4 Main Lash Mapping Styles: Lash Mapping Guide



Apart from the quality of lash extensions, the application method plays a significant role. That’s why professional lash technicians need to learn a lash mapping guide. This guide helps them create the perfect lash extensions look without making them look unnatural.

If applied correctly, lash extensions can add a new and enhanced look to your eyes. So, a mapping guide is the best thing all professional and beginner lash artists need.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the process of lash mapping and how you can use it on various eye shapes.


Wispy Lash Mapping Styles

As everyone has different eye shapes, we cannot use the same style on every client. Otherwise, you’ll simply mess up everything, and the lashes will look unnatural.

Here’s how you can style lashes according to different eye shapes.

1. Squirrel Lash Map

You can get the squirrel look on hooded, almond, and round eyes. Monolid, downturned, and close-set eyes are also suitable for it.

You’ll have to take shorter lengths in the inner corner of the eye. Then, gradually increase the length, with the longest one being nearly in the middle. Now, you can decrease the length of the lashes.

2. Doll Eye Lash Map

The dolly eye look is suitable for almond eyes and wide eyes.

You’ll use shorter lengths on the sides and longer lengths in the midsection of the eyes.

3. Cat Eye Lash Map

The cat-eye look suits almond and round eyes. This process requires you to use lashes of longer lengths in the inner corner and gradually increase the lengths as you move to the side.

In short, the outer corner of the eye will have lashes of the longest length.

4. Kim K Lash Map

Like many other styles, the Kim K look suits best on round and almond eyes.

However, this lash look is much different from the other styles. Instead of following a pattern of placing lashes of different lengths, you put them roughly. The lashes will be longer in some areas and shorter in other areas.

This technique will create a spiky look, and you’ll get a wispy set.


A Guide To Lash Mapping

After determining the eye shape of the client and the technique you’ll be using to put false lashes, the next step is to start the process.

Step 1

Make your client sit straight in the correct position comfortably.

Then, make sure you check their eye shape to decide the correct lash mapping technique you’ll be following later to prevent a messy look.

Step 2

Ask your client to open their eyes and gently place the gel pads or eye patches.

Make sure the gel pads are on the lower lashes so that the lower lashes don’t mix with the upper lashes. However, staying gentle during this process is also essential as you’re dealing with the eyes.

Step 3

Now, divide the eye pads into two quadrants, then again divide these quadrants into two, and two more at last, which will give you a total of eight quadrants.

You can use these quadrants to determine the different lengths of lashes you’ll put on each natural lash.

Another idea is to mark points on the client’s skin before placing the gel pads and then mark the dots on the gel pads after they close their eyes.

You can use whatever method feels convenient. But, make sure that the method you’re using perfectly fits your client’s demands and suits their eye shape.

Step 4

You can start working on the style you’ve decided, and if needed, you can add or reduce the number of sections you made previously. It can be anything from five to eight sections.

Now, you can start work while choosing the length of each section yourself according to the selected design.

To take things smoothly, a better idea is to move from one section to another step-by-step. Also, you can use lashes of alternating lengths between the natural lashes to avoid giving a dramatic look to your client’s eyes.


Final Words

Lash mapping is not complicated once you learn the correct way of doing it. Our lash mapping guide contains a step-by-step process for lash mapping. We’ve also discussed the different eye shapes and how you can use the lash mapping technique to create a natural look on such eye shapes.

So, make sure you follow the process and keep practicing to master the art of lash mapping!


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