5 Steps To Use The Lash Lift Kit At Home



Have you experienced a nightmare eyelash look after applying tons of mascara coats? Do you use various other procedures to make your lashes appear longer and curlier? Then you should learn more about lash lifts.
Out of the various things we can do to our eyelashes, lash lifts are the safest bets. People often confuse lash lifts with eyelash extensions. But they are different things. An eyelash extension requires the use of false synthetic individual lashes. And do not attempt to do it yourself at home.

But lash lifts do not need artificial additions to your lashes. Instead, it deals with your real eyelashes. You can also perform the task by yourself, only if you know how to do it. And also only if you have a lash lift kit with you.

With a growing demand for lash lifts, there is also a rise in the cost of getting it done by a professional. Thus, many people buy the lash lift kit to do it themselves at home. But, some are unaware of the knowledge on how to use them the right way.

This article will help you get on with the step-by-step process of how to use lash lift kits at home.


The Step-by-Step Procedure of Using Lash Lift Kit at Home

The following steps will help you achieve a lash lift at home just by using the kit. And here are some ways-

1. Start by Cleaning Your Eyelashes.

Before even deciding to get a lash lift, at least 3 days before it, make sure to avoid waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara leaves a residue that often does not come out for 2-3 days.

You also may use an oil-free remover to get rid of any excess dirt or residue. If oil is present in your lashes, the whole procedure might get ruined. After washing them well, you have to pat them dry to be fresh and clean.

You can also take a picture of your lashes before performing the lash lift, to see the before and after results.

2. Choose A Lash Shield.

Lash shields are of a special shape created with silicone, that is quite flexible. The shape gets made in a way that will sit well on your eyelids.

There are various sizes of lash shields and getting the correct kind is very much essential. Mastering the perfect lash shield is quite tricky. If it is too small, your lashes may get abnormal curls and if it is too big, then they may fail to get lifted well. But, a smaller shield also helps get a more dramatic look.
Nonetheless, you can determine the length of your lashes and adjust your lash shield.
Start by placing a pad under your eyes. Make sure to keep your lower lashes away and secure during the measurements. Now take the clean shield up to your lashes to measure the length of them and to know how much you will need.
Make sure to have the lashes not have any edge poking out. The shield cannot exceed too much, neither can it be smaller. There you will have a proper base to conduct the process.

3. Application Of The Glue.

The glue is important. Apply it using a stick while gluing it on the lift pad/ shield. The duration to wait after that is about 30 seconds. After that, using a lash comb, in a gentle motion, lift your lashes and stick them to the lash shield.
Placing the pad very close to your lash line, press on the pad and press for about 30 seconds.

4. Perming Lotion And The Fixing Lotion.

Using the perming and fixing lotions are important. Take the perm lotion on cotton and keep wiping it on the lower lashes. But it should not get applied on all the lashes, which would otherwise make the lashes lose.

When that is over, cover the lashes with plastic wrap, and keep it for about 15minures. But, the duration may vary based on how thick your lashes are.

After that, repeat the same procedure and use the fixing lotion. But do not touch the tips of your lashes. The waiting time after that is around 8-9 minutes.
The fixing lotion works in settling your natural lashes to the shield. It helps your lashes get the shield’s curved shape. The lotions also have particular chemicals that help with the curling process.

5. Cleaning Lash Lift.

After the task is complete, you will need to clean your lashes. Be thorough but not aggressive. Get rid of any excess lotion, traces of glue, and so on. Any fixing solution remaining in your lashes will disrupt the expected result.

After the thorough cleanse, you will also need to apply nourishing lotion. After-care is very important. Aftercare promises a long-lasting result.

You can now compare the results with the picture you took earlier. Did it work?

Your lash kit will include all the materials that you will need for the lift. After the process, you can relax as your lashes will look lifted, full and long for at least 7-8 weeks. But the duration depends on how well you take care of them and do not contribute to the natural restoration.

Lash lifts are semi-permanent. It is such an easy task that you can perform it yourself using the points mentioned above. Lash lifting requires no exceptional pattern or technicality. Instead, the lash lift kits have made getting a lash lift easier and accessible.

Every other eyelash-related beauty enhancement requires a professional. But a lash lift kit can assist you in doing it yourself in the best way.

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