13 best wholesale eyelashes vendors in bulk lash factory company manufacturers distributors eyelash extensions supplies suppliers business

1. Lash factory wholesale eyelash extensions business vendor Denmark

Wholesale eyelashes extensions vendor Mexico

Lash factory is China’s number one professional eyelash extension vendor. Our 7 years plus experience in the vast eyelash market keeps us on top of our game. Russian volume lashes Denmark

We love to experiment with lashes. The Russian, mega, and Hollywood volume lashes inspired introduce the products to Denmark.

Why choose us? We consider you as a family, not a client. You keep our business running. In return, we will support your private-label business by supplying affordable, high-quality lashes.

Get in touch with us for individual and premade volume lashes. Our lashes come in different styles, curves, and thicknesses to meet all your needs.

2. Dark Swan of Denmark wholesale DIY lash extensions supplier Denmark

DIY lashes extension business supplier

Professional eyelash extension vendors Denmark provide 100% customer satisfaction. Dark Swan of Denmark offers that and much more.

We have been supplying the market with high-quality hand-made lashes for over a decade.

Eyelash lovers adore mink lashes. We offer you elegant mink lashes made from 100% mink fur. Please note that we follow the cruelty-free regulation to the latter.

Dark Swan of Denmark understands that many clients value volume and length. We over premade fan lashes to add a 3D effect to your look.

We consider your health by offering soft, flawless, and durable lashes. We guarantee you the greatest comfort and an easy application procedure.

Our company has done in-depth research into the best lash band. We use eye-safe lash bands that are soft enough to bend according to your natural eye curve.

Why choose us? We are your home of quality. Our lashes come in various designs, thicknesses, and styles. We are ready to customize our lashes for your private-label lash brand.

Dark Swan of Denmark responds within 24 hours. Reach out to us for any questions about our products, and let’s become business partners.

3. Soph Professional lash extension company wholesale Denmark

wholesale lash vendor lash extension

Professional eyelash extension vendors Denmark focus on quality over quantity. We at Soph Professional provide eyelash extensions rich in quality to add a taste of class to your look.

Why choose us? We come up with trending eyelash extension designs to keep you on top of your glam style.

Soph Lashes provides super soft and durable eyelash extensions. This is why our clients love us and keep coming back for more.

We are good at paying attention to detail. Our uniqueness is in the eyelash extensions’ style, shape, curve, and thickness. 

Soph Lashes offers affordable prices for all our eyelash extensions. We want you to look glamorous and expensive at a pocket-friendly price. classic mink lash extensions Denmark

Enjoy free delivery on orders above DKK 999. Get in touch with us for more information about our incredible eyelash extensions.

4. Minkys Denmark wholesale volume lash extensions adhesive vendor Denmark

DIY eyelash supplier wholesale

Minkys is the number one eyelash extension vendor Denmark. We have perfected our services for over a decade to offer you premium lashes.

We are more than your best eyelash extension vendors. We offer the best eyelash installation services at Star Lash Professional Eyelash Extensions.

Our company manufactures all types of eyelash extensions to meet your needs. We have individual lashes and premade fan lashes to add volume as desired.

Enjoy our free shipping in Denmark when you buy products above DKK 1000. Also, we will deliver your order within 72 hours on working days.

Maximize our same-day delivery services by ordering before 10:00 am on any given working day. You may pick up your order on your own at our Star Lash clinic in Kronprinsessegade, Copenhagen.  lash extensions vendor wholesale Denmark

5. Lash Bar wholesale own brand lash extensions manufacturer Denmark

eyelash manufacturer wholesale business

Professional eyelash extension vendors Denmark could be hard to find. But, Lash Bar is your reliable lash vendor. We are here to serve all your eyelash extension needs.

We are a B2B company. We aim at providing eyelash extensions and lash products for your business.

We value all our clients, which is our you come first. We offer you affordable prices in exchange for high-quality eyelash extensions. Visit our Webshop to verify our excellent prices.

Lash Bar lashes come in varying shapes, lengths, and styles for your selection. Also, we offer both individual and premade fan lashes. volume lash extensions vendor Denmark

Why choose us? We offer something that our competitors do not provide, glitter lashes. Shine through the red carpet with our outstanding glitter lashes.

Enjoy free shipping when you buy products above DKK 500.

6. Duff Beauty wholesale mink lash extensions supplier Denmark

lash extension company vendor

Professional eyelash extension vendors Denmark come and go. But, Duff Beauty has been here to stay. We supply the market with high-quality eyelash extensions.

We believe in having a signature look and leaving an impression. This is what we offer with each set of eyelash extensions.

Duff Beauty believes in the man-power craft. This is why we hand-make our premium lashes for the greatest durability.

Why choose us? We use human hair and Korean silk to produce our lashes. Nothing beats the elegant effect of Korean silk or human hair lashes.

Design is as important as the end product. We invest in the design process to give you unique lashes. wholesale 3D mink lash vendor Denmark

Enjoy our affordable prices and free shipping on all orders above £40.

7. Lash Clinic Copenhagen wholesale mink lash extensions vendor Denmark

eyelash extensions business wholesale

Lash Clinic Copenhagen is the talk of the century in the eyelash industry. We love to see women walk out of our store and salon and embrace femininity through our lashes.

Luxury defines us, and we want it to represent you too, without having to break your bank. We believe in value for your money as the driving force to a lasting relationship with you. mink lash extension vendor wholesale

Why choose us? We offer fast-selling lashes and lashing services at affordable prices. Also, we offer you eye-safe eye care products. No need to worry about allergies!

Reach out to us to make your order. Book your lashing appointment with us. Let our professional lash technicians do their magic.

8. Lash Care premium volume lash extensions company business Denmark

classic eyelash manufacturer wholesale

Lash Care offers the best eyelash extensions and lashing services in Denmark. We are an eyelash clinic that has taken the bold step of producing our own eyelash extensions.

Why choose us? We care for all your eye beauty and make-up needs. Lash Care provides quality and safe eyelash extensions and other eye-care lash products. lash extensions wholesale lash vendor

We take pride in being part of Exuviance, an elite eye care brand in Denmark. We are their official distributors, which goes to prove our reliability.

Enjoy our many offers such as Lash, a 5% discount on products over DKK 500, and a 10% discount on products over DKK 1000.

Also, enjoy an exclusive 15% discount when you buy products above DKK 1500.

9. Scandic Beauty wholesale lash extensions ODM OEM supplier Denmark

DIY eyelash extension supplier

Scandic Beauty is the trusted professional eyelash extension vendor Denmark. We offer exclusive eyelash extensions and eye care products.

We pay attention to detail to bring you the best. Our eyelash extensions offer you comfort and ease of application.

Durability is one thing that we hold in high regard. We offer eyelashes that you can reuse for a long time at a very affordable price.

We also offer safe eye care products that you can use on our eyelashes to enhance durability. wholesale mink lash vendor Denmark

Why choose us? You come first, everything else second. We develop different styles, shapes, designs, thicknesses, and volumes in our lashes.

10. Marilou Lashes supply premium mink volume lash extensions Dermank

lash manufacturer wholesale DIY lash extensions

Marilou Lashes prides itself in being a celebrated lash care clinic in Denmark. Quality drives us, and we incorporate it on every strand of eyelash extensions.

Why choose us? We want you to leave our cleaning looking like you want to give the Kardashian’s a run for their money.

We also want you to feel motivated to run your own eyelash extension business. This is why we offer you affordable prices for our incredible Marilou lashes.

Marilou Lashes come in different styles, shapes, curves, and thicknesses. We offer various colors for the lashes as well as volume lashes.

Get in touch with us to make your order and get more information about our services. lash extensions manufacturer wholesale 

11. C&C Lash Pro eyelash vendor wholesale Russian volume eyelashes Dermank

mink eyelash suppliers wholesale business

Professional eyelash extension vendors Denmark support their clients in after-sale services. C&C Lashes stands as your trusted lash vendor with great after-sale services.

Thanks to our amazing clients, we are the fastest-selling eyelash extension brand.

We keep up with the changing eyelash trends. This has kept us moving for more than the ten years we’ve been in the market.

Why choose us? C&C Lash pro uses exclusive materials to produce our eyelash extensions. This makes our lashes sell to the broader market beyond Denmark

Enjoy free shipping on orders above DKK 500. Get in touch with us for all your orders.  wholesale mink lash extensions buisness

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