5 Steps How to Make Mega Wispy Volume Fans?



One of the many things one must know when they become a lash artist is to learn how to make all kinds of lashes. If you are a lash artist, you must be looking for instructions that can help you succeed at being a lash expert. 

Some lashes may be hard to make but there is a procedure to everything. There are various types present such as wispy lashes, volume lashes, and more.

But what about mega wispy volume fans? How hard is it to make them and how can you make them? Come let’s find out.

Mega wispy volume fans help you get lash extensions with a voluminous appearance. The formation of the fans is impressive. Your client may want any kind of look- open or cat eye, natural, kitten, squirrel, Kim-K look, or even feathered.

mega wispy volume
mega wispy volume

If your client wants a cat-eye effect, here is how it should go-

  1. The inner corners of an eye should always have shorter fans. For example, in the inner corners, it is better to use fans that are about 9mm.
  2. As you move on to the inner lids, you can keep a mixture of 9, 10, and 11mm. This will help create a transition and give a graceful longer-length appearance.
  3. As you move on to the eye-lid area, the length has to be 11 and 12mm. The 12mm fans need to be 7D HD Volume at least and the curl can be a D. This will bring a voluminous and wispy effect to the lids.
  4. The outer-lid area of the eye needs longer-length fans. For a better mega volume appearance, you can include 7D/8D/9D C/D curl fans of 12, 13, and 14mm. The automatic lift the eyes will get will also open the appearance of your eyes.
  5. When you move to the out lid, always end it with a shorter length compared to the fan you glued the last. If you last added a 14mm fan, you can end with a 13mm. But the curl must be C curl.

The C curl acts like a subtle finish and helps keep the balance subtle along with glamorous to the eyes.

The instruction above will help you create a cat-eye look. You can follow the same instructions if you want a Kim Kardashian eyelash look.

mega wispy volume lashes
mega wispy volume lashes

But if your client wants an open eye, natural, and even feathered look, here is how it should go-

1. For the inner corner, add 9mm fans. This is the beginning.

2. As you move on to the inner lids, increase the length to 10mm. The curl should be a subtle C to keep a natural effect.

3. Next is your eye-lid area. No need to increase the length of the fans to more than 11 and 12mm. 12mm is enough for a natural look and even an open-eyed appearance.

4. Moving on to the outer-lid area, go back to 11 and 10mm. The natural and open eye effect demands a look that glamorizes the eyelid area.

5. In the end, add a 9mm fan to finish off. This will again help put more focus on your eyelid area. That will end up giving your eyes an open eye and a natural appearance.

You can shuffle around and test what length appears best, but make sure to follow the transition. For open eye, natural, feathered looks, the eyelids get more focus. For other styles, such as Kim Kardashian style, cat-eye, the fans need to increase in length as you apply.

Following these instructions, you will help a client get a mega wispy volume look.


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