5 Steps To Make Wispy Eyelash Extensions.



Wispy eyelash extensions, also known as Kim K Lashes, have become the new trend. So many new lash styles have emerged in the lash industry. In this article, we will discuss a complete guide on how to make wispy eyelash extensions.

But first, we need to know what wispy lash extensions are.

What Are Wispy Lash Extensions?

Wispy lash extensions are a different technique in which you create a wispy look of false lashes. The lash technicians make a handmade lash fan by using 2-6 false lashes of alternating lengths. This process is for people who want a dramatic look in their eyes.

While being eyelash extensions, wispy lashes give the same dramatic look as false strip lashes.

Many lash technicians also call it a free lashing style. It is because you’re free to choose the different lengths of lashes you want.

How To Do Wispy Lash Extensions?

Here are all the steps you need to follow to do wispy lash extensions.

  1. Before starting the process, it’s essential to understand your client’s natural lashes. Everyone has different natural lashes. Therefore, you have to act according to your customer’s natural lashes.
  2. The best idea is to choose the lashes of the highest lengths. It can be anywhere in the middle or at the outer corner. Then, place them on the natural lashes while maintaining a distance so as to get a representation of the look you’re making right from the start.
  3. After placing the spikes of the highest lengths in their position, it’s time for the next step. A better idea is to take lashes 1-2mm shorter than those at the highest points. Then, fill them in the gaps left between these points.
  4. The lashes at the inner corner of the eye should be the shortest, and those at the outer corner should be the longest.
  5. You can use lashes of three lengths, each 1-2mm shorter than the previous one.

While this is a general guide, you have to alter the shape of the lashes according to your client’s natural lashes. In some, you will have to keep the highest length only in the middle, with it shortening as you move to the corner.

However, a general rule to follow is to always keep the longest length at the outer corner of the eye.

Final Words

You have to follow a specific mapping technique while doing wispy lash extensions. It is because they need to be placed according to your client’s natural lashes.

Wispy lashes are much different from other lash techniques. Mostly, you have to practice it on almost 10 clients to get the exact knowledge of doing wispy lashes. So, make sure you determine the highest points and place the lashes of the shorter length according to it. It will give a dramatic look that your clients will definitely love.


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