17 Best Wholesale Eyelashes Vendors Factory Manufacturers Distributors Eyelash Extensions Suppliers In Norway

1. Lash extension vendor manufacturer supplier in Norway

Wholesale eyelashes extensions vendor Mexico

Lash factory China is an eyelash brand owned by China, an expert lash artist with an eye for uniqueness. Lea was looking for the best eyelash products, prompting her to start her lash line.

The Lash industry offers updated and trending products and services in the industry. Lash Industry has you covered!

Why choose Lash factory? The brand offers the best lashes, glue, and tweezers and keeps up with the newest market trend. It aims at staying relevant in terms of services and products.

Lash factory has the highest quality and comes in charcoal-black colours. The lashes offer a luxurious and fluffy feeling to the clients.

Lash factory have a predetermined thickness of 0.03mm,0.05mm, 0,07mm,0.10mm,0.12mm,0.15mm,0.18mm,0.20mm. They maintain their curls for the longest time. eyelash extensions norway

The lashes come in mixed and simple palettes. This offers you an option for diversification.

Visit Lash factory’s website for details about their services and products. Enjoy the amazing prices placed on all their products.

2. Hoa Beauty Lashes supplier wholesale mink eyelash extensions in Norway

lash extension supplier Norway

Hoa Beauty Lashes is a leading eyelash products brand. They supply all types of eyelash extensions related products in the market.

Hoa Beauty Lashes is a professional lashing training company and an eyelash factory. They manufacture high-quality eyelash extensions.

Why choose Hoa Beauty Lashes? The brand organizes international eyelash extensions competitions in Norway, Vietnam, and the USA.

Organizing international events shows that Hoa Beauty is a trusted brand. lash in norwegian

Hoa Beauty offers a range of premium eyelash extensions. The eyelash extensions come in different packages, which include;

  • Hoa Beauty Lashes Mix Size Classic
  • Hoa Beauty Lashes Single Size-Gold Volume
  • Hoa Beauty Lashes Gold Mix Size Volume
  • Hoa Beauty Lashes Single Gold Classic
  • Plus, much more, including colored and premade fan lashes.

Hoa Beauty places incredible prices on eyelash extensions while maintaining high product quality.

Are you a beginner in lash styling? Hoa Beauty offers training heads that allow you to train at home. The products come at an amazing price to boost your skill. lash extensions oslo

Reach out to Hoa Beauty Lashes for more information about their eyelash extensions.

3. Lash Bar best lash extension vendor wholesale volume lashes Norway

lash vendor list Norway

Lash Bar is a one-stop shop for eyelash extensions and brows. It offers professional lash and brow styling services and quality products.

Lash Bar offers competitive lash and brow courses to students who wish to join the industry. lash extensions oslo

Why choose Lash Bar? Lash Bar offers impeccable hand-made eyelash extensions which guarantee durability. The lashes have a soft feel and contain an outstanding design.

Their range of Black Lashes comes in colorful packaging containing cartoon characters.

Each pack has a different style of eyelash extensions, such as M, D, CC, or C curls.

Each pack’s eyelash extensions come in different lengths and thicknesses. Lash Bar offers a lash wallet, a piece of salon equipment for measuring the lash lengths.

Visit the Lash Bar Webshop to order your products and enjoy free shipping on orders above Kr 799.

4. Secret Lashes wholesale mink volume eyelash extensions Norway

lash vendor wholesale Norway

Secret Lashes is the best eyelash extension products distributor in Norway. They manufacture bespoke eyelash extensions alongside other eyelash extension supplies.

Secret Lashes is your service provider, product provider, and reliable partner. This means that the company allows room for collaborations in selling its products. best lash extensions Norway

Why choose Secret Lashes? The brand offers permanently curved eyelash extensions. No need to keep curling with a lash curler!

Secret Lashes have profiled and thin ends. This helps to imitate natural eyelashes and brighten your eyes.

Secret Lashes come in an interesting 1:1, 2:1 technique. This helps in lengthening, thickening, and filling your natural lashes.

SL lashes come in different lengths, thicknesses, colors, and curls. This help to satisfy the needs of the diverse market.

Contact Secret Lashes for their range of products and services and be up to speed with the latest trends.

5. Lashes & Estetikk best lash extension brands in Norway

lash extension supplier Norway

Lashes & Estetikk is among the leading eyelash extension service providers in Oslo. They also offer durable eyelash extensions.

LE believes in offering clients value for their money. They believe in the interior and exterior well-being of the clients.

Why choose Lashes & Estetikk? LE offers quality eyelash extensions and supplies such as adhesives, plus more. professional lash extension brands

The eyelash extensions come in simple but elegant packaging containing numerous lash strands. LE offers reasonable prices for its eyelash extensions.

Lash & Estetikk has a unique lash application style for clients looking for a change. They offer laser extensions, and you can choose to go with the classic, hybrid, or volume lashes.

Reach out to Le via their website for more details about their products and services.

6. Deluxe Beauty supply best volume eyelash extensions brand in Norway

eyelash manufacturer Norway

Deluxe Beauty is an exceptional beauty salon, beauty academy and eyelash extensions brand. Deluxe Beauty keeps providing spectacular services and products since 2015.

It has a team of professional lash stylists and trainers for the best services.

Why choose Deluxe Beauty? Deluxe Beauty Lashes offers the best quality eyelash extension products on the market.  best lash extensions 

The brand commits to making each client satisfied and loyal through memorable experiences.

Enjoy the best price on our range of eyelash extensions that come in different colors. One set may contain 2 different colors with different lengths, thicknesses, and curls.

Deluxe Beauty Lashes categories include:

  • Colored Lashes
  • Ombre Lashes
  • Dark Brown Lashes
  • Silk Lashes
  • Premium Lashes

Visit their website for the above and more eyelash extension products. Walk into their salon in Fredrikstad for your beauty treatment needs and enquiries.

7. Lash Rehab wholesale lashes extensions oslo Norway

lash extension wholesale Norway

Lash Rehab is a client-oriented beauty salon. They offer outstanding brow lamination, Rock lift services, and student training.

Lash Rehab has a team of dedicated stylists who work towards achieving the goal of the beauty brand. The beauty brand also sells beauty supplies, including eyelash extensions.

Why choose Lash Rehab? Lash Rehab is a salon, a school, and a trusted beauty brand by other brands. mink lash extensions Norway

Lash Rehabs stocks eyelash extensions and supplies from top brands such as Nagaraku.

Each pack of eyelash extensions contains lash strands of different sizes. There are other types of lashes, such as strip lashes, sold at affordable prices.

Visit Lash Rehab’s online store for amazing eyelash extension products. Enjoy quality discounts if you’re looking into becoming one of Lash Rehab’s students.

8. Beauty Cult best lash extensions oslo near me Norway

eyelash vendor list Norway

Beauty Cult is a beauty brand founded on the basis that everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

Beauty Cult offers eyelash extension services, microblading, facials, massages, and beauty courses. This is alongside selling authentic eyelash extensions and other beauty supplies.

Why choose Beauty Cult? The beauty brand offers eyelash extensions made from premium PBT fiber. The material is shiny, lightweight, and flexible, mimicking your natural lashes. eyelash extensions oslo

Beauty Cult uses even curls, thickness, and lightens to produce its eyelash extensions. The different dimensions help lash artists to create unique and attractive eyelash extensions.

Each Beauty Cult eyelash extension tray offers room for quick and accurate applications.

The synthetic mink lashes have a high gloss finish. The curled and tapered effects give clients a soft and natural finish.

Learn more about Beauty Cult, its products, and services by visiting its website. Take a view at the sitemap to locate their physical salon.

9. Gloss Cosmetics wholesale volume lashes vendor in Norway

lash vendor wholesale Norway

Glass Cosmetics deals with prime nails, lashes, and brow treatments. They also offer professional courses for stylists and beginners in the industry.

Gloss Cosmetics is a multi-purpose brand that supplies quality beauty products in Norway. The products range from nail polishes to eyelash extensions and brow products.

Why choose Gloss Cosmetics? The company offers durable and user-friendly eyelash extensions, among other beauty supplies.

Gloss Cosmetics offers Russian Volume lashes in premade fan sets of 3-7D. The lashes come in different curls B, C, and D, with different thicknesses and lengths. eyelash extensions norway

The best part about Gloss Cosmetics lashes is that they have a thin size and have an elastic and soft feel. This makes the lashes unnoticeable giving you a perfect look.

Gloss Cosmetics’ prices fit most clients’ budgets without compromising on quality.

Contact Gloss Cosmetics for your products and enquiries. Enjoy amazing offers as stated on their website.

10. Lash Look best lash manufacturer wholesale volume lash extensions Norway

mink lash extension vendor Norway

Lash Look is the leading beauty supplies company in Norway. They have supplied over 50,000 products to salons across Norway since 2016. volume lash extension Norway

Lash Look is a training institute for lash stylists offered at their Lash Look Academy. The goal is to strengthen Norwegian stylists with their quality.

Why choose Lash Look? Lash Look offers more than its line of eyelash extensions. It works with renowned brands such as London Lash by supplying its products.

Every eyelash extension brand sold by Lash Look guarantees quality at affordable prices. The Lash Look eyelash extensions.

Lash eyelash extensions offer glass palette lashes and curved glass palette lashes. These products help you to hold your lash strips and measure them during application.

Visit Lash Look’s website for all the amazing eyelash extensions. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders.

11. Scandic Beauty wholesale private label volume lash extensions Norway

lash extension business supplier Norway

Scandic Beauty is a Norwegian lash brand that serves an international market. It’s made up of a team of experts in lashes and brows from different parts of the world.

The Scandic Beauty team makes decisions about the brand’s evolution. This enhances the growth of the brand. Norway country lash extension

Why choose Scandic Beauty? Scandic Beauty Lashes portray the work of specialists with over 15 years in the industry.

The lashes come in trays containing different thicknesses. This allows professionals to create different effects from a single tray.

Scandic Beauty offers lash styling courses to enhance your skills. Learn about classic, volume, and keratin lash lift styling from experts.

Reach out to Scandic Beauty for reliable services and products in the eyelash field.

12. Pear Eyelashes Academy lash extension vendor wholesale volume lashes Norway

lashes supplier vendor Norway

Pear Eyelashes is an academy and a beauty shop in Sørkedalsveien, Oslo. The brand name is Pearl Eyelashes Academy, formed to train on lash extensions. best lash extensions brands Norway

Pearl Eyelashes aims to offer quality eyelash extension products in the market. They aim to keep up with the current trends while catering to the client’s unique needs.

Why choose Pear Eyelashes? They offer a range of top-quality eyelash extensions at reasonable prices. The eyelash extensions include;

  • Color volume lashes in purple and blue colors
  • Classic lashes
  • Premium volume ombre lashes
  • Russian volume lashes
  • Volume Vipper

The best-selling product is the color volume lashes in purple, which allows you to make fans easily. The lashes create an artistic effect on clients.

Each Pear Eyelashes tray contains extensions with different lengths, curls, and thicknesses.

Interested in joining Pearl Eyelash Academy? Reach out to them and remember to check out their amazing products for 15% off your first order.

13. Noble Lashes wholesale mink eyelash extensions manufacturer Norway

volume lash extesnion vendor Norway

Noble Lashes is an established eyelash extensions brand. It observes environmental conservation by making use of ecological packaging on all products.

NL enhances its eco-friendly goal by allowing one to return 20 used plastic pallets. This is in exchange for one Eco pallet of Eco volume lashes. best volume lash extensions Norway

Why choose Noble Lashes? They have a unique collection of Eco Line Lashes. Noble Lashes uses 100% biodegradable Kraft paper to make high-quality packaging boxes.

Each Eco Line Lashes tray contains eyelash extensions with different lengths and thicknesses. There are different trays for different curl types depending on your taste.

Noble Lashes offers 1:1 eyelash extensions for classic results. But, they are also perfect for Russian volume applications.

Enjoy their lashes’ good pricing and diverse colors, sizes, and materials. By visiting their website, check out other quality lash ex products such as adhesives.

14. Lash Master wholesale eyelash company lash extension vendor Norway

volume lash extensions vendor Norway

Lash Master aims to provide professional eyelash styling and care services. They also offer high-quality products to eyelash stylists. mink volume lash extensions

Lash Master also supplies eyelash products from brands that offer the best quality. This helps in maintaining consistency in the quality of products.

Why choose Lash Master? Eyelash extensions by Lash Master have a lightweight and soft feel. This makes them safe for natural lashes.

Lash Master lashes have a deep black color with an added elegant sheen, making them unique.

The lashes come in different thicknesses and curls. This makes them suitable for classic and volume applications.

Lash Master supplies flat lashes, a unique line of lashes that enhances durability. The flat shape creates a larger contact surface with your natural lashes.

Contact Lash Master for more information about the products and services. You need to create an account to order from their online shop.

15. Lash Perfect lash wholesaler supply best mink lash extensions Norway

classic lash extension wholesale

Lash Perfect is a well-known brand established in 2006 in England. It has since then spread its presence in various countries such as Norway. volume lash extensions

It specializes in training tilting technology to strengthen the professional market in Norway. They offer online courses in HiBrow Bryn Styling, HiBrow Lamination, and Lash Lift.

Why choose Lash Perfect? They have the best lash training in the industry and high-quality eyelash products.

Lash Perfect eyelash extensions has a range of lash extensions which include;

  • Classic loose lashes
  • Volume lashes
  • Mink Lashes
  • British Look lashes
  • Practice-makes-perfect lashes

All products come at amazing prices giving your value for your money. Visit their Norwegian website or their main UK website for incredible products.

16. Calma Beauty wholesale own brand volume lash extensions Norway

wholesale mink lash extensions Norway

Calma Beauty is a beauty and wellness salon that offers a wide range of services and products. It’s a home for professional stylists and ordinary beauty and wellness consumers. wholesale mink lash extensions Norway

Calma Beauty works in partnership with Lash Perfect and HiBrow Norway. The salon is the country’s first distributor of Lash Perfect products.

Why choose Calma Beauty? Calma Beauty is a trusted beauty and wellness provider. It stocks high-quality eyelash extensions from a known brand.

The Lash Perfect eyelash extensions match the quality of other LP products globally. No compromise on quality!

Get the best training in lashes and eyebrows at Calma Beauty to kick start your career. Visit their website for more information on how to buy their products.

17. Nordic Beauty Trend best lash extension brand wholesale mink lashes Norway

wholesale mink lash extension vendors

Nordic Beauty Trend is an online beauty store in Norway. It offers great products from top brands.

They also offer beauty courses and salon services. Access their beauty treatment services through the Nordic Hud Og Helse salon.

Why choose Nordic Beauty Trend? It’s your home of quality beauty products such as tHuya eyelash extensions. tHuya is a professional beauty brand in Barcelona. classic volume eyelash extensions Norway

tHuya eyelash extensions contain PBT polymer characterized by ultra-lightweight. The lashes do not deform nor lose their shine giving a natural finish and touch.

The lashes come in trays containing different sizes for volume and classic application. The Nordic Beauty website has video tutorials on how to apply eyelash extensions on your own.

Visit the Nordic Beauty Trend online store for reliable products at affordable prices.

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