profit. And this makes their purpose unique and driven for customers’ benefit.

They have lash extensions, goodies like masks, sanitizers, and lash serums. They also have lash creams and gels. They have application tools as well, gel pads, and tweezers.  Their premade lash product is ‘Pre-made Lashes’. But other than that, they have fanning mix trays as well. Such as-

  • Fast Fanning Mix Trays
  • Fast Fanning Single Trays

You can use these to make premade lashes if needed.

31. Thousand Lashes

Thousand Lashes is a business offering different eyelash extension supplies for professionals. They develop their products based on your choice and liking. Their website promotes cultural diversity as it reflects through their illustrations.

The products you will find are lashes, liquids, kits, application tools, and accessories. They also have lash care products and tweezers. Their lash collection includes classic lashes, mega volume, and also Russian volume.

Some of their Pre-made lashes are-

  • 3DPre-made Volume Fans: 0.05
  • 3D Pre-made Volume Fans : 0.05 Mix Length
  • 5D Pre-made Volume Fans 0.07
  • 4D Pre-made Volume Fans : 0.07

There are plenty of options; you can go check their website.

32. Lash Reality

Lash Reality, founded by Carlee Workman has flourished in the lash industry. Workman’s specializes in understanding creating the best kind of fans for her customers.

Lash Reality offers Pre-made eyelash fans, extensions, and other necessary items. Those items are tweezers, accessories, and liquids too. For eyelash extensions, they have classics, volume lashes, and also strip ones. For premade lashes they have-

  • 8D Sharp Stem
  • 5D Sharp Stem
  • 7D Loose Promade Fans
  • 8D Short Stem
  • 12D Sharp Stem

They also have colored Pre-made for you, check it out on their website.

33. Luxury Lash

Luxury Lashes claim to be one of the top choices in the world of the cosmetic market. They provide training for new artists; give them affordable products. And yet of the best quality.

They have the usual- tweezers, kits, and accessories. They also have makeup in the accessories category. That category has mascaras, pallets, tweezers, and more. For aftercare products, they have lotion, removers, and also micro brushes. Their lash range is also vast. They have volume extensions, classics, mink speed fans, colored lashes, etc.

The premade lash fans available at Luxury Lashes are-

  • Dulcet Lashes Pre fan lashes (Box)
  • Dulcet Pre Fan Lashes (Tray)My Luxury Lash

34. Cashmere Lashes

Cashmere Lashes is a business that has one of the best-picked lash extension supplies. They claim to have products that are of exceptional quality and are affordable. The products are handmade and designed with a lightweight material.

Cashmere Lashes offer adhesives, doll lashes, eye link charm sets, and more. Their most popular individual lashes are ‘Bridge Volume 0.07’.

There are more individual lashes options that include-

  • Merino Tray 7D 0.05
  • Merino Tray 4D 5D 6D 0.07
  • Angora Short Stem 7D 0.07
  • Feathers Volume 3D 0.10 Tray
  • Feathers Volume 5D 0.07 Tray

35. Cammy Nguyen

Cammy Nguyn is a licensed brand run by Cammy Nguyen herself. She began her career at a young age but as a nail technician. Soon she put more focus on her more sectors like lash technicalities. Her amazing work has made her known all over the world.

Cammy Nguyen offers all kinds of lash products and services. Starting last extension, false lashes, kits, aftercare, strip lashes, they have it all. You will also find applications tools, brushes, and so on.

The premade lashes you can find in Cammy Nguyen are-

  • Cluster Lashes 10D .10 (Crisscross Style)
  • Cluster Lashes 10D 0.10
  • Cluster Lashes 20D 0.10
  • 0.07 Cluster Lashes

36. Salon System

Salon System claims to be passionate, inspiring, and expert. They have won many awards for their endeavors and services. They do not only offer products but also training for their artists.

The various products you will find are- lash and brow products, nail products, and wax. Among the lash products they have- Strip and individual lashes, lash lift and Curl. They also have Lash and Brow Tints, and Marvelbrow.

The premade individual lash fans they have are-

  • Individual Lash- Texture (Wispy Style) Short
  • Individual Lash- Texture (Wispy Style) Medium
  • Individual Lash – Texture (Mink Style) Short
  • Individual Lash – Texture (Mink Style) Medium
  • Individual Lash – Duo & Trio Short & Medium Assorted
  • Individual Lash – Volume Black Long

They have plenty of other options; you can check them out on their website.

37. The Eyelash Emporium

The Eyelash Emporium is a business that delivers expert-approved technical products. The products available are handmade and crafted by professionals. They have award-winning craftsmen who work as technicians of their lash products.

The products you will find are adhesives, lashes, aftercare products, and also accessories. They also have lash lifts and tinting services and products. As well as strip lashes to application tools, you will find it all in The Eyelash Emporium.

Among classic, volume, express, and loose lashes, they also offer Pre-made lash fans. Some of those are-

  • Special Effects D-Curl Pre-made Fan 5D- XKL Tray
  • Special Effects C-Curl Pre-made Fan 5D – XL Tray
  • Special Effects C-Curl Pre-made Fan 4D – XL Tray
  • Special Effects C-Curl Mixed Base Pre-made Fan 6D
  • Special Effects C-Curl Pre-made Fan 3D


LASHBASE is one of the biggest suppliers of eyelash extensions. They have a stock of everything one needs related to lashes. They are confident about their product and believe they are the best in the market.

The products are adhesives and lashes. They also have ‘Lifted’ (lash lift and brow lamination products). This includes lash and brow oils, brow brush, balms, eye masks, timer, etc.

Their lashes include the typical varieties as expected. They also have Pre-made lash fans. Some of which are-

  • New Generation 3D Pre Made Volume Fans Single Lengths – XXL Tray
  • 12D Pre Made Mega Volume Fans Single Lengths – XXL Tray
  • New Generation 3D Pre Made Volume Fans Mixed Lengths – XXL Tray

They have adequate other options, check their website for more.

39. SOSU By Suzanne Jackson

SOSU got initiated by Suzanne Jackson, a businesswoman who was a blogger earlier. She is a risk-taker and has taken this business in the position of an establishment. SOSU is not well-known to retailers and has gotten stocked by many. Some of the names include- TESCOM, Primark, GStores, Beauty Bay, Dunnes Stores, and more.

SOSU offers all kinds of beauty products. Their products are for the face, nails, eyes, lips, brushes, and also skincare. The lash products you can find are- individuals, 3D luxuries, lash accessories, and more.

Some of their Pre-made individual lash fans are-

  • One of a Kind Individual Lashes
  • Lash & Go Bundle
  • Eye Essentials Bundle
  • Eye Voltage Essentials
  • Bright Eyed Bundle

40. London Lash

London Lash has a bold online presence that empowers women all over the world. They have a passion for lashes and aim to inspire and support the community. The brand not only provides products and services but also training for artists.

The products you will find are liquids, glues, accessories, and also eyebrow treatment. They also have lash lifting services and goods as well as nail products. Among the lashes, they have Mayfair lashes, Chelsea lashes, and easy fanning lashes. They also have Pre-made lash fans, some of which are-

  • Premade Fans 0.07 – 3D
  • Premade Fans 0.07 – 4D
  • Premade Fans 0.07 – 5D
  • Premade Fans 0.07 – 6D

41. Lashview London

Lashview is an online wholesale business that has extraordinary eyelash extension supplies. They are currently one of the top businesses- always updating, innovating, and creating.

They have glues, removers, tweezers, strip lashes, and eyelash extensions. The lash extensions they offer are flat lashes, classics, volume, and easy fans. Premade lash fans on their website are under the name- Cluster. And the products are-

  • Cluster Lashes
  • Short Stem Pre Made Volume Fans C Curl
  • Short Stem Pre Made Volume Fans D Curl

42. Lash Art

LashArt began in 2007. They started as a small team of people very enthusiastic about lash designing. Soon, this dedication resulted in LashArts becoming one of the leading brands in the UK.

LashArts offers lashes, adhesives, accessories, and kits too. They have tweezers, eye pads, and application tools. The lash products they have are Noir volume, cashmere lashes, and eyelash extensions. Their Pre-made lash fans are-

  • Muse Extended Lashes MUSE 3D 0.10 Curl: C
  • Noir Volume Lashes 0.10 3D Tray Curl: D Curl
  • Noir Volume Lashes 0.05 9D Premade Mega Russian Fans Pre fanned Mink
  • Noir Volume Lashes 0.05 6D Premade Mega Russian Fans Pre fanned Mink Eyelash Extensions
  • Noir Volume Lashes0.05 8D Premade Mega Russian Fans Pre fanned Mink Eyelash Extensions
  • Noir Volume Lashes 0.07 6D Premade Russian Fans Pre fanned Mink Eyelash Extensions
  • Noir Volume Lashes 0.05 10D Pre-made Mega Russian Fans Pre fanned Mink Eyelash Extensions

43. Lash Dolls UK

Lash Dolls have over 10 years of experience in this sector. They take pride in their hard work behind the selection of the best raw materials for their products.

The products available are tweezers, lash extensions, lash adhesives, and also accessories. They have Pre-made lashes as well. Some of which are-

  • 5D Pre Made Volume Fan Lashes 0.05
  • 10D Pre Made Volume Fan Lashes 0.03
  • 5D, 8D & 10D Pre-made Volume Fans Mixed Length
  • 10D Pre Made Volume Fans Lashes 0.05
  • 7D Pre Made Volume Fans 0.07

44. Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes have been in the industry since 2005. They have earned a name in UK’s market as one of the leading brands. They claim to give phenomenal results through their services.

The products you can find are- after-care products and lash products. They have lash serums, mascaras, lash removal collection, and also cleansers.

45. LivBay Canada

LivBay started its business without enough bank funds or even guidance. Their dedication has turned the company into an eight-figure company. They have 4 salon locations, a supply chain, and also a retail store.

LivBay offers lash adhesives, eyelash extensions, lash tweezers, and accessories. They also have lash kits, apparel, and tools. Among the typical lashes, they also have Pre-made lash fans. Some of which are-

  • Big Mama Premades– 0.05 Mix
  • We’re Your Biggest Fan- 0.05 Mixed
  • We’re Your Biggest Fan- 0.03 Mixed

46. Eslashes

Eslashes believe their products will save you time. They offer premium lash extension supplies. They guarantee fast delivery, even if it gets shipped.

Eslashes have liquids, application tools, professional lash kits, and also after-care products. The lash products they have are- YY lashes, volume lashes, and flat lashes.

The Pre-made lash fans they have are-

  • 6D Short Stem 0.07 Premade Fans
  • Large 10D Premade 0.03 Volume Lash Fans
  • Large 5D Premade 0.07 Volume Lash Fans
  • Large 6D 0.05 Premade Volume Lash Fans
  • Large 4D Premade 0.07 Volume Lash Fans

47. Lost Artistry

The founder of Lost Artistry started the business aiming to bring a reliable company. She wanted to make a platform that also provides products along with education. She and her husband distribute lash extensions and also supply them all around the world.

The products you can find are liquids, tweezers, accessories, and after-care products. The lash products are- classics, volume, flat, easy fans, and Pre-made fans. They also have lash kits. The Pre-made lashes are-

  • Pre-Fan Lashes 5D Curl C
  • Pre-Fan Lashes 7D Curl DD
  • Pre-Fan Lashes 10D Curl L
  • Pre-Fan Lashes Length 8 Short Stem

They have plenty of options to shuffle through. Check out their website to know more.

48. Dlux Professional Canada

Dlux is a Canada-based company but it serves globally. They aim to provide extraordinary lash extensions at a very good value. They also have excellent customer service.

Their products include adhesives, primers, and removers. Moreover, they have application tools, aftercare products, and kits. Their lash products are silk, mink, vivid volume, color lashes, and falsies.

Some of their Pre-made lashes are-

  • Dlux Pro 5D Pre-made Advanced Volume Fan Lash (Heat Bonded)
  • Dlux Pro 6D Pre-made Advanced Volume Fan Lash (Heat Bonded)
  • Dlux Pre-made Fans 5D Volume Lashes
  • Pre-made Fans 2D Volume Lashes (Y Lashes)
  • Dlux Pro 2D Pre-made Advanced Volume Fan Lash (Heat Bonded)
  • Dlux Pre-made Fans 6D Volume Lashes

They have many other options, check out their website.

49. Rare Lash Factory

Rare Lash Factory is in Melbourne. They specialize in lash extensions with over six years of experience. They are also experts in fashion and makeup.

Rare Lash Factory offers facial masks, mascaras, body butter, and lashes. They also have bronzers and illuminators. They also have application tools and kits.

Their best-selling premade lashes include-

  • Pre-made Volume 4D Bonded
  • Pre-made Volume 3D Bonded
  • Pre-made Volume C Curl Bond Free

50. Lash Jungle

Lash Jungle commits to providing the best eyelash extension supplies. Their products are all tested by a group of lash professionals. Their goal is to help you all save time.

The products they offer are liquids, lash glues, accessories as well. They have varieties in their lash range. There are two types of classic lashes they have- faux mink and flat lashes.

Their Pre-made lash fans include-

  • 5D & 6D Premade Volume Fans Mid-Stem
  • 5D Premade Volume Fans Long Stem Clearance
  • 10D Premade Volume Fans Short Stem Clearance
  • 3D Premade Volume Fans Long Stem Clearance

51. Giáli Lashes

Giáli lashes are suppliers who are well-known in Australia. Yet, they have a great shipping facility to service customers from all over the world. The business owner Amanda D-Andrea has about 10 years’ worth of experience in the industry.

The products you will find are adhesives, kits, tweezers, and aftercare products. You will also find Giáli merch. Their lash products are premade spikes, classics, volume, easy-volume, and premium short-stems.

Some of their Pre-made lash fans are-

  • Giáli Lashes Premade Professional Spikes
  • Giáli Lashes 10D 0.05 Short Stem Premade Volume Fans Lash Tray
  • Giáli lashes 12D Short Stem Premade Volume Fans Lash Tray

52. Fan of Lashes

Fan of Lashes is one of the largest silk Pre-made lash extensions suppliers in Australia. The CEO, Elke, started his career in the lash industry about five years ago. While his years in practice and training, he had created extraordinary fans.

You will find lashes, tweezers, and lash accessories. Moreover, they have accessories such as lash pillows and shelves, and eye pads. Also, tweezer cases, and holders. Their special dedication lies in Pre-made fans, and some of those are-

  • 12D Mega Volume Lashes 0.03
  • 14D Mega Volume Lashes 0.03
  • 3D Pre-made Volume Lashes 8-14mm 0.07
  • 5D Pre-made Volume Lashes 8-15mm 0.05
  • 7D Medium Root Pre-made Lashes
  • 4D Pre-made Volume Lashes 8-15mm 0.07

53. Lash V

Lash V has a great value of products. They are one of the leading promade extension suppliers. They are passionate about making their raw materials safe and of high quality.

The products you will find in Lash V are spike lashes and wispy lashes. They also have adhesives, accessories, and after-care products.

Their short stem premade fans are-

· 3D Short Stem Pro – 0.07 – C Curl – Premade Volume Lash Fan

· 3D Promade Fans – 0.10mm – D Curl – 20 Line – 600 Fans

· 4D Short Stem Pro – 0.10 – C Curl – Premade Volume Lash Fan

· 3D Short Stem Pro – 0.07 – D Curl – Premade Volume Lash Fan

· 4D Short Stem Pro – 0.07 – D Curl – Premade Volume Lash Fan

· 3D Short Stem Pro – 0.10 – D Curl – Premade Volume Lash Fan

· 3D Short Stem Pro – 0.10 – C Curl – Premade Volume Lash Fan

There are more, check their website to findthem.

54. Elite Lash Supplies

Elite Lash supplies tailor their products keeping in mind the preference of clients. They also have training facilities for rising artists.

You will find classic, Russian volume lashes, and Pre-made lashes. They also have magnetic lashes. Moreover, they have adhesives, lash lifting items, application tools, and aftercare products.

Their Pre-made lash items are-

  • Elite 5D Volume 0.07 Short Wide Stem
  • Elite 4D Volume 0.07 Short Wide Stem
  • Elite 3D Pre-made Volume 0.07 Short Wide Stem
  • Elite 4D Pre-made Volume 0.07 Long Stem
  • Elite 5D Volume 0.07 Long Stem
  • Elite 3D Pre-made Volume 0.07 Long Stem

55. Beauty Direct Wholesalers

This business is Australia’s beauty products wholesaler. They allow new customers a 10% off discount, which keeps people motivated to join and spread the word.

With quality products, Beauty Direct Wholesalers offer adhesives, lash kits, and accessories. They have pre-fanned volume eyelash extensions and also individual eyelash extensions.

Some of the Pre-made lash fans they have are-

  • 6D Eyelash Extensions (0.07 Thickness) Short Stem
  • 4D Eyelash Extension – (0.07 Thickness) Short Stem
  • 4D Eyelash Extension – (0.07 Thickness) Long Stem
  • 5D Eyelash Extension (0.07 Thickness) Long Stem
  • 3D Eyelash Extension – (0.07 Thickness) Short Stem
  • 5D Eyelash Extensions (0.07 Thickness) Short Stem

56. Miss Lashes

Miss lashes are a popular lifestyle and beauty brand. They make their products with the utmost concentration on their customers’ desires. They not only care about aesthetics but also about the quality of what they produce.

The brand offers lash products, brow products, skin services, and also jewelry. The lash products they have are flat, premium matt, missy, easy fan lashes, and more. They have application tools, tweezers, and glues. They have false lashes and their easy fan lash range has tons of varieties.

57. Fluffy Lashes

Fluffy lashes claim to be the best suppliers of eyelash extensions. Their goal is to pay attention to constant product development. They are always up to date with their customers. They also alter their products whenever there are suggestions for improvements.

The different products you will find are volume, mega volume, and rootless wide fans. They also have easy fan lashes.

Their different Pre-made lash individual fans are-

  • 10D Mega Volume 0.03
  • 5D Hybrid Fans
  • 10D Mega Volume Thin Base
  • 4D Rootless Wide Fans
  • 3D Rootless Wide Fans
  • 10D Mega Volume 0.05

Check their website as they offer plenty of options.

Eyelashes have evolved. They are not limited to false eyelashes. Now there are eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and also lash perming. You have way more options to shuffle through. Pre-made lashes a.k.a individual or lash extensions have gained worldwide fame.

Pre-made lash fans make it easier for the lash artist to apply during the procedure if they are new to the field. This is a process of bringing the easy fans together in clusters. Also for a faster application, so that too much time is not wasted.

But, knowing the vast market, how do you know which brands offer premade lashes? This article is here for that. Here is a list of various brands and the premade lash fans they offer.

To sum it up, these brands in the article are trustworthy. They have gained a reputation in the industry. All of them are leading in one way or the other.

You can go through the various technicalities and how each of the brands operates. You can also check their websites to know further details, feedbacks, and more. Go get yourself pre-made lash fans to make your work easier and swift.

Stay with us and keep an eye for more informative blogs.


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